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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 25 2013

WIP of the Noble District and Non-combat Skills

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)
Hi guys!  
We keep working hard on Dark Triad: Conspiracy. In this new update we want to show you some renders of the Noble District in the city of Khandor. This is a WIP so we still need to redo the textures and add tons of details to make it a bit darker, but you can have a good idea of how it will look like. I hope you like it and please do not hesitate giving us your feedback!

The Noble District (City of Khandor)

Non-Combat Skills

Also we want to share with you the ultimate list of non-combat skills that will be available unless we need to include one or a couple more due to gameplay needs later. Miguel A.L.M. has been working on it and we are quite happy and sure this will cover most game situations we can think of. The list was bigger but we decided to disregard those ones that weren’t meaningful enough. It must also be taken into account that we can only spent a full year after the next Kickstarter relaunch to complete the game due to budget constraints, so we needed to focus only on the strictly necessary ones to add enough content and at the same time to have full control of the possible outcomes. This will serve us to prepare all the quests, dialogues and game situations so you can complete them in different ways.


Social Skills

Persuade.- try to gather confidential info or usher a NPC to act contrary to his beliefs.

Intimidate.- make the NPC flee out of fear or get some info from him. Beware! The NPC could react and attack you! You can use this skills to attack non-violent NPCs. Want to kill a merchant that ripped you off? That’s your choice!

Sense Motive.- detect when a NPC is lying, how he feels when talking to you, or if a somebody is trying to rip you off! 

 Lie.- lie to a NPC so he believes in what you made up to achieve your aims.

Bargain.- the PC can lower the price of intems that he wants to buy or increase the ones that he wants to sell.

Leadership.- use this ability to end any issues among you and your companions, or between your companions. You can also issue orders without accumulating bad reputation among them.

Diplomacy.- be polite and try not to argue to accumulate bad reputation among NPCs, they may see you with better eyes afterwards and may be more prone to help you.



Hide.- the PC can hide from enemies patrolling a nearby zone. He will need to be completely still for this ability to have any effect.

Sneak.- move carefully and without making noise among enemies so they do not detect you.

Lockpicking.- the PC is skillful in the art of dealing with locks. He’ll need to use picklocks .

Thieving.- get others’ belongings from their pockets without being noticed. (modo nor-mal&modoPJ)



Detect Traps. be able to visualize traps before you step into them.

Deactivate Traps.- the next step after you’ve spotted a trap.

Track.- the PC can see certain hidden objects and carved shapes like secret doors, corridors, hidden inscriptions, etc.

Alert Mode.- the PC can sense in advance if an enemy is approaching him so he can take a proper course of action if needed.

Camp.- the PC or group can rest during a certain time to heal any wounds.


Knowledge and Culture

Repair Items.- with more points on this ability, the PC will be able to repair objects of higher levels.

Identify item.- show the stats and bonuses of an item.

Ancient Language- the PC can read texts and inscriptions written in ancient tongues. The more points, the more languages will he be able to read.

Rate.- know the exact price of an item so you can bargain or sell it for a higher price.

Investigate.- the more points in this ability, the more non-combat skill points he’ll gain when levelling up.

Archaeology.- it gives the PC the knowledge to identify places when he interacts with other NPCs, reads books, inscriptions or through other means. These places will appear on the game map.

That's all for the moment. We will wait to post the update for the factions system until the next update as there are lots of info to digest and it'll take some time for us to explain the system properly. 

And for those of you who didn't see it yet, here the final game logo, I hope you like it too!

Abel B.

on behalf of Azurite Games... yeah, we dropped that ill-fated Autoloot! ;) 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Juhani Nurminen on

      Roq, that's partially my concern, as that's kinda implied by the Investigate skill. However, I'd be happier if instead of redundant skills, there'd be other skills, since if you have to make up(code and implement) separate uses for Hide and Sneaking(uses that feel different), you could make up other skills that would be more different and interesting and just lump those two on the same pile. Especially since it seems to me that conceptually it'd be harder to think of situations where Sneaking is useful but hiding isn't, compared to if you had a skill like Sailing or whatever. :)

    2. Joshua Johnson

      it's sad these updates are going out to so few people. This game is making great progress

    3. Roq on

      Lots of positive changes, I reckon, and good decision to change company name.

      Skills look interesting. One of the problems with out of combat skills in many games is that they tend to compete with combat skills for stat point allocation so you are given the choice of nerfing your party's combat ability in return for skills that are situational and usually not really necessary for progression in the game (usually just rest a bit and glug a potion if you fall in a trap). It strikes me that Juhani's criticisms may be related to that kind of design - but it seems to me totally appropriate to have lots of situational skills that you can assign to characters ... if they are separated out so they don't compete with combat skills.

    4. Kahuna Kevin on

      Looks great! Hurry up and restart your project...

    5. Missing avatar

      Juhani Nurminen on

      The noble district looks about right in size, if you compare it to the city districts in Baldur's Gate 1 or 2. If there's roughly 9 enterable buildings of various sizes(from small shops/curiosity buildings to big plot buildings), it ought to be great.

      Normally I love a good amount of non-combat skills, but it seems to me that many of these are redundant. For example, Lying and Sense Motive as a different skill? It would seem to me that it'd be more natural if they were under a single skill like "Deceive". The same sort of applies with Persuade and Bargain. As well as Leadership and Diplomacy.
      Same applies for Hide and Sneak. I suppose Thieving and Lockpicking are good enough as separate skills.
      Detect and Deactivate Traps separately? I find it unlikely that a character would have just one. :)
      Seems that Rate and Identify Item would be the same skill.

      I must say I am not particularly fond of a skill like "Investigate".

      Of course, this all depends on how many skills you suppose a character has "maxed", what they actually do in practice and what do you have to lose to take the skills. (As Investigate implies that you invest something in skills that's deducted from something else.)

      If you suppose some skills are more valuable than others, then the idea of separating them to two sub-skills makes sense(So if you'd value a skill that includes both Sneak and Hide higher than Ancient Language, then it makes sense to chop it in two parts, effectively costing twice what Ancient Language would cost). If that is the case, then why not have it as a single skill that costs double? It makes it more confusing to have several similar skills. Although I suppose that someone might make a character that has only Hide but not Sneaking and be happy that he has the possibility to make such a character. It's not like the skill list is that big so I guess it won't be THAT confusing in the end.

    6. Missing avatar

      Svetlin Balcanski on

      I like the non-combat skills list, it shows that the game will provide interesting decisions. And making resting a skill is a great idea.