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Dylan Carlson of earth,major solo project lp/cd/dvd/book "Falling with a Thousand Stars and Other Wonders from the House of Albion"
Dylan Carlson of earth,major solo project lp/cd/dvd/book "Falling with a Thousand Stars and Other Wonders from the House of Albion"
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jochen Summer on December 21, 2016

      when will we get the book?

    2. Andrew Thompson on April 7, 2016

      Looking forwards to receiving mine.

    3. Iain Forsyth on April 7, 2016

      I am confused. I have not received the CD /DVD and haven't even been contacted for address verification as far as I remember. So I am not sure what's happening?

    4. Missing avatar

      russell ewins on March 19, 2016

      CD/DVD delivered to the U.K. in perfect order. Thanks!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Alan Stephen
      on March 17, 2016

      @drc Thanks very much for taking the time to comment and I'm sorry that things didn't work out so well in terms of overall funding. I'll be honest and say that when you posted the update saying funds were out that the book would fall by the wayside but since you seem keen to produce it do you have any predicted timescales for when publishing might happen? Just some general things like, for example [ Complete manuscript within 1 month - Editing 2 weeks - Earth tour 4 weeks - print book 3 weeks - drc tour 2 weeks - post book 3 weeks ] and I promise not to hold you to it.

    6. Dylan Carlson Creator on March 16, 2016

      @jack - i apologize for your confusion, and the 'bitter aftertaste', hopefully i can clarify the situation. thank you for your generous contributuon towards the project. first of all the level of your donation is being rewarded with the limited edition of the vinyl lp, this is not available to the public any other way, the ones for sale are open editions. as well as the dvd/cd, you will also recieve the accompanying book which is being produced in extremely limited quantity. small runs of books of an 'esoteric' nature can retail for anywhere between $30-$500 dollars depending on method of printing, materials, publisher, etc. and become collector's items rather quicky. a couple examples of this - the 'black book of elverum', a printing of a norwegian 'cunning-man's notebook, done as a small paperback utilizing modern printing techniques, sold for $14.95 on its release and now fetches around $250. xoanon press' book on the toadbone by alex chumley that was £150-£200 on release now fetches £7,000.

      secondly, kickstarter is not just a system for 'pre-ordering' a commercially released item. it is an act of patronage and a chance to participate, through your generosity, in the creation of a project that otherwise may not have been possible. your generosity is integral to its creation, and the reward is a token of appreciation. it is the reason the names of the backers are listed on the rewards provided. the person who buys the open edition doesn't recieve this privilege and is not integral to the process. they can not purchase that.

      thirdly, unfortunately the generous funding fell short of the actual costs of bringing this project to completion, i am taking responsibility for this by paying out of my own pocket to see it through. my only source of income is what i earn with earth and my solo projects. i thank you again for your participation in creating this project through your generosity, both financially and spiritually.

      lastly, i shipped them in the recommended mailing containers used by distributors and record stores, i unfortunately do not have control of the postal system or the vagaries of international/out of state mailing. i endeavoured to protect them to the best way possible and any manufacturing errors will be addressed, but i can not be held responsible for the post, other than offering a replacement cover from the small number of extra ones that are available.

      thank you again for your support and patience and i hope this message explains satisfactorily the questions you raised.

    7. Jack Simms on March 12, 2016

      So, I'm a little confused by all this. I pledged $100 4 years ago for this project and waited patiently through all the delays and intermittent updates. To my delight, my patience was rewarded with an LP and a CD/DVD.

      Now - don't get me wrong, I am abundantly happy that this project finally came to fruition after all this time but, to be honest, this experience has left a bitter aftertaste. Both the items I received were damaged in some way, as others experienced, and from what I can tell some backers have yet to receive anything.

      I get your request to sell additional copies to recoup production costs and originally was OK with it - but I just checked your store and you're offering what I and many others paid $100 for to non backers for $55.

      I'm having a hard time rationalizing what makes this project "special" any more to your dedicated fans/backers who were there for you and shared your vision when this was first floated.

    8. Missing avatar

      SASAKI on March 8, 2016

      Just received the CD/DVD

    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Reid on March 7, 2016

      CD / DVD arrived in the post today here in México. Glad to have it, sorry Kickstarter and the project in general was such a trying process for so many. It's a privilege to support the artists I enjoy and completely understand that the creative process isn't something that comes with a factory guarantee.


    10. fabmass on March 7, 2016

      nothing for me yet

    11. Steve Burnett
      on March 6, 2016

      I got mine a few weeks ago: sounds amazing. Love it. It was worth the wait and I'm completely satisfied with this project. Wish you well.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jamie Bridges on February 22, 2016

      Music sounds fantastic, reminds me of home in the rainy hills of Scotland.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on February 22, 2016

      Alright...finally...the CD/DVD arrived today. No book. I'm happy that the wait is over.

      But now I'm done here.

    14. Missing avatar

      Hogwash on February 21, 2016

      Just to lighten the moods here a little - and to comfort the people who have received nothing yet:
      I received both the vinyl and the cd/dvd (and love it so far, btw).
      So please be patient - I am sure all will be fine.

      One question though
      @Dylan Carlson: do you have any timetable on when the book will be finished and shipped?
      Can't wait for some thoughts and explanations about that work... :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on February 20, 2016

      @Tim Grieve-Carlson

      A CD and a DVD? No book?

    16. Missing avatar

      Tim Grieve-Carlson on February 19, 2016

      Just received the CD/DVD in the mail. Looks and sounds great.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on February 12, 2016

      4 (Four!!!) years!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on February 9, 2016

      Wow... three days to go. Then we got the 4th anniversary of this project....

      And I got nothing ...

    19. Gonçalo Cardoso on January 27, 2016

      Still haven't received my LP copy. Address is been verified over two months ago. Update?

    20. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Faurel on January 14, 2016


      2016 and still nothing ???!!! no lp, no dvd.... please send tracking number


    21. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on January 11, 2016

      Someone in here who got his CD/DVD-package?

    22. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on December 20, 2015


      Please, give us regular updates! A lot of the people who supported this project didn't receive anything (I'm waiting for a CD/DVD-Update...or better the final product!).


    23. Sean Townsend on December 19, 2015

      No sign of any record yet. For those of us that backed this project but added our address details late, what's the situation? Cheers.

    24. Missing avatar

      Guillaume Faurel on December 18, 2015

      Never received anything ?!

    25. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on December 17, 2015

      Any news concerning CD/DVD?

    26. Kevin Searle on November 30, 2015

      Just listened to the LP this weekend. Wonderful soundtrack for the cold and rainy day where I was at! Worth the wait. Thanks, Dylan.

    27. Dylan Carlson Creator on November 23, 2015

      @ Chad and all the other generous backers: A number of things changed or fell through over the course of bringing this to a conclusion. The use of the Albion press was particularly frustrating, as the people who control it failed to get back to us. Artwork failing to be delivered. Scheduling with other musicians, etc. It has been quite a learning experience, and i realized i would have to get it done on my own, with the unflagging help of my lovely and supportive wife, Holly. I have been helped by Clyde Petersen, Rogier Smal, T.R. Roosien, Kyle Hanson, and my new management, Cathy Pellow. The music is the same on the cd and the lp and on the film. The field recordings were not really usable, due to sound quality. Thank you for the kind words, Chad. Notification will go out when the next part is being mailed (the dvd/cd) just completing final touches on the packaging and looking to get it out in early december. Thanks again for everyone's patience and understanding. drc

    28. Missing avatar

      Chad Sutter on November 17, 2015

      Dylan: The music and sound quality on this release are incredible. I really love it, although I'm curious to know if you recorded any music like the initial Kickstarter pitch hinted at: guest vocals, folk-songs re-imagined. Will the CD version have different music? Was the original plan scrapped? Any info is appreciated and thanks again!

    29. Missing avatar

      Chad Sutter on November 17, 2015

      My clear sleeve is completely split on the bottom so it won't hold the record at all (not a big deal) but the actual vinyl sleeve has a minor split-seam on top. The black, numbered inner-sleeve has a 1" split. I would like a replacement cover if possible. If not, I'll live :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Sean Hall on November 17, 2015

      My cover (printed cover, not PVC slipcase) is also split along the top...

    31. Dan Temmesfeld on November 14, 2015

      My outer cover is split at the top (the album cover, not the plastic sleeve).

    32. Jack Simms on November 11, 2015

      Hi Dylan - in my case, it's the printed cover that is split, not the PVC sleeve.

      If a replacement was available that would be awesome!

    33. Dylan Carlson Creator on November 11, 2015

      to the backers that received a copy with a seam split, are you referring to the clear pvc slipcase, or the actual printed cover? if it is the printed cover some replacements are available. please let me know which one it is drc

    34. Missing avatar

      Jochen Summer on November 11, 2015

      any info when book/dvd will be done?

    35. Marty Blanket Ingels II on November 10, 2015

      @Jack Simms - same problem. Both top and bottom seams split wide open. Hopefully there were extra covers made, because I'd like to get a replacement. Also, I'm assuming the cd/dvd/book will be arriving later?

    36. Jack Simms on November 10, 2015

      My vinyl arrived today - stoked to get it. Not so happy about the 1.5" seam split in the sleeve. Anyone else have this issue?

    37. Missing avatar

      Alan Stephen
      on November 10, 2015

      Great to hear these are finally getting to backers. Just waiting on the cd/book.

    38. Missing avatar

      russell ewins on November 8, 2015

      Vinyl dropped in yesterday.

    39. Missing avatar

      Oren Siegel on November 5, 2015

      Hi Dylan,
      Just wanted to say I received the LP today. Thank you!

    40. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on September 21, 2015

      I'm happy when it's done. Then BYE BYE KICKSTARTER. No support. Over three (3) !!!!! years.

    41. Jarkko on September 21, 2015

      @erkembode, are you serious? Over 3 years and lack of updates? Thats allright with You? I'm happy for Dylan when He gets this project ready.

    42. erkembode on September 21, 2015

      Hey Dylan, don't listen to the haters.

      & haters: Patience is a virtue.


    43. Chris Purdie on September 19, 2015

      Fantastic, can't wait to see/listen to this at last :D

    44. Missing avatar

      S D on September 15, 2015
      In case this project page disappears. Take/save screenshots of all your interactions.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on September 12, 2015

      Feb. 12 ... 2012 !!!! More than 3 1/2 years now ... not bad!

    46. Chris Purdie on September 10, 2015

      C'mon Dylan, when's this baby gonna drop!??!

    47. Missing avatar

      Sven Nienaber on September 10, 2015 it time "to use this provision"???

    48. RemA on September 8, 2015

      Reward > Creator accountability

      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator as described in our Terms of Use. This agreement requires creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

    49. Jarkko on September 4, 2015

      What's going on now?

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