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Join us in telling the story behind this innovative 1930’s trio, their dazzling jazz vocals, and a career that was so sadly cut short.
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Moving Forward

Posted by Joshua Tree Productions (Creator)
It's embarrassing to have gone this long without updating here. We are so very grateful for everyone's patience. The process of producing this complex documentary has brought us several unforeseen challenges, not the least of which is the fact that there is a great deal of interest in the Boswell sisters. That becomes a challenge when we are presented with unexpected production or distribution opportunities that would require our adapting the documentary to accommodate particular styles or formats. Twice now, we have held up post-production while waiting to get confirmation from interested parties. Then, after several months of negotiation, be told they've decided to pass on participation, or they leave us hanging in limbo. We had a meeting tonight and determined we are waiting no longer. We have more than sufficient resources and materials to go ahead with post-production. The only need we have remaining is for a few voice actors. We need to fill about eight roles. Some parts are quite short while others are more extensive. We have the major parts cast already, but if anyone here knows of good voice actors that might possibly fit in our budget, please let us know. So, thanks again for your patience. We are very excited to get rolling again. There is still a substantial amount of work left to do, but the end is in sight and we are confident that with your continued help and support we will create a product that will make the sisters proud.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Blasco on

      Hi Guys!
      A quick update would be appreciated by all of your backers and fans.

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      Jon Lindley on

      I do have a good voice actor friend. I mentioned this to him, and he shared his 30-second demo with me. What would be the best way to pass that and his contact info along to you?

    3. Marla Elliott on

      I'm really looking forward to seeing this film. If you're looking for voice actors, I can recommend my brother, R Bruce Elliott, a very experienced professional voice actor based in Dallas, Texas. You can reach him through Facebook or at

    4. Missing avatar

      Doug Sheppard on

      Whilst it's great news that the project is still on-going and, to an extent, nearing its conclusion, I can't help but feel completely disengaged from the whole process now.

      One of the great things about Kickstarter is having a deeper involvement with the creator and product that has been invested in, including all of the successes and challenges.

      As we move towards the finish line please start communicating more effectively with your backers, I think you'll find it just as rewarding for you as it will be for us.

      Still looking forward to the end product.