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Vision/Verse is an annual gallery show that pairs poets and artists together for mutual inspiration/collaboration.

The Goal

Yellow Flag Press is currently in the process of preparing for Vision/Verse 4, an annual art and poetry exhibition.

We estimate that the cost for this event will come to about $1,000. A breakdown of the costs looks like this...

  • $200 - Printing, Paper, and additional supplies for publishing broadsides
  • $400 - Framing
  • $100 - Promotion/Direct Mailers
  • $100 - Reception Costs
  • $100 - Mailing
  • $100 - Fees

We have been fronting these costs for this event for the past three years, and lack of funding has threatened to end the show in past years. We are asking for your help to keep this event going for many years to come. Any pledges are greatly appreciated. Any overage will go directly to producing next year's show. Please support art and poetry and the artists that make it!

This Year's Poets and Artists

Maya Beerbower
William Lusk Coppage
David Havird
Hillary Joubert
Clare L. Martin
Patrice Melnick
Stella Nesanovich
Philana Omorotionmwan
M. Rather, Jr.
Kevin Thomason

Martin Castillo
Jessica Gayle
Heather Ryan Kelley
John Martel
Skyler Pham
Lee Richard
Valerie Smith
Blake Soto
Karen Wink
Sue Zimmermann

About Vision/Verse

Vision/Verse, the annual art and poetry exhibition, is now in its fourth year of bringing together poetry and art collaborations, as well as small press publishing. Vision/Verse reinforces the bond between the literary and visual arts by examining the role of inspiration in art, particularly how poetry can inspire art and how art can influence poetry.

The Arts and Humanities Council of Southwest Louisiana is pleased to announce the opening of this year’s Vision/Verse exhibit at the Art Associate's Gallery, in the historic Central School Arts and Humanities Center, in Lake Charles, LA. The opening will be on Saturday, June 2th, at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with a poetry reading at 7 p.m. The annual art and poetry exhibit brings together twenty artists and poets from across the state as well as the nation. The purpose of the exhibit is for artists and poets alike to examine to role of inspiration in the visual and literary arts.

In November of last year, the members of Yellow Flag Press, the local independent press behind Vision/Verse, received well over a hundred art and poetry submissions from across the nation for the show’s third installation.

“The exhibit acts as a way for artists and poets to further explore their own creation processes by using a completely different artistic medium as the source of inspiration for a new piece of poetry or art,” said Erica McCreedy, a member of Yellow Flag Press. “We want the participating artists and poets to experience first-hand the impact that visual art has on poetry and the influence that poetry has over art.”

The ten selected poets each choose one of the ten chosen artist’s pieces and create a new poem using the piece of art as inspiration. Simultaneously, each artist choose one of the poet’s poems and use that poem as a springboard for a new piece of art.

Yellow Flag Press will print all twenty poems as broadsides, which are collectible and handmade prints of poetry, and the broadsides will hang with the twenty pieces of art at the Art Associates Gallery. At the opening, the participating poets will give a reading of the exhibit’s poetry at 7 p.m. Yellow Flag Press will be on hand to sell limited edition broadsides of each featured poem.

Past participating artists include: Heather Ryan Kelley, Blane Bourgeois, Josh Guimbellot, Brendan Egan, Judy Baggett, Sue Zimmermann, Heather Foster, Melinda Antoon, Chris Marcello, and Hillary Joubert, and many more.

Past participating poets include: Julie Kane, Darrell Borque, Ava Leavell Haymon, Michael Shewmaker, Angelina Oberdan, Stella Nesanovich, Rita D. Costello, Jacob Blevins, Andrew McSorley, William Lusk Coppage, M. Rather, Jr., Lou Amyx, and Jan Rider Newman, and many more.


For more information on this exhibit or any other Art Associates Gallery show, please call 337-439-2787 or visit


For more information on Yellow Flag Press please visit



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    One broadside from the 2012 Vision/Verse show. All broadsides will be hand-made and hand-numbered. Signed copies will be sent if the author is available to sign them.

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