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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 25 2013

Intro to classes, Boxed Editions Poll, Golmir the Dwarf, Ingame Items, Pets and Sacred Guardians and the Town of Arrin!

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)

Hi guys!

Here the Update 2 for The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death, all the Autoloot Games team hope you like it! =)

First of all, let us thank you again for your great support and encouragement guys, it gives us a great boost of motivation to see that you like what we are trying to do with The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death.

We also want to thank all the media that has been posting news about TDT:DD to let the people know about our Kickstarter campaign. Here some articles!! =)

Gaming sites talking about TDT:DD


We've created a the poll on our FB page to know how many of you would like to see boxed edition tiers for The Dark Triad; Dragon's Death.

If there's enough people that vote 'Yes' will sutdy seriously adding new tiers at the beginning of the next week, so let us know on the link below!

Brief Introduction to Classes

The Game Classes In TDT: DD you can choose among 5 different classes. The Black Warrior is an herculean beast during the battle, with amazing skills to destroy and crush the enemy mercilessly. The Blue Wizard can use an interesting variety of skills: heal, damage, DOT, invocations, protection magic, etc... The Elite Thief can move along the battle field with sobrenatural skills and he can use mystic tatoos to raise his chances of survival. The Knight can protect all the party members by taking the agro of mobs with powerfuls taunts; he also has some useful auras and great attacks. Finally, you can also choose the Conjurer of Bones, the invocation class par excellence, armed with totems, able to summon pets and to use a variety of esoteric skills. At the game start, you'll need to choose among one of this classes for your main character.

Party Member: Golmir the Dwarf

A Dwarf sent by the Golden Dwarves Council in Dalron to join the party sent to rescue King Jonah and Akhazal the Last Dragon. He’s a sturdy, long braid-bearded dwarf with little sense of humor and patience. He’s fond of ale and gold as most of his brethren, and deeply distrusts any being with piercing ears and good sight, namely the elves. His disdain for this race is so disproportionate that he did only accept the request by the most knowledgeable of his kin when he was assured no elf would take part on the mission. To his grief, he’ll discover -too late- that Higher Powers of the Alliance got the vow of a skilful elf to join the Saviours, as the Kingdom of Oniria decided to join the Alliance in a last-minute decision. 

Even his almost perennial non-friendly mood, he displays a great sense of justice under life-or-death situations, forgetting momentarily any distinction of race or class to defend anyone under a risky situation, of course only if he deems the victim an innocent under unlucky circumstances. No sooner the fight is over he'll start yelling again with no apparent reason whatsoever.

In-game items

Miguel A.L.M., co-founder and Gameplay designer for TDT:DD, talks about ingame items. We are the NATO team, people from the US, UK, Spain, France... so even Miguel can understand and talk in English, his sevilian accent is even too strong for our ears... sorry Miguel, we had to dub you... suddenly you have a low voice muhahaha! (we thank our man Bob Beaucheane for the dubbing... oh man, if we could have you voiceacting some chars that would be just awesome!)

Pets and Sacred Guardians

Pets, guardians and a few more surprises... We are developing an awesome new system for pets and sacred guardians in The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death. The first you will come across are pets that you can bring with you to heal yourself, cast buffs, light the way or even carry objects for you. The second will be invocations of tremendous powers and extraordinary virtues, almost like demigods of the TDT world. Each breed has its own sacred guardian in the TDT world, but there are also special sacred guardians, which can only be obtained by those who search for them and have the abilities to capture them. 

To invoke these beings, you need to have a special affinity and a huge spiritual force. Their life in the physical world is fleeting, but they will act as tremendous allies in the short seconds that they will be with you. As for the pets, you can enjoy everything from fairies, to wandering souls, to different types of companions that will make life easier in the game and, above all, more fun. You can improve their skills and they will keep you company in some of the most dismal places that you will have to cross. 

You can also hire the services of a reckless mercenary, locate the famous dryads, or convince the Amazons to lend a hand in the fight against your common enemies... In short, you will not alone in your adventure through Isolated lands. You will have companions, pets, sacred guardians, and mercenaries... everything you need to face a number of daunting challenges that will continuously test your skills. We will give more details about all these systems later, but for now we just wanted to let you know we are all fired up on this project at Autoloot Games. We hope that you will like what we are preparing! Thank you for all your support, advice, support and encouragement!


And now let us show you some ingame screenshots where our warriors we'll need to solve a mysterious affair involving corrupted priests...

David Lopez is working on this at the moment. If you like it now, wait to see how it will look like once he has added all the props, vegetation, and once the dynamic lightning is working!


And now a couple of soundtracks of the game from Rafater, the Leonardo Da Vinci of our team!

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    1. Kahuna Kevin on

      Physical only boxed edition tier: Game DVD, Soundtrack CD, printed game manual, cloth world map, keep it reasonably priced (~$100 USD + shipping). I'd put my money down right now. This tier should exclude beta access so the $100 all digital tier retains its value. If you do a collector's boxed edition add all the previous digital content, bonus weapons, etc. and whatever else you can toss in. Shirt? Character minis?

    2. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      Boxed edition would be great, love the music too.

    3. saiqlo on

      I always go digital.

      From reading the comments of others, the development is far enough along that full-party-creation is out, but the architecture is there for skill trees and such for all characters, and the conversation system is there... At the beginning of the game, allow the player to choose one of the starting characters--any of them. This might require fleshing out the skill trees (I'm sure most of the work has been done with the main human), but shouldn't be too arduous. As for the conversation system, you can still use it as-is, but randomly assign the personalities.

      So, in the current incarnation you have the PC human and NPC dwarf, elf, etc--with the conversation queues assigned to the specific sprites. In the new incarnation, the player could choose to make the dwarf the PC, and now the human becomes an NPC. The conversation queues become reassigned. The only massive editing work I see would be in deleting names that might appear in the current queues and seeing now non-party NPCs interact with these conversations. With some quick programming, you could easily have the software insert the proper names in the occasional places (don't do it all the time--not natural). That bit of code has been around since 8-bit!

      This style, incidentally, might create some really interesting relationships within the party and may encourage replayability, as it would be interesting to fully and aggressively develop each of the race/classes as the PC.

      But I do applaud the one-PC-with-NPC-party system, as this does more wrap us around the concern for one character.

      As a side note, it might be cool to assign the racial behaviors not-in-text, but in animations and actions on screen. For example, often, the dwarf is the grumpy one and the elf is the snooty one and so conversations follow this. Boring. Using the proposal above, we get a grumpy elf and a snooty dwarf. Certainly plausable, and more representative of a mixed bag that an entire culture can produce. Still, on screen, the dwarf NPC would always charge into battle, say. Or the elf would always hang back. In a practical sense, this limits the animations you would have to produce for each, I would think.

      Anyway, great update and good luck!

    4. Missing avatar

      Svetlin Balcanski on

      Thanks for the update !

      I voted on the poll, but could you please not use (only) facebook ? Not all of us like it, even if we have to use it sometimes.

      As for the boxes, it would be great to have them as an option, but, as I said in the other update, you have to be careful about the costs related to them, and not cripple your budjet. That said, a thick paper manual an a cloth map are always welcome !

      The classes look varied an interesting, and the pet/summoning system could add depth to the combat. It would be great to learn more about stats and skills in a future update.

      And Rafater is a very talented artist !

    5. Supraderk on

      I need a boxed edition, stat!