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£5,858 pledged of £80,000 goal
£5,858 pledged of £80,000 goal

The Adventurer's Guide to the Isolated Lands, a new Tier £20 Reward!

Things are looking quite good on our first day at Kickstarter so far! More than £3000 and almost 150 backers! Woo-hoo!

It's too early to say if we'll achieve our goal or not, but what really make us most happy is to witness and experience first-hand your overwhelming support and goodwill to help The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death to become a reality.

We have received many comments from you pointing out things that we could improve on our KS page. Also, some people has offered their help with the translations or to improve the story and dialogues of the game. Some of you've also sent us emails from major gaming sites to help with PR and spread the word about the game, which we profoundly appreciate. Dieithrio, Don Parsons, Jakub, Corpselocker, Svetlin and many more... so many of you that we can't name everybody, but this goes for YOU ALL... THANKS GUYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! =)

Without further ado, let's go with the news about the game itself. We want to introduce you to the...  

Yes! We've include a new reward on tier £20 and above! The Adventurer's Guide to the Isolated Lands is an ancient book assembled from buried scrolls found in the deep caves at the shores of the Sea of Litanies. The Adventurer's Guide is an illustrated account written and drawn by unknown scholars about the different kingdoms of the Isolated Lands, their history and races, their remarkable locations and also includes shredded maps that point out to secret places known only to a handful who dared to tread their dangerous paths and came alive to give an account of its many hidden wonders, traps and treasures! It's a good piece of knowledge for both explorers and warriors alike! 

(if you are interested on this item, remember that you can update your pledge manually anytime.)

Regarding the game itself, we’ve been following your comments both here and on the forums. You want to know more about the combat: how it will be played, how the AI will work and if it will be complex enough to have you engaged throughout the whole game. Miguel, Carlos and Jose Manuel will work hard during the next days to post a meaningful update regarding this area, and hopefully we'll be able to show you new combat mechanics on a gameplay video in a couple of weeks

We are taking notes of anything you point regarding incoherencies in the lore. We are thinking very seriously of looking for a really indie writer to help us to improve the quality of the story and dialogues. This could make us save a lot of proofreading time, but we must weight the different options at hand first... 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Svetlin Balcanski on March 21, 2013

      A boxed copy with printed manual and cloth map would be nice, indeed. But it's a thing that could cripple the budget, wich is already not that big for a complex game... Maybe as a limited reward or a high tier pledge ?

    2. Kahuna Kevin on March 20, 2013

      Game box level please. $100 US = take my money.

    3. saiqlo on March 20, 2013

      Nice additional pledge level. I love soundtracks!

      Question: How many songs are included in the soundtrack?