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pledged of 80.000 £pledged of 80.000 £ goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 25 2013

Choose the name of the game!

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)
We were making a brainstorming for the new name of the game. So far, we've come up with these ones. Does some of them sound good for you?

- Age of Conspiracy

- The Dark Conspiracy

- The Dark Triad: Conspiracy

I think the word "Conspiracy" works well for the new take on the game, but more info this next Friday with the Vision Doc we'll share with you! =)


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    1. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      Dark Triad: Conspiracy For me then any expansion/ sequels can be Dark Triad: ?????

    2. Lorenzo P. on

      Dark Triad - Conspiracy!

    3. Alex Podgoredsky on

      The Dark Conspiracy - sound's great!

    4. Some Guy on

      Might be with Dragoon on this one. Sequels can use the Dark Triad: "something" ...although maybe the Triad would be reduced to 2 so Dark Duo? or one so Dark Uno? Maybe Just Dark Triad might work better, depends on what you guys foresee in the future! Provided Fargo or Feargus don't start up another bloody KS, you should have a good chance to succeed.

    5. Kahuna Kevin on

      @Michael Agreed. Make it unique and short. Ultima, perfect example.

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Quinn on

      So many games use "dark" in their title. It gets a little tiresome. If you want to make your game dark just do it. Seems kind of forced when you have to advertise it in the title.

    7. Kahuna Kevin on

      Drachenstahl. Literal translation is Dragonsteel.

    8. Dragoonlordz on

      With the remaining options, I personally would go with Dark Triad : Conspiracy. That way it is 'Dark Triad' being the name of franchise and 'Conspiracy' part subject to change between each new title. With regard to 'The', it's simply not needed same reason you will notice most games on here tend not to add it to theirs for example it's not The Divinity : Original Sin it's just Divinity : Original Sin, not The Battle Worlds : Kronos just Battle Worlds : Kronos, not The Bloom : Memories just Bloom : Memories etc.

    9. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      @Style over Substance, I like your suggestions very much, but both "Dark Lore" and "Dark Throne" are already taken by other games unluckily, it would have been too good to be true!

    10. Kahuna Kevin on

      I don't like any of the 3. Just call it Dark Lore.

    11. saiqlo on

      Dark Throne.

      Triad is a bit unwieldy.

    12. Roq on

      Agree with Dragoon: "Dark Triad: Conspiracy" sounds like the best of that bunch. And it allows you to add named expansions connected to the game.

    13. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      I also want to clarify that the intention is adding new modules or expansions in the future, so it would be good to take into account the appending of a subtitle... it goes without saying should we have enough budget to do so if we reached that point!…

      Abel B.

    14. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      @Dragoon: This one is interesting. Some of you have proposed dropping the initial "The" from "The Dark Triad", but we hadn't taken this new option into account I think:

      After all your feedback, If you were to choose between these 4, which one would you pick up first?

      - The Dark Triad: Conspiracy
      - Dark Triad: Conspiracy
      - The Dark Triad
      - Dark Triad

    15. Dragoonlordz on

      The Dark Triad : Conspiracy I think is a bit long (imho). It would be more effective for me if was merely "Dark Triad : Conspiracy" without 'The' being required. Anyhows thats just my two cents on the subject I am happy enough with whatever you decide because in the end I already am invested in seeing more and playing it based off this Kickstarter so grabbing my attention via the name is not needed.

    16. Dragoonlordz on

      From a game buying perspective if saw it on list for example in steam, The Dark Conspiracy would pique my interest more than the others due to it's simplicity and expressed theme. But from a developer perspective I wonder if would have negative effect on any future titles having no name that links the franchise together.

    17. Dragoonlordz on

      The big question is whether The Dark Triad be relevant to all future games in the fanchise if go down that route. I wonder if you need the word "The" at all. Whether Dark Triad would be enough. Though I admit I quite like sound of The Dark Conspiracy but it might have knock on effect for future games being no link between them title wise unless planning on calling next one after The Dark {insert subtitle}.

    18. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      What's most clear at the moment is that for most of you, "Age of Conspiracy" is not the way to go. We will dismiss it.

      Then we have, I would say more or less in order taking also into account the FB poll and RPGcodex, the following:

      1. The Dark Triad: Conspiracy
      2. The Dark Triad
      3. The Dark Conspiracy

      For the rest, there's not enough support even I think there are also good ideas. I think the best one though was from Corpselocker:

      "(For the sequel you can go with The Even Darker Triad)"

      That made my laugh! =D

      Thanks for the feedback guys!

      Abel B.

    19. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      If we have to pick one of the three I will go with The Dark Triad: Conspiracy.

    20. Missing avatar

      Brdcool on

      Both "Age of Conspiracy" and "The Dark Conspiracy" are bad names IMO. Age for the reasons others have said. The Dark Conspiracy is too generic. Its like saying "the unknown question" or "the shadow mystery", it conveys nothing and does not stand out at all. "The Dark Triad" by itself is fine. "The Dark Triad: Conspiracy" is ok too. Not many others may like it, but you could go more old school. Look at the names for the Bard's Tale games; the first one is actually "The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown". Or the Ultima series, or Kings Quest, etc. They had a main name and a longer sub name. So you could do something along the lines of "The Dark Triad: Conspiracy of the Dragon Cult" or whatever you like. Main name is "The Dark Triad", each version has a sub name.

    21. Dragoonlordz on

      I agree with Lorenzo there is far too many "Age of..." type names for games of late. I personally think Dark Conspiracy is fine or The Dark Triad when standalone game is concerned. If planning on turning into a franchise once first game has been released then I think it's pretty hard for us to come up with core name which will be followed by secondary affix type names for each title when we know so little about core theme of the franchise and what will carry through from our standpoint.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brdcool on

      The Triad Conspiracy

    23. Lorenzo P. on

      The Dark Triad!

      (I don't like "Age of Conspiracy", sounds too generic, too many "Age of ..." already)

    24. Roq on

      TBH, IMHOP (!?) those names are still a bit generic sounding and lacking in impact: "Age of Conspiracy" - sounds like a game in the age of empires franchise. It's quite hard to think up non generic names without some details of plot.

      If you want to use "Triad" (perhaps the synonym "Triptych" stands on its own better as it is more sonorous and cultish) you could lose the "The Dark" bit. I think we can safely assume something dark will be going on somewhere :). Then you could go something like:

      Triptych: Demon Soul

      ... or whatever.

    25. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      @Jalister: Yes, we intend to add new modules or expansions to the game, because with the tools in place it means we can add a huge amount of game content in a relative short time.

    26. Jalister on

      My answer depends on whether you plan to make a sequel of this game and keep it related to the Triad. I like The Dark Conspiracy. However, if you are planning sequels, you may want to go with The Dark Triad: Conspiracy. That gives a nice option to continue with The Dark Triad: {sequel name}.

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Quinn on

      "The Dark Triad Conspiracy" is alright although I think you should leave out the colon as I don't think it is needed in that title.

      The other 2 suggested titles, well there's no delicate way to put this, they are extremely cliched and I hate them to the point where I can see them actually turning people off the game.

    28. Corpselocker on

      I am going to agree with just: The Dark Triad.

      (For the sequal you can go with The Even Darker Triad)

    29. Missing avatar

      Rui Mendes: Herald of the Ever Tormented on

      The Dark Triad: Conspiracy.

      "Age of..." became widely used and a title/subtitle seems more fitting.

    30. Aramis on

      The Dark Triad: Conspiracy

    31. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death Creator on

      This is getting interesting and even more difficult to chose the name! I like a lot your coherent argumentations of why you prefer this or that name. Please keep it coming! =)

      Abel B.

    32. Missing avatar

      Svetlin Balcanski on

      One more voice for The Dark Conspiracy.

    33. Balgin Stondraeg

      I'd have to go with The Dark Conspiracy myself.

    34. Edgardo- WeresheepMonkey of Original Sin on

      I would say "Dark Tryad: Conspiracy", I would eliminate the "the".

    35. LordCrash on

      The last one.
      Or how about "The Conspiracy of the Dark Triad"?

    36. Lars Langer on

      I like "The Dark Conspiracy"

    37. Federico on

      The third, but only if you plan a sequel (The Dark Triad: Lalala..). There are far too many "Age of.." (also, my mind goes to strategics or Conan immediately). The dark conspiracy isn't bad, but maybe it sounds a little too generic and (falsely) ominous? maybe it's just an impression. Though i believe simply "The Dark Triad" would be simple and effective.

    38. Waning Gibbous Games

      Personally, I'd recommend Age of Conspiracy. "Dark" as an adjective is overused lately. Age of Conspiracy is a familiar construction, but it has the benefit of broad appeal. Your potential backers get hooked easier. "The Dark Conspiracy" is a specific conspiracy, Age of Conspiracy is any number of them.

      Your goal in marketing is to hook them in the first couple of seconds. "Age of Conspiracy" has them nodding, "Dark Triad" has them frowning and asking "what's a dark triad?" If they read into it sure they can get it, but that initial frown means fewer backers.

    39. Jan Drabner on

      I also prefer Dark Triad. Dark Conspiracy and Age Of Conspiracy sound too clichéd to me.

    40. Some Guy on

      How bout just Dark Triad or Dragon's Death as the title. I just assume already that all RPGs have a conspiracy story in them. Just a thought. Not sure if those game names have been used before.