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$302,836 pledged of $100,000 goal
$302,836 pledged of $100,000 goal

We are leaving but we don't say Goodbye


About 24 days ago, being highly inspired we started fundraising campaign for realization of probably the most ambitious project over the history of portable gaming. It would be a device which is capable to become your smartphone, PC and portable gaming console at once. That device would have potential to reincarnate portable gaming world.

For less than 5 days we collected more than $300.000. Those were very busy days and we got precious experience. With your help we have proven that PGS is highly interesting to people. Despite the raw prototype version, we got nearly 1000 backers from all over the world in our community. Driven by a common idea and vision, we were moving forward together.

The project has made a great social impact: about 1000 articles in the world media, more than 300.000 community members. We are really thankful to everyone who shares our vision of the future.

Unfortunately, such a great impact also attracted the attention of a small group of people who are always trying to spoil others' achievements, to obstruct the progress. We are not much offended, but activity of these people managed to induce suspicion in some part of our community. The detractors were trying hard to convince others that our project is fake and scam and that our only goal is to get money and disappear. At some point even several media resources started believing that it's true.

As a result we were facing the dilemma. In several days the campaign is going to end, we can get the sufficient sum of money for the PGS development, our investment agreements come into force. But.. A lot of people may keep thinking we are a scam project. We were considering various paths and decisions and eventually we've come to the following decision: we are cancelling our Kickstarter campaign. All your pledges will cancel as well. We will get no funds, but that's the price of saving our reputation. Now everyone who still thinks that PGS is a scam, should realize how far it is from truth.

Even though we are cancelling, things are not so bad. Despite the initial agreements with investors that we must finish the campaign, the last meeting ended up with the new agreement according to which our device will be created anyway!

We can say we are not leaving with empty hands. This campaign has made a great impact, increasing our community and indicating the market demand situation. Also, during the campaign we have got hundreds of hints and reviews of our work, which we will use to grow and to make our product better.

Many people would ask: what about achieved stretch goals? All stretch goals, including those which are not achieved yet (except water proof), will be implemented in series devices. Moreover, the Hardcore version will include such features as vibro-modules, NFC, IRDA and FM-radio. Also, as it was mentioned before, the Hardcore version will include active cooling, which will allow keeping constant GPU frequency at 600 MHz. It will add about 50% performance compared to Microsoft Surface 3, for instance (which GPU frequency is 400 MHz in standard conditions).

After the release the device will become available on such stores as Amazon and Gearbest. The price for Hardcore version will start from 360$. This is higher than the Kickstarter price, so to make it fair we are opening the preorder system on pgslab.com Preorder price is 299$. During a month since today you will be able to use a promo code "hardcore". Having entered it on the payment page, you will get an additional discount of 40$ (resulting price would be 259$).

As for the Lite version, its fate is in question. We don't want to cancel it, but also it hasn't gained great popularity in its current state. Perhaps we will revise its conception and pricing in the nearest future.

Everyone who wants to stay tuned, feel free to subscribe to our news feed, you can find the corresponding button in the right upper corner of the pgslab.com

We thank everyone who has trusted and supported us on our way. Thank you so much. We are creating the future together.



www.pgslab.com | ceo@pgslab.com


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    1. Engels Wilson
      on August 10, 2016

      What about the titanium version?

    2. Owen Xie
      on July 25, 2016

      I haven't heard any rumors u mentioned above, but...don't u think move the project to your own webpage will just make it more suspicious?

    3. Missing avatar

      Zesty on July 25, 2016

      That Celery's preorder website is now available to buy, but it denies my credit card, which Kickstarter doesn't. I still have high hopes for this project, but Celery is a bad choice for preordering imo.

    4. Richard
      on July 24, 2016

      I agree with you they should find a trustworthy middleman on the pre-order, or they could just start a new campaign for the final prototype.

    5. midnite
      on July 24, 2016

      I did not involve in any bits of the debate of "is this a scam or not". I did not study in depth whether this project is real or not neither. However, as a backer and a tech-a-holic, of course I wish this project come real very very much!!

      To me, the best way is to finish this project in Kickstarter. Why not?

      If you move your pre-order payment to a trustworthy platform (e.g. amazon, or I don't know), and let that trustworthy middleman to ensure you will deliver or full refund. For sure I will support your decision.

      But I am sorry that, I do not see any points that, why you just move your fundraising from Kickstarter to your-own-website. What is the point? Will this increase your trustworthyness? Sorry I do not see your point. Please tell me.

      I understand backers are afraid of scam projects because Kickstarter is not having a good follow up on undelivered projects. But compared to transferring funds to your own website, as least there is one (not so reliable) middleman called Kickstarter.

      Cancelled project is a bygone. I would suggest you re-open another Kickstarter project, with more development information may be. For sure I will be one of your loyal backers.

      PS - If you insist to do it in http://pgslab.com/ , a few points to note. http://www.pgslab.com/ is not accessible. Pre-order link is "page not found". Please make it (at least look like) trustworthy. Good luck.


    6. Missing avatar

      Warpath on July 24, 2016

      I wish you guys the best. I can't wait to read the reviews for this. The real reviews that is.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chernyshev on July 24, 2016

      You are making the right choice. Even though campaign is cancelled, does not mean you lost. Smach Zero guys did too, for other reason, but nonetheless, as I heard, they will be coming back soon with their prototype. Hope success to you guys and I will be keeping eye to your project to provide any support I can. Believe in you guys.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tyson Herchak
      on July 24, 2016

      Some people feel it's their obligation to disrupt the plans and ambitious of others. Be it jealousy, or whatever else, it's pathetic. Anyway, glad to hear this is still happening, and I'll be one of the first of many persons preordering. ...Though I'm not sure how you'll ever make it without Lorenzo by your side. Jk.

      Can't wait, and I wish you success!

    9. Denis on July 24, 2016

      On the site there is no information on production speed.
      Those, currently pay about $300, and in response to any guarantees.
      Now more like a cheater. :D joke.

    10. Missing avatar

      lorenzo on July 24, 2016

      Only the braves get in history.

      Now i'm not sure if I will buy my pgs hardcore or not. I only think that i'm frustrated about all this mess.

      Goodluck in your future guys.
      I believed in your project.

      Goodluck but not with me at your side.


    11. Mark T on July 24, 2016

      Absolute bollocks!!

    12. M3rØj on July 24, 2016

      Maybe you can work on a prototype to show and come back with a new KS project? it's bad news...

    13. M3rØj on July 24, 2016

      Maybe you ca

    14. Jan Paulsson on July 24, 2016

      I'm still really hoping to get my hands on this product. Good luck.