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Update 3 - Character Customization, Game Story: A Law of Three in All Things

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)

Hi guys, a new daily update is here!

Today we will talk a bit about the Character Customization, and the Game story: what the term "Triad" could mean in all the aspects of the game? (warning: this may bit a bit dense, as it delves with myths, allegories and the Three Universal Forces).

We remind you that we have an open poll to determine if you are interested in a boxed edition of The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death. Let us know your thoughts at our Facebook page.

Without further ado, let's start!

Character Customization

Today we are going to tell you a little about character customization in TDT: DD. As seasoned role-playing gamers, this is a fundamental and critical aspect of the game for us. We want you to experience a unique sensation when you create your character. We want that character to exude that special something that makes it a real pleasure to start playing the game.

Besides the physical customization options, in which you can change your character's appearance, one of the challenges we face is to customize all the things that make you really like your character, such as their charisma, personality, personal history and their goals in life. Because spiritual strength is so important in the TDT world, we want to establish criteria that can be chosen, and that determine which sacred guardians can be easily obtained, and even your ability when making allies among certain factions (though in the latter case, diplomacy will also be a decisive factor). Would you like to write your character's own story? We believe that it is important to provide this option. You don’t have to do this, but you can share it with friends or just enjoy it on your own.

We want the sub-plots and side-quests to have important goals that can be chosen when you create your character and which you can pursue throughout the game. Choosing these goals will not only give your character more depth, but it will also create custom goals that relate to the way that your character sees the world and their perspectives on it.

As for the attributes and parameters that influence how your character behaves, we want them to be really meaningful and we are creating a system to make this possible. As stated above, it is important for us to add value to the gamer aspect when you are customizing your character. We love spending time on the creation screen, adding points to attributes, skills and magic, writing their stories, deciding on goals and distributing points among special attributes... We will soon give you more details about this important aspect of the game. 

Physical Character Customization

Today we want to show you some aspects of the physical character customization. Our goal is to allow you to build a character you feel comfortable with during your game sessions. It's very important that you can change the character equipment, and that this changes are reflected on the 3D-model: helmets, boots, gauntlets, armor chests, epaulettes, weapons...

Slots for rings, amulets and other accessories that won't be displayed in the 3D-model will also be available. Their bonuses will obviously modify your character stats. We want to offer you enough variety in this regard so you can customize all the party members to your liking.

In the next video we show a tool our coders are prepping to be able to reflect all those changes in the game, I hope you like it and let us know if you have any question!

Miguel A.L.M., Co-founder & Gameplay Designer.

About the Game Story: There's a Law of Three in All Things

It seems The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death's plot is generating some controversy. There are the ones that like the setting a lot, and there are others that plainly abhor it. I decided to write this piece to make some things clear, as I think one video can’t explain accurately what’s hidden behind a seemingly cliche story.

Some may argue that the story of The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death is the classic conflict of Good vs Evil, and that’s true to a certain extent. But this is true only in a black and white sense-- in reality, we are trying to make the distinction between these forces much grayer. What one can view as good and bad depends on his own point of view and beliefs, which are conditioned by his or her life experiences and the environment in which they were raised.

TDT:DD is based in a medieval fantasy setting. Obviously a fantastic setting does not mean that the story and, by extension, dialogue, cannot be highly realistic, at least regarding the social events and personal interactions with other NPCs and party members. 

At the same time, we cannot say realism can’t be mixed with a high degree of fantasy. If we think more deeply about this contradiction, we could actually form a connection between them: Fantasy might be an attempt to explain reality, using an associative logic that has not yet understood the laws of nature or those of cause and effect. 

You might think the following a crazy idea, but just the other day I was thinking why dragons exist in the human culture and myth, what might be the true origin of their nature and folklore associated with them during the centuries humans gace dwelt on the earth. I can think of a natural and a psychological motivation.

The natural motivation I think could be somehow plausible in the sense that we can trace the origins of some similar stories. Our ancestors supposedly thought that the bolts of lightning were caused by the gods’ wrath. Thus the advent of sacrificial rituals among the different cultures. The same way humans invented certain gods to explain natural causes, the dragon could also be related to a power of nature that could not be explained at the time. I’m thinking of volcanoes and their brutal, devastating power. One can imagine how many villages or cities would perish under the fire spurt by this natural force, and what kind of explanations the ancient survivors would try to make up to explain that incomprehensible phenomenon of killer lava being furiously ejected from a big hole on the earth that nobody would dare to approach for closer scrutiny.

The psychological side that justifies the existence of dragons can be more difficult to explain, as the natural phenomena has not an obvious direct grip on the matters of the mind, heart, and soul. But we have some clues in mythology. Usually animals are conferred certain human traits, and we can think of a dragon as a mix of different animals. The serpent, deer, bull, and cat are some of the animals that have been poured in the making of the dragon depending on the culture and epoch. 

It will help us to understand the psychological side that the dragon could represent if we think that our ancestors used to confer psychological traits to those animals. Thus, the serpent could symbolize sagacity or cunning, the bull boldness or violence. Depending on the culture, they were bearers of a positive or negative side.
Yes, we come back to the good and evil side of things… BUT…

the same way the electricity has a positive and a negative side, it can’t exist without a third force, a neutralizing factor. Thus a Triad is born. And a Triad generates a visible, tangible phenomenon. So, we as humans also have what we could consider good or bad qualities. Thus the dragon has been represented as evil sometimes, and the hero needs to kill him to rescue the princess , in an allegory that means he must overcome his fears to achieve his goals in life. Here, the neutralizing factor between a fearsome character and his other extreme, the tyrant, is the conscious struggle to keep the balance. And this struggle is only possible when one is aware of his biased attitude towards others or himself. 

But alas, in The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death, we have a poor dragon, once splendorous and strong, that has been seized by the bad guy, and worst of all, you do not know what kind of evil they are doing to him… that would spoil the story! Why must a group of heroes save a dragon? To hell with it! But they must go, and they will learn about the dragon and his situation, and they will learn something about themselves along the way maybe, but only if they struggle to understand both the natural and psychological side of things, if they read between lines as they come across the perils they will need to confront during their journey to Vlarmor’s dungeons.

For the ones that didn’t understand my ramblings, I just mean to say that the game's story, the dialogue, and the lore, will have a known side-- that of Good vs Evil-- but also a hidden one needed to transform it all into a cohesive whole with some deeper meaning.

Just to finish, I connect this with another facet of the story: why are corrupted merchants poisoning people with adamantium? What could this all mean? Is there anything else to it besides the fact that the bad guys want to poison the good guys, just because it is what the bad guys are supposed to do? A hint: there will be some veiled criticism to our current society.

Abel Bascunana, Co-founder & Game Designer

So that's all for this update, let us know your thoughts about what has been said here and what you'll like us to talk about in the next updates.... see you tomorrow! =)


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    1. Balgin Stondraeg

      You know, traditionaly (apart from the Oriental dragons) the dragon is a symbol of greed. It represents how greed can corrupt a person.

    2. saiqlo on

      This may be a situation where too much was put out. It happens to some KS campaigns. Naysayers get their hooks in. And with so much released, it's hard to defend so many fronts. The polarization just doesn't happen--it's a general melee.

      The flip side is that with so much released, there's certainly plenty of things to explore. It's rather nice to have a robust KS home and further links to explore. Honestly, I've learned to avoid the comments section of most KS projects now. If I sound off there it's because I actually feel like the contribution will mean something.

      As for the issue of backstory, I remain reserved because while there are strong parallels to known stories (Ah! Controversy), the whole hints that it will be taken to different places--with style. So my support has gone up and up.

      I'll end with a truism I learned from Japanese storytelling: There is no good and evil in the living of a story, only conficting motivations. The good and evil only appears at the end, in the telling of the thing, when we see where those motivations flew with or against public opinion. The greatest villains, however, never lose their humanity, and so we are afraid because as much as we celebrate our heroes, we sympathize with the villain. We could be them.

    3. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      Your theory and practice of exploring reality through fantasy is an element that I've used in my written pieces - generally relating to the human condition. Good fantasy isn't just a group of adventurers meeting at a tavern and wandering off to go into the dungeon. It isn't always about meeting fantastic new races and strange places like an episode of Star Trek. I feel fantasy can be used as a tool to relate to ourselves, our real world by contrast and have fun doing it. Sometimes we can only know what humanity is when we place it into another world that isn't so familiar - like if we have a black silhouette on a white backdrop, similar to the shadows in the cave of Plato.

      After reading this update, I am more enthused and more positive about this project since I have seen the thought process behind it. While I cannot offer any money (my last publisher ran off with all my sales and I'm leery about going to another at this point, so still poor!) I will endeavour to share this project with others, with my recommendation and endorsement. Bravo, good folks.

    4. Federico on

      Very interesting update, thanks! I play rpgs for the story, so i'm only happy to know how much you care about it. Regarding the slow funding, i believe it's just because of the huge competition, the two others big rpg projects. Probably when they'll end ( but hopefully before), Triad will get its momentum!

    5. Edgardo- WeresheepMonkey of Original Sin on

      I really like this update. With all the Art and gameplay you have shown, this KS should be doing a lot better than it's doing, I've been posting it in different places to see if it gets more taction. You're doing a great job with this game, I really hope it gets funded!