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American artists from Boston, MA utilize the context of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo as a platform for contemporary art, research, and communication.

People in Space
Art, Research, and Communication at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo hosts nearly 200 countries within a 5.28 square kilometer area and is officially recognized as the largest in the 159 year history of World Expositions. Many of the participating countries have created temporary multi-million dollar pavilions to address the theme “Better City, Better Life,” and 70 million visitors from around the world are anticipated to attend between May1st and October 31st.

People In Space is a project organized by American artists from Boston, Massachusetts that utilizes the context of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo as a platform for contemporary art, research, and communication. We see an opportunity to learn from and contribute to this unique event by using our art and inquiry to engage both the people and spaces that define it. Pledges to this project will help us mount an exhibition of our work from Shanghai and the Expo at the Mobius gallery in Boston, MA. Your support will help cover material and logistic expenses associated with the exhibition, receptions and artists talks.


Approximately 375,000 people attend the Expo each day and many of these visitors will spend over 10 hours waiting in lines consisting of thousands of people in order to enter popular pavilions. With these conditions in mind People In Space has sent out an international call for proposals inviting creative thinkers to submit ideas for actions that engage the waiting visitors in unexpected ways.We have evaluated the proposed actions based on three categories: utilization of the lines, simplicity of design, and strength of concept as it relates to the context of the Expo and its themes. We will implement the selected proposals in and through the lines present at the pavilions as surrogate performers. Artists selected include: Andrew Y. Ames, Jeffery Byrd, James Ellis Coleman, Lewis Gesner, Brian Kane, Heather Kapplow, Alexia Mellor, Michael Oatman, Seth Taylor, Laray Polk, and Julia Wagner. In addition to the projects in lines the People in Space artists on the ground at the Expo will utilize unforeseen contexts as platforms for further artistic actions.


Our research is intended to provide basic information about the context of the Expo in order to support our art and communication. We have selected three main questions to explore through interviews, direct observations, and the collection of materials available online. What motivates people to attend? How has the Expo organized people and space? What is the most compelling content at the Expo? Using these questions as a starting point to engage visitors, volunteers and organizers we intend to gain insight into the myriad topics associated with the Expo.


The documentation and relics from People in Space will be contextualized and curated through an exhibition of video, photography, writing and installation at the Mobius gallery in Boston, MA, USA from October 8th - 12th. The exhibition will include opening and closing receptions as well as artists talks throughout that week. Ongoing documentation and blogging for this project will also be present online at:,, and

Thank you for your support!

Daniel S. DeLuca: Artist / Founder / Director
Sandrine Schaefer: Artist / Associate Director

Contributing Artists:
Zayde Buti, Jessica Gath, Marissa Georgiou, Ellen Godena, Heather Kapplow,Jill. J, Dana Moser, Bob Raymond, J.Sal, Lily Sheng, Mark Vann, Jane Wang

Contributing Organizations:
The Berwick Research Institute, The Present Tense, Mobius, SOI

For More information visit:,,


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