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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 25 2013

KS relaunch on a later date

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)
Hi guys,

As you know, during the last month we’ve revamped the story and created a new vision doc. This means a lot of work, like reworking the classes and stats, adding new non-combat skills and game zones. We’ve also defined a new faction system that will make the story more engaging and game interactions much deeper, and at the same time we keep working on the underlying game systems, like the combat, lighting, interface, etc. Besides, there’s other stuff involved programming-wise that it’s difficult to sum up in a few lines.

Also, prepping a KS campaign with the necessary updates is very time consuming and this time we want to do it right, so we think it’s important to keep working hard but not to rush when things aren’t yet ready. As you know, this time we’ll also work with a PR agency to spread the word out and reach more visibility on the media.

Contrary to what we announced after the KS cancellation, the new KS relaunch won’t be ready this 6th May. We will postpone it until mid July or early August so we can show you the new take on the game in better conditions. 

Prior to the KS relaunch, we will be updating regularly on how things are going on our side. We’d deeply appreciate that you can give us as much feedback as possible on each thing we work on.

Today I’d like to ask you about the game title. Which one of the shown below you like the most? (both are a WIP. Notice that the “D” on the golden title is more defined than the rest of letters, you get the idea). 

That’s all for the moment, as we approach the relaunch date expect better and meatier updates! 

Abel B.,


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    1. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      It seems people on FB prefer slightly the golden one at the moment:…

      @Dragoon: I don't think it should have a negative impact that the style or font resemble a bit to Dark Cloud or Dark Cristal. I think there's enough differentiation and also thing both games slightly appeal to a different public. Now it also comes to my mind that the blue one doesn't convey the fact that the game is based on a medieval era, it looks more a space-opera... a personal opinion though, let's see what you all say!

    2. Roq on

      I like both the titles. Think it's probably a good thing to have delayed the new Kickstarter somewhat, since Kickstarter has been a bit fickle for less known titles recently. Maybe then backers will regain their appetite after some of the bigger projects recently and need a new Kickstarter fix.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marcus Sjöstrand on

      Golden title, by a very small margin.

    4. Nick Vance on

      I like the upper logo with the blue outline better. It has a nice dark feel to it while the lower image just looks old.

      Please keep text updates. It's hard for me to find time to watch videos but it's easy to skim a few paragraphs between tasks.

    5. Dragoonlordz on

      The first and second one both have similar feel to Dark Cloud videogame logos, with the first one they went with silver/blue too and second game went with gold/yellow.

      As shown here.

      Also reminded me of Dark Crystal which also applied same logic in using either gold or silver/blue as shown here.

      I think there is one issue in that browns and gold have been overused in recent years in RPG's both titles, worlds and UI's so in that sense the first one catches my eye more because it's different from the generic colour scheme I associate with RPG's of late. The other aspect for me is due to the similarity between your title name fonts/colour and that of Dark Crystal and Dark Cloud is that first thing I did when saw the gold logo for example is think "Oh Dark Cloud" and I wonder if that will be a negative thing wish to avoid or not. The second one (gold) reminded me of both Dark Cloud and Dark Crystal more than the first one does.

    6. Leevi on

      Upper one.

      Or maybe Dark Triad text on gold and conspiracy with the other color ;P and please remove the | from the c's

    7. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      I just posted a video update basically talking about the same on this update…

      This is a little experiment and besides your priceless feedback about the game title (it seems it's almost 50-50 at the moment) I'd like to ask you if you prefer this kind of video updates instead of text, or if the video would serve as complement as text. It think it would also be good to complement the videos with some visual material, in this one it would be the game title options.

      On the first KS pitch I was actually reading the thing and I think this one feels more natural and spontaneous rather than sitting stiff reading on a screen.

      Let me know!

    8. alcaray on

      Bottom one is more impactful due to the larger contrast between the letters and their background. The raised "D" is not noticable unless you point it out and has little effect on the appearance.

      The top one may be preferable for symbolic reasons since the letters (inside of the outline) are empty (very similar in appearance to the background). In this way they may fit with the words "dark" and "conspiracy".

    9. Kahuna Kevin on

      Gold. The dark one looks like an unfinished work in progress of the second.

    10. Dragoonlordz on

      I prefer the first one. The dark visual style matches the name.

    11. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      Thanks for your understanding guys =)

      @Jan Drabner: we may reach a moment when we will need to feed ourselves from the vacuum! Until the time comes, we survive thanks to a daily ingestion of sphagettis, fried eggs and chips =P

    12. Lorenzo P. on

      I prefer the golden one.

    13. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      I prefer the first one but think the word conspiracy is a little hard to read in both due to the font.

    14. Jan Drabner on

      I prefer the first one, but I generally prefer dark tones.

      Also, yes, take your time. Well, at least as much as you can, living from love and air ;)

    15. Federico on

      It's ok, we'll wait. Good work.

    16. LordCrash on

      Take all the time you need. Especially as a unknown developer you should have as much material as possible to show your backers during the campaign. A good concept won't be enough.