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Chris Hansen is undertaking a new investigation into online predators thanks to the Kickstarter community.
Chris Hansen is undertaking a new investigation into online predators thanks to the Kickstarter community.
1,220 backers pledged $89,068 to help bring this project to life.

Summer 2016

Posted by CHRIS HANSEN (Creator)

Hello Wonderful Backers!

We are so thankful for all of the support for Hansen vs. Predator. TV shows take a long time to make especially because we are doing it ourselves. We cannot wait to share the Fairfield investigations with our Kickstarter Backers. We haven't been able to share it just yet because we are still in negotiations with how the content will be packaged and how all of our fans will be able to enjoy it also. We appreciate your patience and your continuous praise for the work we do. We hope that our investigations are impactful and can showcase more about the digital world and how it can easily be abused. Remember to monitor your kids and teens and their digital lives. Stay tuned for more updates. 

All Backers will receive what has been promised to them. Our focus was to get the investigation completed and then to fulfill rewards. All of this has taken a lot longer than our estimated delivery date and we do apologize for that. Our team is working daily to organize each backer reward and to also make sure the negotiations for the show are handled correctly. 

Doing this on our own has been a huge undertaking and definitely would not have been possible without every single one of you. While we haven't been very communicative recently that does not mean that we are off vacationing somewhere. Chris Hansen has finished filming Killer Instinct Season 2 and is working with his Hansen News Network to lock down the deal for how this show and how it will reach the public. 

You are our number one priority. You will receive first access. Your pictures and books are being signed. Your shirts, mugs, stickers and the lot are being ordered and we are so thankful for the constant support. 

We are most active on Facebook and Twitter. Please keep in touch with us there and stay tuned for an announcement from Chris and the much anticipated Sizzle Reel.

Until then, take a peek at Chris's recent Reddit AMA here and catch him weekly on Killer Instinct on Investigation Discovery!


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    1. Hansen Vs Predator on

      @opaquescum, the situation was figured out a long time ago. If you read through the comments section you would see that I've drawn a similar conclusion a while back. There is nothing to figure out now. All that is left to do is complain, and complain I will continue to do.

    2. Missing avatar

      opaquescum on

      I ardently wish that most backers who show up merely to complain would actually attempt to figure the situation out on their own. Their questions have fairly obvious answers. This project has simply exhausted its budget. They cannot provide compensation unless they sell the show, and frankly it is looking less likely that this is ever going to happen.

      They underestimated the costs of production, and overestimated the demand for their product. Which as far as mistakes are concerned is terribly understandable. Any of us would have made the same mistake. In fact we all made the same mistake. We all thought this was a sure thing. Especially given the popularity of To Catch a Predator. The constant reruns of the show, and the views the videos get on video sharing sites like YouTube.

      Given all that evidence it should have been an easy sell given the obvious market. Why it hasn't seen that demand is anyone's guess, but I think it most likely has to do with the lawsuit that put its precursor in its grave. Nobody wants to buy it, because everybody is probably scared that if they buy it they are going to get sued. In spite of the lessons learned, and the measures taken this time around.

      That being said I think Chris Hansen is going about selling this show in the wrong way. In a lot of ways television is a dying medium. The true market for this fare isn't there. The place to sell this show at least initially is through video sharing. You want to drum up interest. Show potential buyers that the demand is there, and that the potential reward justifies the negligible risk.

      I doubt Chris will ever read this, but in the unlikely even that he does. I would suggest doing that he should put his sizzle reel up on YouTube, and see how reluctant the networks he has been courting are after they see it getting millions or even tens of millions of views. That would show them that the demand is there, and demonstrate just how profitable the show would be, or even a series would be for them.

    3. Laurie Morse on

      I would like a refund. This project is going nowhere. Chris Hansen found himself a new PROJECT on TV and appears to have abandoned this online project. I couldn't care less about the reward. It was the project itself that I invested for.

    4. Hansen Vs Predator on

      Yet another yawn-inducing update. I cannot wait for the next regurgitated non-update 6 months from now.

    5. Plumpbiscuit on

      Another reason to avoid Kickstarter...

    6. Christopher Ramos on

      You are doing an amazingly bad job of getting out the items you have promised. Sure you have to negotiate the episodes, but what does a coffee mug have to do with that? Those could have sent out. I won't even live in the same place as when I donated, so I guess I just threw money to you for nothing.

    7. Gary Nelson Harper on

      When I think about the number of children Chris Hansen has saved from a life of mental anguish.. I don't care if I ever see the show. It takes more courage to try to solo produce a show of this magnitude, than it does to get the bracelets on our model citizens. Chis Hansen-- Where Ethics and Ego, work well together. Keep it burning.

    8. Missing avatar

      Melinda on

      Dear Team Chris Hanson; Thank you for the expensive lesson on how not to back another Kickstarter project. Your communication is lacking even the slightest credibility. "We're doing it all by ourselves. Phew!" Seriously? How else would this project be done? You haven't even ordered the backer items yet? Isn't this going on a year? I'm really not interested in hearing anymore non-update, updates.

    9. Johnathan Drozdowski on

      Hmm: We cannot wait to share the Fairfield investigations with our Kickstarter Backers. We haven't been able to share it just yet because we are still in negotiations with how the content will be packaged and how all of our fans will be able to enjoy it also

      Basically, this means that you are waiting for a big fat paycheck from a network to pick up the show. Sharing it with us first would result in a lower payout from the network because it was already released online. This whole kickstarter was to us to help you help yourselves. Front the money for the filming with the promise of a sneak peak (before it hits TV, or you sell it or w/e) then turn around and say, well it was funded and we filmed but we want more money. Too Bad.

    10. Missing avatar

      A Schwarz on

      Are we looking at like 3 months or like 9 months?

    11. Mr Pendent on

      I understand you have to negotiate with companies for things like how the show is packaged, shown, rights, etc. But none of that has anything to do with pictures, mugs, shirts, books, etc. An intern mailing a few things a day could have finished it by now.