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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, September 1 2013 3:59 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $100,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sun, September 1 2013 3:59 AM UTC +00:00

Exciting Special Iliad House Announcement

Dear Iliad House Supporters, Fans, and Friends,

Your enthusiasm and eager support for Iliad House, and your fantastic response to our Kickstarter video, our series descriptions, and to the idea of the series in general have been so encouraging! We have become more and more excited as the days have passed and we have made new friends, rekindled and strengthened old friendships, and gained wonderful partners in helping to make the series a reality! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

However, as we’ve watched the numbers on the Kickstarter page go up (sometimes very rapidly), we’ve also come to the realization that they aren’t moving fast enough. Many of you, we’re sure, have had the same thought, which is why your support has had even more meaning for us.

Unfortunately, we must face the hard truth that we will most probably not meet our goal of $100,000 by August 31 (barring a miracle, and, of course, nothing is impossible with God!). That goal was admittedly ambitious, as were our plans for the funds, which included not only providing you with almost 20 episodes of the series, but also building an infrastructure so that we could manufacture and deliver multiple and on-going episodes of Iliad House.

We do not believe that our inability to hit our target goal has anything to do with the perception of the series. Almost all of our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We know that there is a huge radio and audio drama fan base (the best fans in the world!) that is more than willing to support a program like Iliad House. For instance, fans of Adventures in Odyssey alone have purchased more than 25 million products from the series over its almost 26 year existence. Unfortunately, we simply haven’t able to reach that fan base within the time frame of our Kickstarter campaign.

Be assured, though: we are more committed than ever to bringing Iliad House to you! Raising funds is seldom easy; in fact, it can be downright difficult. But as a wise man once said, it is supposed to be difficult—anything worth doing will be difficult! The “difficult” is what makes it great! You all are the most important part of that greatness, and we are asking that you continue to share your greatness with us. 

To that end, we are taking what we have learned from our current Kickstarter campaign and using it to revise our goals and plans, and re-tool our campaign to reflect those lessons. As you know, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing proposition, which means that if we do not meet our goal, we collect nothing, and you keep the funds you pledged. 

So, when our current campaign ends, we will almost immediately start up a new one, with the new fundraising goal of only $15,000. 

We will use those funds to produce the pilot series of four to six episodes, and build the basic infrastructure mentioned above to bring the series to you, and distribute it to the larger radio and audio drama fan base. The new campaign will also include a stretch goal of $25,000, which, if and when it is met, we will use to produce more episodes and strengthen our infrastructure. We are very near $25,000 in pledges in our current campaign, so we believe that with your help, these goals are definitely reachable. And, of course, the more money we raise, the more episodes of Iliad House we can bring to you.

But as we have said many times through this initial campaign, we cannot do anything without the help of our great partners! And the very best form that help can take is for you to remake your pledges of financial support for Iliad House in our new campaign—in its first week, if possible—and then, of course, keep spreading the word about the series to friends, family, and everyone you know. 

We also realize that unless the Lord builds a house, those who build it labor in vain. So, as always, we dedicate the series and the funds raised for it to His great and more than able care, and trust that He will provide the increase.

If you have any questions about our ideas or plans for the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to be completely open with you, our partners in this endeavor, as we work to bring Iliad House to life! 

Thank you so much for your continued support and friendship,

Phil Lollar, Joel Grewe, Suzanne Stephens, Jeremiah Lorrig, Daniel Noa, Peter Forbes, Abigail Cosette, Ian Raid, and Megan Hendrix

The Iliad House Production Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Karen Noa on

      The previous comments echo my feelings exactly! Will be there backing you all the way. Can't wait to listen to my first Iliad House episode!

    2. Jacob Conley on

      Will we be able to make monthly donations for the new campaign?

    3. Jo Wilson on

      Quite disappointed that it turned out this way. Will you be sending e-mails with the new project link to the people who pledged on this one? I'd like to be informed so that I can pledge on that one as well.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jathaan on

      I was hoping you would not let this initial setback discourage you from producing the show. I will be watching for your next campaign - and will do a better job about spreading the word this time. I think that, given better coverage and the immediate support of those of us who backed this run, we can fund the next run in a matter of hours.

    5. Matthew Sample II - Armikrog. Army $4.96 on

      This is not a setback—I've kind of been expecting it, so I'm not sad. In fact, I'm glad to hear that you are going ahead with the smaller amount and using this campaign as a stepping stone. Very smart. I look forward to backing your next campaign!

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Schott

      I'm disappointed that this campaign won't likely make it, but look forward to the relaunch. The project sounds like it will be a great series. Seems odd that with the number of fans Odyssey has, the funding level wasn't reached. Definitely send out an update to this project when the next campaign launches so we can jump on the campaign right away.

    7. Barrett Kaufman on

      Although it is sad that the project looks like it's not going to make it, I love your heart behind the project! Count me in for round two if it comes to it! Oh and give Ian Reid a high five from me.

    8. Andreas Nicholas on

      I look forward to the completion of this project however it comes to fruition: It's too bad people don't know yet how great this series is going to be! Maybe after you get it going you can have another kickstarter for season 2, after there have been a few episodes and there is a bit of an audience, when more people know about the show. Bless you guys and keep up the good work, don't worry about the numbers, "build it he will come" Love to your whole team <3

    9. Missing avatar

      Neothername on

      As someone who signed up with KS specifically for this project, I am glad to hear that there will be another opportunity to help get Iliad House going. Like the previous commenter, I'd love to hear when it is set up, if possible!

    10. Galit

      I didn't want to think about the project not making it .... so let me just say I'm absolutely -thrilled- to hear that there will be another project started after this one with a -very- attainable goal. If KS allows it, -please- send me a message (whether it's an individual message or another update from this one) and let me know that the new project is out there. I can't wait to be a part of the next project and I'm so glad that I stuck with you on this one. =)