Contempoteen Magazine

by Magatama, LLC

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Contempoteen Magazine

by Magatama, LLC

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THIS PROJECT IS NOT LIVE This is only a draft that the creator has chosen to share.

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The co-ed magazine you wish had existed when you were a teen, a new kind publication for the youth of a new kind of era

What comes to mind when you think of a teen magazine?

Dating advice? Reviews on the best pimple creams? Justin Bieber talking about his hair?

Contempoteen is a new kind of magazine for a new kind of teenager

Forget old cliches about teen life and get ready for a new era.

Contempoteen is going to be a magazine centered on the REAL issues and interests of today's teenagers. While we're going to have hands in style and entertainment, what we really want to focus on are the stories that need telling.

Teens today (along with the rest of us) live in a world of iPhones, Kardashians, and Tweeting. As a result, the world around us is changing at the speed of byte, especially the world of our youth.

But while Kim & Khloe might get all of the media attention - what about everyone and everything else that's going to matter to today's teens? What about a potential life lesson that could be learned from a short account of a real teen's experience? What about the latest political turmoil and how it could affect this generation's youth for the rest of their lives? What about that amazing but still undiscovered new indie artist that's trying to get their work out? And what about that girl who was banned from her homecoming dance because of an overdue library book

What about the stories that need telling?

This is what we're trying to do with Contempoteen

We're trying to create a magazine that's as inspirational as it is functional and, most importantly, fun.
Equal parts a celebration of being young and a primer for getting out of the experience alive

Sample design of poster by Contempoteen staffer Emlyn Cee
Sample design of poster by Contempoteen staffer Emlyn Cee


What exactly IS Contempoteen?

Contempoteen is going to be a teen lifestyle magazine. It's going to cover all of the aspects of being a teenager in an intelligent and easily approachable manner. Not just fashion, not just dating, but the WHOLE experience. We're currently a really terrible website filled with stock articles and art because we can't afford to cover real stories and write solid articles with quality photography and artwork. But what we're hoping to be (with your help!) is a 44-page full color print magazine published once a month and available additionally via digital subscriptions that our Kickstarters will get for life.

What are you hoping to do with Contempoteen?

At first, we're going to sell it online as a "print on demand" (POD) publication with digital copies and subscriptions available. If it's popular, we will be able to expand our distribution to retail stores and hopefully offer print subscriptions.
Until then, readers will be able to purchase the print copies of the magazine online for approximately $4.50 and will also be able to buy digital copies and subscriptions to get each month's issue sent to their e-mail.
If the magazine is received well enough, we can even look at expanding into a web series. The website's staff has been discussing something called "Contempoteen Talk", a no holds barred look at the latest news and stories from a genuine and informed adolescent viewpoint.
But we, of course, need to first take the magazine to print.

What makes it different from the teen magazines already in publication?

Well, for one, we're co-ed! We cannot find a major magazine currently in publication that is for both teen guys and teen girls and is not inherently religious or ethnic-based (let alone written in English). Beyond that, we're not devoted to just ONE aspect of being a teen. For example, style and fashion have a place in the magazine, but they don't take up the whole issue. We expand into pressing issues such as news and current events.
We're also going to focus more on presenting teen life in a realistic setting, rather than pretend that being a teenager is always like being in a movie (see almost every teen magazine ever). 
Finally, and very importantly, we're not all about ads. A lot of magazines today seem to be filled with nothing but advertisements. We'd like to change that by offering more content and less promotion.
You don't buy a magazine just to get things sold to you, do you? 

Where is my money going to go?

In addition to your backer rewards and the launch event, your money is going to go towards paying for pieces of quality content (articles, columns, photographs, page design, graphic art), and the general costs associated with editing and publishing a magazine (overhead, travel costs, bribing bouncers at concerts to let us backstage, hacking into voicemails, etc.).

Why should I fund this project?

Because you're awesome
Also, because it's the magazine you'd want to read when you were a teenager (or the one that you'd like to read if you are presently a teenager).
But mostly, because you're awesome

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There is one major concern that is involved with starting any magazine, and that is obtaining advertisers.
BUT, if this Kickstarter project is successful, that won't be a problem.
This is because in order to secure advertisers, a publication needs readership - and every Kickstarter for our project gets a digital subscription to the magazine, therefore securing the potential for taking on advertisers, which shouldn't be hard considering the teen market is estimated to be directly worth more than $200 billion a year in America alone.
Involved with us on the project are a number of competent and experienced volunteers and mentors who are either currently working or have previously worked in the publishing and media industry to help guide us in this process.

The that money we're raising in this campaign will allow us to be able to stay in print indefinitely for a year, and any ad revenue we take in during the first year will only extend the time which we can spend in print. Then, any ad revenue taken in past the first year of publication is only going to extend the magazine's publication time even further.

pledged of $16,000 goal
Project by
Magatama, LLC

New York, NY Contact me

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    INTERN: This package is for anyone who's interested in the magazine. You will get a lifetime digital subscription to Contempoteen and a printable certificate thanking you for funding us. You'll also get your name listed among your tier on our website.

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    ASSISTANT: This tier is what it's all about - bringing the magazine to print. In addition to a lifetime digital subscription to the magazine, the certificate, and your name on our website, you will get a PRINT copy of the first issue. You will also get an additional lifetime digital subscription to send to a friend.

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    ASSOCIATE EDITOR: All of the above rewards and your copy of the first issue gets signed by Kyler Dineen, editor and publisher of the magazine. PLUS - you get an awesome Contempoteen wristband and sticker.

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    SECTION EDITOR: All of the above rewards and a limited edition KICKSTARTER-ONLY poster designed by CT staffer Emlyn Cee PLUS a Kickstarter-only T-shirt.

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    MANAGING EDITOR: All of the above rewards in addition to an invitation our awesome, fantastic, supercool, EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH EVENT in NYC (location TBD). Also, you will get your name (or fake name, or mother's maiden name, or really any name you want) printed in the first issue of the magazine!

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    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: The High Roller-VIP-Awesome Donor package. All of the previous rewards and not only can you bring TWO of your closest friends with you to our opening event, you can bring one along with you for a dinner with Kyler and the Contempoteen team along with everyone else in your tier. You'll also be able to put whatever you want (within reason) on a quarter-page of the magazine! We'll see you on the red carpet!

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    ADVERTISING DIRECTOR: This is our package (although it doesn't have to be) for business/corporate sponsors. You will get to have two of your company's employees + your signage at our launch party and will snag an entire page of ad space in the first issue of the magazine.

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    PUBLISHER: We will love you forever if you fill this tier. All of the previous awards and you'll be able to bring FOUR friends with you to our launch event where you will be honored as the top donor. You will also be able to bring them along for a PRIVATE dinner with just you, your friends, and the Contempoteen staff. You'll additionally get an entire two-page spread in our first issue to say whatever you want (within reason, of course)! Oh, and we'll totally shine your shoes for you if you'd like. :)

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