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"Adventures in Odyssey" co-creator Phil Lollar presents a new show about a boy, a strange mansion, and a train traveling through time. Read more

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"Adventures in Odyssey" co-creator Phil Lollar presents a new show about a boy, a strange mansion, and a train traveling through time.

Recent updates

Official AIO podcast interview!

Phil was a guest today on the official Adventures in Odyssey podcast! His interview happens right after a full, FREE AIO episode called "Wonderworld," which was directed and written by Phil. Phil shares about writing the episode, and is joined by Gabriel Encarnacion, who voices Lawrence Hodges. Lawrence's first Odyssey appearance was in "Wonderworld" as a kid Jimmy Barclay babysits who helps Jimmy rediscover the wonders of the imagination. Phil also shares a little about Iliad House. Check it out!

Smashing Interviews Magazine features Phil

Dear Iliad House supporters and friends, 

 Phil just had an interview this week with Smashing Interviews magazine to talk about Iliad House. Check it out here:

He also shares about how he started performing, and gives an insight on some of the other projects he’s done that will be out soon. 

 Keep spreading the word! Thank you so much for the support you've given!


Iliad House Producer

I love time travel!

Hello Iliad House friends! 

I’m Joel Grewe, part of the creative team here at Iliad House. 

I fell in love with Iliad House when I discovered that we are going to have time travel. I’ve always thought that the ability to travel back (and forward) in time would be an awesome adventure, to meet the people who shaped the future and the past. I am a huge fan of World War II history, and I’m looking forward to Jesse getting to meet the hero’s (and maybe even villains) from that time. 

As part of the creative team I am always looking for people and times to visit and if you have any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate if you leave a comment on the page with places, times, and people that you would like Jesse to visit. Oh and I want to let you know that Sunday was our best day since we launched! More details in the video. Please keep sharing the dream of Iliad House. 

Keep up the great work! 

Joel Grewe

Iliad House Producer

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Project of the day!

We are excited to report that Kickstarter has made Iliad House their Project of the Day! Anyone who goes to the Kickstarter home page will see Iliad House prominently displayed at the top of the page. Check it out, and enjoy your Sunday afternoon!

Thank you, Kickstarter!

You are the tip of the spear!

Hello friends and backers,

My name is Jeremiah and I am working with Phil and the team to make this project a success!

You guys are the tip of the spear! We have a really big goal and that is because we have a really big project. Thanks for joining with us! Together we are going to ignite children's imagination with great stories that are top quality.

The last 24 hours have been incredible for this campaign. Besides the fact that it was Phil’s birthday, we had Blimey Cow endorse Iliad House (and they had Phil on their podcast), two press interviews, and an endorsement from Roma Downey producer of the recently VERY successful Bible mini-series that broke records on the History Channel this past Spring.

Thanks for your support! (And stay tuned because Phil tells me that we might have some audio clips soon. In fact, I've attached a very short iPhone video clip of one of our producers recording a cameo role.)


Jeremiah Lorrig
Iliad House Producer

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