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pledged of £80,000pledged of £80,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 25 2013
pledged of £80,000pledged of £80,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Mar 25 2013

Dark Triad: Conspiracy has been greenlit on Steam BUT game still halted.

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)

Hi to the few of you how may still wonder what happened with TDT.

After connecting to my Steam client, I saw we've been greenlit to be published on Steam.

What would otherwise be great news on normal conditions, adds to my personal grieving as the game was halted after we run out of personal savings.

What I should post this update if the project has been abandoned, you may wonder?

Life has taught me that faith is the last thing to be lost... one never knows what can happen in the future, maybe one day this could go viral, maybe fans can help on this, maybe a wealthy rpg fan comes into scene, maybe I win the lottery or maybe the conditions are met again to give it another go... never lose faith, never lose faith, never lose faith...

Sincerely yours,

Abel B.

Dark Triad: Conspiracy Halted. Unity Tech Demo video

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)
Posting these sad news is the hardest thing for all the team working on Dark Triad: Conspiracy...

As you know, we postponed our Kickstarter campaign to add more features, and after the first failed campaign, that was the best decision we could take. As we kept working on the game, we made ourselves conscious of the stark reality. If we wanted to get enough funding from Kickstarter to help us finish our game, we couldn’t release a pre-alpha version. We would have not probably gained enough trust of potential backers. Of course we could have greatly reduced the scope of the game, and provided only 10 hours of gameplay, or maybe release the game as episodic content, so we could focus on the Chapter 1 of the game and then adding DLCs. But this is not what roleplaying fans want, nor us. If we wanted to make a CPRG, it had to include all the necessary game systems in a working state before were able to relaunch on Kickstarter. We are not a know developer, and gaining the trust of the needed backers is difficult is you don’t have a playable alpha with most features in. But this takes time. And money. A lot of it.

During these 14 months we’ve been in development, we’ve achieved great things, like a fully-fledged 3D graphic editor adapted to an isometric view, a basic turn-based combat system, a simple 3D-particle FX editor, a controllable group of PC and companions, some cool game areas, as almost and entire city outdoors and some indoors zones. We still needed to develop the dialogue editor, the quest editor, the faction system, the items management tool, the character customization screen, the non-combat abilities implementation, improving the pc and companions navigation, the abilities tree and character advancement windows, and of course more game content as new graphic areas, dialogues and quests.

We saw that working with XNA would take us another 8 months to add basic features, and this wasn’t feasible due to our reduced budget, until the point that the amount of money that Miguel and I could add has been used up. It’s been 14 months where we’ve spent about $40K and we would need to spend the double to finish the game. Miguel had let go some of his clients to dedicate more time to the project, I left my job to dedicate more time to the project, and made some freelance translations to pay all team members.

But the money issue is a wall that we can’t overcome at the moment. That’s why we have decided, with the utmost regret, to halt the development of Dark Triad: Conspiracy.

First thing we’ll do in the coming months is to refund the backers that supported us through our official website and Indiegogo. Once we’ve done that, we’ll post a note so everybody rests assured of our honestity and can claim if there were any issues in the refund process.

Does this mean the game won’t ever be finished? We can’t ask this question now. What we know for sure is that we already stopped making the game with XNA, as every little feature required weeks or months to be implemented as we said.

We made a test with Unity these last week, and we know that if could give Dark Triad: Conspiracy another try, it would be the way to go. Unity has a stable environment and many add-ons that make things much easier. We’ve made a little tech demo to try it out, with no prior knowledge, and the results are very convincing. We didn’t want to say “Goodbye” or “See you later” without showing you some bits of this test, so we’ve posted a video so you can see the results. There’s no FX, no props, just a small map David Lopez designed for the game. Imagine what we could do with more time... and money.

But, as we said, we don’t have these dollars to move things forward. Maybe in the coming months Miguel and I are able to save up some money to continue the development of our CRPG. Currently, the team has been dissolved, and only our Lead Programmer, Jose Manuel Alcaraz, will stay with us to make some tests with Unity in the coming months. Depending on the results, we’ll see what we can do.

Finally, I want to thank of all you for bearing with us all this time since we started sharing news about Dark Triad: Conspiracy. It would be irresponsible and dishnoest on our side to tell you to keep following up the forums for new updates. We won’t update them anymore for the time being. If we manage to retake the project, you’ll be the first ones to know about it by sending you an email. Nothing would make us happier, believe us. You’ve given us the energy and fuel to try things out until the very end, so we deeply appreciate your sustained support. You are the best, guys, sincerely.

And as I said before, I hope this is a `See you later` rather than a `goodbye`. Let’s see what the future holds in store, maybe a rich businessman from Abhu Dhabi or Qatar approach us, one never knows!

Thanks again for your support,

Azurite Games

PS. Again, here the link for the Unity Tech Demo: 

WIP of the Noble District and Non-combat Skills

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)
Hi guys!  
We keep working hard on Dark Triad: Conspiracy. In this new update we want to show you some renders of the Noble District in the city of Khandor. This is a WIP so we still need to redo the textures and add tons of details to make it a bit darker, but you can have a good idea of how it will look like. I hope you like it and please do not hesitate giving us your feedback!

The Noble District (City of Khandor)

Non-Combat Skills

Also we want to share with you the ultimate list of non-combat skills that will be available unless we need to include one or a couple more due to gameplay needs later. Miguel A.L.M. has been working on it and we are quite happy and sure this will cover most game situations we can think of. The list was bigger but we decided to disregard those ones that weren’t meaningful enough. It must also be taken into account that we can only spent a full year after the next Kickstarter relaunch to complete the game due to budget constraints, so we needed to focus only on the strictly necessary ones to add enough content and at the same time to have full control of the possible outcomes. This will serve us to prepare all the quests, dialogues and game situations so you can complete them in different ways.


Social Skills

Persuade.- try to gather confidential info or usher a NPC to act contrary to his beliefs.

Intimidate.- make the NPC flee out of fear or get some info from him. Beware! The NPC could react and attack you! You can use this skills to attack non-violent NPCs. Want to kill a merchant that ripped you off? That’s your choice!

Sense Motive.- detect when a NPC is lying, how he feels when talking to you, or if a somebody is trying to rip you off! 

 Lie.- lie to a NPC so he believes in what you made up to achieve your aims.

Bargain.- the PC can lower the price of intems that he wants to buy or increase the ones that he wants to sell.

Leadership.- use this ability to end any issues among you and your companions, or between your companions. You can also issue orders without accumulating bad reputation among them.

Diplomacy.- be polite and try not to argue to accumulate bad reputation among NPCs, they may see you with better eyes afterwards and may be more prone to help you.



Hide.- the PC can hide from enemies patrolling a nearby zone. He will need to be completely still for this ability to have any effect.

Sneak.- move carefully and without making noise among enemies so they do not detect you.

Lockpicking.- the PC is skillful in the art of dealing with locks. He’ll need to use picklocks .

Thieving.- get others’ belongings from their pockets without being noticed. (modo nor-mal&modoPJ)



Detect Traps. be able to visualize traps before you step into them.

Deactivate Traps.- the next step after you’ve spotted a trap.

Track.- the PC can see certain hidden objects and carved shapes like secret doors, corridors, hidden inscriptions, etc.

Alert Mode.- the PC can sense in advance if an enemy is approaching him so he can take a proper course of action if needed.

Camp.- the PC or group can rest during a certain time to heal any wounds.


Knowledge and Culture

Repair Items.- with more points on this ability, the PC will be able to repair objects of higher levels.

Identify item.- show the stats and bonuses of an item.

Ancient Language- the PC can read texts and inscriptions written in ancient tongues. The more points, the more languages will he be able to read.

Rate.- know the exact price of an item so you can bargain or sell it for a higher price.

Investigate.- the more points in this ability, the more non-combat skill points he’ll gain when levelling up.

Archaeology.- it gives the PC the knowledge to identify places when he interacts with other NPCs, reads books, inscriptions or through other means. These places will appear on the game map.

That's all for the moment. We will wait to post the update for the factions system until the next update as there are lots of info to digest and it'll take some time for us to explain the system properly. 

And for those of you who didn't see it yet, here the final game logo, I hope you like it too!

Abel B.

on behalf of Azurite Games... yeah, we dropped that ill-fated Autoloot! ;) 

No game update until next week

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)
Hi guys,

As you know we are quite busy working on the game. That's why this week we won't post any update until next Wednesday probably. But don't worry! we believe it's better to wait and show a more meaningful update, I think you'll appreciate it.

Just to tell you what things we will talk about next week:

- GFX: A couple of WIP renders of the Noble District of the city of Khandor.
- Faction Systems explained: an in-depth look at how the reputation and trust system works.
- Non-combat skills: the ultimate list of the NCS that we'll include in the game.
- Final Game Logo.

... and who knows, maybe there's something else to talk about! =)

See you next week then!

Abel B.

KS relaunch on a later date

Posted by The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death (Creator)
Hi guys,

As you know, during the last month we’ve revamped the story and created a new vision doc. This means a lot of work, like reworking the classes and stats, adding new non-combat skills and game zones. We’ve also defined a new faction system that will make the story more engaging and game interactions much deeper, and at the same time we keep working on the underlying game systems, like the combat, lighting, interface, etc. Besides, there’s other stuff involved programming-wise that it’s difficult to sum up in a few lines.

Also, prepping a KS campaign with the necessary updates is very time consuming and this time we want to do it right, so we think it’s important to keep working hard but not to rush when things aren’t yet ready. As you know, this time we’ll also work with a PR agency to spread the word out and reach more visibility on the media.

Contrary to what we announced after the KS cancellation, the new KS relaunch won’t be ready this 6th May. We will postpone it until mid July or early August so we can show you the new take on the game in better conditions. 

Prior to the KS relaunch, we will be updating regularly on how things are going on our side. We’d deeply appreciate that you can give us as much feedback as possible on each thing we work on.

Today I’d like to ask you about the game title. Which one of the shown below you like the most? (both are a WIP. Notice that the “D” on the golden title is more defined than the rest of letters, you get the idea). 

That’s all for the moment, as we approach the relaunch date expect better and meatier updates! 

Abel B.,