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The LARB summer interns bring you the next print edition of the West Coast's premier literary and cultural arts mag.

Do you:

 • Find yourself adrift in a sea of internet “content”?

• Keep up with Kierkegaard more than the Kardashians?

• Wonder what happened to the good old-fashioned book review—the kind you can hold in your hands at a coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon?

Have no fear: The Los Angeles Review of Books summer interns are here to prove that reading, writing, and critical thought are alive and well in America. 


At a time when traditional book review sections are disappearing from major newspapers, and book reviews are becoming short and superficial, LARB is sponsoring the work of a new generation of editors — a special print edition of LARB, produced exclusively by us: the LARB summer interns.


We are a group of 17 college students from all around the country who make up the LARB summer internship program. The program features a 9-week publishing course for the interns, where we learn the ins and outs of running a magazine, including editing, copyediting, marketing and graphic design. As part of the course, we get to take over LARB’s special edition print magazine and make it our own. This is a real world magazine experience, but we need your support to make the magazine a reality. We need to raise a minimum of $3,000 to do it; if we raise more than that, the additional money will go toward increasing the number of copies we print and the places where it gets distributed: in bookstores, coffee shops and public libraries, as well as to LARB members both in the US and overseas. We would love to reach $5,000.


The Los Angeles Review of Books ( is a nonprofit literary and cultural arts magazine. This summer, we, the LARB interns, were given the opportunity to make our own magazine. We staffed it, acquired original content and edited it, and worked with writers, artists and graphic designers to bring it to publication. Now we have our very own magazine full of new, previously unpublished content that is ready to go to print. 


We’ve been challenged, not only to produce our own magazine, but to earn the money to cover the cost so that we can learn for ourselves about the financial realities of independent publishing. So now we’re here, asking you to be a part of something big.

We have worked on this magazine all summer and this is our only chance at being able to print it. We are so excited to be able to share these essays, interviews and reviews from acclaimed writers and artists, including:

  • Miranda July talks about her new email-based project "We Think Alone."
  • An interview with the Luck You Collective.
  • Matias Viegener interviews Dodie Bellamy about her new book Cunt Norton, a textual collage of canonical poetry and erotica.
  • Sam Freilich on Guy Debord and the contemporary American novel.
  • Justin Scott on What's Wrong With Climate Politics and How to Fix It by Paul G. Harris.
  • Plus: The five albums that make the perfect soundtrack for any reading experience.


Los Angeles! While many of us live and study in different parts of the country, we have all convened in Los Angeles to work for the west coast’s preeminent literary magazine. We wanted to highlight the burgeoning literary scene in LA which is why we chose to film the above video at local landmarks such as the Silver Lake Public Library. Even the printing itself will take place in Los Angeles, supporting local business. 

Be a part of something special. Help us go to print!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

After we've submitted the completely designed magazine to our printer, we'll have to work with their team on adjusting the color of the images, choosing print stock, and the general lay-out to make sure it fits the dimensions of the magazine. We've learned during the summer program that every detail of making a magazine, from the kind of paper you use to the lay-out of the margins, matters. If any of the graphics or the length of the articles need to be adjusted, we'll work with LARB's editors, graphics design team and the printer to make the final adjustments.

The main risk we face is in making sure the magazine we created for LARB readers meets the LARB standard for a literary and cultural arts review. We feel we've done that, and hope our readers agree!


  • All the money we earn will go toward the cost of acquiring the content for, printing and distributing our magazine. We've set the minimum we need to go to print: $3,000. If we earn more than that, the money will go into printing more copies of the magazine and increasing its distribution.

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  • Yes. The Los Angeles Review of Books is a nonprofit organization and all pledges are tax-deductible. LARB is supported by PEN Center USA.

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  • 3,000 copies will be printed right here in Los Angeles, CA.

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  • The magazine goes to press on September 16, as soon as our campaign is funded. We'll then mail you a copy within two weeks!

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