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The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death is a 3D-isometric, turn-based, story driven computer CRPG by Autoloot Games Ltd.

The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death is a 3D-isometric, turn-based, story driven computer CRPG by Autoloot Games Ltd. Read More
pledged of £80,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on March 25, 2013.

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Meanwhile, you can stay in touch with us on our official forums.


@BrianFargo (inXile Founder - Wasteland2, Torment: Tides of Numenara) : "This game deserves a look at." 


Update 4 - The Dark Triad KS campaign cancelled. Back the 6th of May.

Update 3 - Character Customization, Game Story: A Law of Three in All Things

Update 2: Intro to classes, Boxed Editions Poll, Golmir the Dwarf, Ingame Items, Pets and Sacred Guardians and the Town of Arrin!

Update 1: The Adventurer's Guide to the Isolated Lands, a new £20 Tier Reward! 

The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death is a 3D-isometric, turn-based computer RPG with an amazing epic history and a fresh dynamic turn-based combat, developed by Autoloot Games Ltd. Autoloot is an indie studio formed by veteran industry game developers from Ubisoft, Gameloft, and Funcom that have participated in the development of games such as Age of Conan, Warhammer Online, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Heroes of Sparta 2 and Prince of Persia, among many others.

  • A deep history with unexpected twists and many secrets to uncover. 
  •  Brutal and bloody turn-based combat. A brand new system where you define the degree of action and strategy and the speed of battles.
  •  Choose from 5 different cool classes. 
  • A brand new skills and specialty system. Customize your own builds.
  • Hundreds of quests and side quests, with intriguing dialogues. 
  •  A vast map for you to enjoy for dozens of hours. 
  •  An incredible host of enemies for you to slash and crush. 
  •  Pets and Sacred Guardians to assist you in the heat of the battle. 
  •  Fully detailed characters and environments in 3D. 
  •  Items system with thousands of combinations and unique artifacts. 
  •  Epic Achievements.
  •  Play extra-difficulty levels and challenge yourself against beastly elite bosses and enemies.

the dark triad fight scene
the dark triad fight scene

We’ve spent 11 long months creating our own proprietary 3D-isometric editor; a model and animations importer; a static, light-mapping, and shadow casting system; a 3D particle and billboards system; and we already have hundreds of tri-dimensional models between NPCs, props, architecture, and environment, plus our own propietary dialogue and scripting tool. We have almost all the technology into place to put our focus on developing content exclusively. This means we have now the time to work hard on the combat logic, the AI, adding and fleshing out the dialogues, side quests, and creating vast lands and secrets for you to explore and discover. We want to surprise you. We'll pay homage to the best CRPGs, but we also want to take the risk to do it our own way.

The Dark Triad will allow you to chose among 5 different classes. The stats and skills system is being coded at the moment, and in the coming months it will need to be constantly adjusted and thouroughly tested to create a compelling combat system of gameplay. We want combat to pose a challenge and have a remarkable strategic component, even though you can always adjust its difficulty on-the-go to play in an easier or more difficult mode (though it will be always turn-based).

The stats and skills system has been made from scratch. You’ll find a really fresh and original mechanic blended with classic concepts, and this will hopefully cater to turn-based fans by providing some good fun and a challenge! We’ve already written 40% of the dialogues and lore, and the next step will be implementing and associating the dialogues with the characters' actions and choices, skills, stats, items, etc to add the maximum of of gameplay options.

We want you to feel that NPCs and characters are alive, that they have their own agendas, and that they remember what you told or did to them and act accordingly depending on their persona.

King Jonah disappeared after Vlarmor and the the Dark Wizards besieged Khandor, capital city of the Gilgegard Empire. The evil Dark Triad's power has spread everywhere, and people are getting killed in a macabre survival-of-the-fittest game. To add to their misery, villagers are falling sick after consuming food poisoned with adamantium. 

Also, Akhazal, the Last Dragon, has been seized by the Dark Wizards for nefarious purposes.

A coalition of orcs and goblins are trying to enter Gilgegard through the mountains' Deep Paths with the help of human outcasts, and King Odenar from the Kheravar Empire remains silent about which side he will join...

Meanwhile, the Wisdom Alliance, assembled in a secret place in the Old Human Empire, has agreed to send the best warrior from each race to find King Jonah, allegedly hidden deep in the catacombs of his castle. A grumpy dwarf, a swift halfling, an unflinching elf, and a human ex-knight who deserted the royal guard will try to sneak into Vlarmor’s Castle with the help of a mysterious ranger to find King Jonah and the Last Dragon.

Where are the two remaining White Wizards, who were tasked with protecting the king? Has Danath, King Jonah’s future wife, also been killed? Are the the Dark Wizards using Vlarmor for their own obscure plans? Who are the Dark Ones? Why  was the soldier so determined to help find King Jonah after deserting from the Royal Gryphon Knights? And who’s Khain?

The Birth of the Isolated Lands: God and Races

Since the dawn of time, humans have tried to answer essential questions of life: the purpose of death, struggle, and suffering.
Tales of gods who gave shape to the world as we know it have been passed down from generation to generation. The forces that set the world in  motion are attributed to the god Ageios, He set the world spinning around the sun to feed it with the star's sacred rays. The creation of diverse peoples, plants, and animals was the deed of the goddess Pleia. She possessed a kindly side that fostered humans, elves, dwarves, and haflings, but also a cruel one that created the or cs,  goblins, and the Dark Ones who would plunge the world into an agonizing war that would last millennia.

In Search of the Truth: Denir the Wise

The first humans never understood why the incarnated Evil, with all its horrid deeds, had to exist. Those first humans still remained pure, as their consciences were originally well-protected against any temptation, conceit, or malice. But the Dark forces kept eroding, first almost unnoticeably, all good things they built with so much suffering and struggle. This civilization, which dwelt in what is still known as the Human Empire, reached its pinnacle in the Second Era of Damos, and was led by Denir the Wise. The Royal King was fond of culture, philosophy, and arts. After no physician could prevent his wife from dying of an incurable sickness, he set out in pursuit of knowledge that could set peace to his troubled thoughts and feelings about the meaning of life.

Denir's Death in the Cannon of the Void

 He left all his riches behind and set off on a long pilgrimage through the Isolated Lands to look for an ancestral knowledge that could quench his unbearable sorrow. Years passed and Denir grew old. He could only find scattered traces of what seemed to be the commandments of an ancient brotherhood that had long since been extinct. A shredded map he unearthed in some ancient ruins in Gilgegard pointed towards the frozen mountains of Kheravar. Even though the years took their toll on his body, he defied his waning life and forced himself to climb up through sharp edges and ridged ladders, through snow storms and the most inhospitable places, until he reached the Cannon of the Void. Denir reached the top of the Cannon on the brink of death, but he gathered up his last energy to shout these ominous words:“Why?! Why, no matter how hard I tried, could I not find the remedy to the grief that consumed my soul?! "
He then fell asleep, never to wake up... at least not in this life.

Theories on Eternal Recurrence in the Isolated Lands

Eternal Recurrence is a phenomenon that has been studied by the most prominent scholars of Gilgegard. In this, the elves' theories share some ideas with those of humans. The first ones to incorporate these ideas into their religious practices were the Asemites, a tribe that dwelt in the North of Kheravar, at the Duirdan Plains . The remnants of their death rituals clearly show that they were convinced of the transmigration of the human soul. They followed a strict rule: it was forbidden to incinerate the deceased body, as they discovered through astral methods that the soul took four to eight days to leave the body and join the universal forces, at which point it would incarnate a new body if it hadn't been able to attain enlightenment. This has yet to be demonstrated by human scholars. All modern trials on this matter have been a complete failure, even though the elves claim to have discovered some truth in such rituals.

Relationship Between Good and Evil and Eternal Recurrence

Nobody is totally good; nobody is totally evil. Each being is a mix of both in varying degrees, regardless of whether or not one is aware of this. The criminal that is hanged because has killed a local tax collector is as guilty as his executioners; the warrior that severs his enemy's head is as guilty as the latter, who chose to be warrior and thus exposed himself to such a fate. The different religions that spread across the Isolated Lands have this belief of good and evil. The White Triad, for example, came as good personified in their avatars Grand Master Teoil and the White Wizards. But even if they were demigods, they were incarnated in flesh and had to gain control of tendencies and temptations of the body, so one could say bad is within them as well. The Dark Triad, in its original form, is naught but twisted good. But why is one born into poverty and another surrounded by abundant richness? Do the deeds of our past life determine our next incarnation? Are the things that we accomplish in this life judged on a  scale that will determine the starting point and tendencies of the next?

How Old Are the White Wizards?

Nobody knows how old the three White Wizards are. Always cloaked in white robes and holding wooden staves with gnarled tops, sporting long, soft white beards, and moving gracefully, with hooded cloaks on their backs, their bodies defy the passage of time and seem to remain unchanged. Only a few light wrinkles under their wide-open eyes can be spotted after intense scrutiny. There are written records that talk about some White Wizards when King Athon was ruling the Old Human Empire. Are they the same ones that live among us, trying to spread their message of peace in our troubled lands?

Elves in Agaroth
The elves first dwelt in Agaroth. These once-barren lands turned fertile thanks to a clever invention of the first elven settlers, who devised a complex system of irrigation channels to take the water from the Murky Sea into the mainland. Thus the first oases were born, subsequently giving rise to the first bits of trading activity that extended to Gilgegard in the east, which was part of the Human Empire.

Combat in TDT:DD is turn-based. When your party engages in a fight, you can attack or be attacked by the enemy. Who attacks first is determined by the perception rate and the range of vision of your party. When the combat starts, one side attacks, and the other waits for its turn. When it’s your enemies’ turn, you party members can counterattack automatically and perform pre-planned actions that carry over from former turns. You can wreak havoc among your enemies if you plan your turns carefully!

The Chaos Factor

Strategy is very important, and so is action. We’ve devised a system that will allow you to play the way you want. One mechanism we provide is the Chaos Factor. Chaos is a kind of spiritual energy, and you’ll decide the risk to take to try to harness it. You can prepare a skill for latter turns, thus enhancing its effect, but this will at the same time increase the chance that something goes wrong when performing that skill due to the Chaos Factor.

An example:

The chaos factor for Sinister Tattoo is5%, so there is a 5% chance of failure when performing this ability. If you give a boost to this ability, the chaos factor can raise to 15% or more. The chaos factor of the skills can also be influenced by the game zone, events in the story, etc.

Let’s be more specific:

The aforementioned ability allows the Elite Thief to create clones of himself along the battlefield, confusing the enemy or creating chaos when they attack the clones instead. This ability has some specializations that grant buffs, debuffs and many more effects depending on the branch you choose.

This ability has a 5% chance of failing. When this happens, the clones only will last for 1 turn. Also, if an enemy attacks one of the clones, the enemy willreceive extra movements and damage if the chaos factor was in effect. This 5% chance is permanent but is a small amount… it’s up to you to decide whether to enhance the skill and raise the chaos factor to 15% or stay into that 5% security zone. In the case of the Conjurer of Bones, you can increase the risk to summon a more powerful Ghoul Ent or a Walking Cabbage.


There are 3 different types of stats: physical, mental, and spiritual. We want to create a logical synergy between the different classes. For example, a Black Warrior can reach the strength cap, but not for power or concentration. Stats are as diverse as armor, perception rate, magical damage, regeneration rate, and many others, which allow you make numerous unique builds.

Each time the player levels up, they will get points to increase their party members’ stats or their special class abilities.

Each level will grant you between 7-15 points to spend on stats, and 7-15 more points for abilities. There is a 30-level cap, so the way you assign these points will go a long way in determining how you play the game.


Abilities allow you adapt combat to your playstyle. With them, you can create an almost unlimited amount of different builds. Each ability is unique and powerful, but to take it to the maximum you will need to learn about how to best combine them with the abilities of your party members to optimize the outcome of your attacks.

Specializations include the abilities to heal your allies, curse your enemies, or enhance your character.

Let’s take an example, the Conjurer of Bones' “Invoke Stick Insect:”

This ability summons a minion from the Underworld that will throw spears at your enemies. Here are its specializations:

1 – Petrify: each point used here will increase the chances to paralyze a target for two turns.

2. Damage Increase: each point will increase the damage done by the summoned creature.

3. Camouflage: increases the chance to grant invisibility to the summoned creature for 10 turns.

4- Insect Cloning: increases the chance that a new minion respawns where the deceased minion died without the need to use the ability to summon a new one again.

Each skill is different and defined by class. As you can see in the example, an ability combined with its specializations is not only about summoning a creature but many subtler effects. Each ability, especially if boosted for latter turns,can change the fate of a battle.



Autoloot Games Ltd., founded by Miguel A.L.M. and Abel Bascuñana, is a computer gaming company based in the UK that aims to bring back the magic of old-school RPGs.

We’ve been playing RPGs for more than 20 years and prior to funding our own company, we’ve worked together on other professional game projects (see images below). Almost a year ago, thanks to our combined experience, we set out together to accomplish our dream of making a classic RPG in a 3D environment.

David Lopez- 3D artist: Professional projects: Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell (Ubisoft), Heroes of Sparta 2 (Gameloft)

David Lucena- Coder: Professional projects: Prince of Persia, Rayman (Gameloft mobile), Elite Forces 77 (Abylight)

Abel Bascuñana- Writer & Game Designer: Professional projects: Age of Conan (Funcom), Warhammer Online (GOA), Dragon City (Social Point), Social Empires (Social Point)

Rafater- Graphic Artist: TaG (C&C Intl.), Dark Gods (Norma Editorial), The Sexiest Art of Rafater (Ed. Babylon), Black Age, Labyrinth Madness, Kololoko

Jose Manuel Alcaraz- Lead Programmer: Spermatozoon (XboxLive), Tower Defender propietary engine, 3D platform engine, Voxel Engine, 2.5D Animation Editor, etc. (Charcostudios)

Miguel AL Morillo- Combat System & AI Designer: Black Age, Labyrinth Madness, Kololoko

Carlos Mangas- Coder: RE (Role-Playing Engine)

Mathieu Morenas- 3D support.

Allie Thek- Chief Editor: MacTribe Magazine, Figment LLC, Dig Publishing, The Celebrity Cafe.

We ask you, dear backer, for the minimum amount necessary to sustain ourselves over the next 10 months as we complete the development of the game. Some of us of have been working for many years in the mainstream games industry, and, as gamers first and foremost, we don't like what we see and the direction the games industry is taking. It completely prevents developers from any spark of creativity and numbs the passion that has always been the driving force that made us, in the first place, wish to become professional game makers. We don't like copycat social games aimed to steal money to the players, where gameplay is at a distant second or third place, and we don't like the abusive practices of some big companies towards their employees. This (and many other reasons) is what made us decide to join efforts and go indie. 

We want you, our supporters and fans, to be our most critical, but at the same time loyal, investors, We are community guys and we consider each opinion important. We will listen and try to answer all the questions you might have, and we also would like to share our views with you. We believe this synergy is very healthy, allow us to have a broader view of the development process itself, and help us challenge ourselves to deliver the best possible games for you to enjoy.

If we can make it with your help, take for granted that you'll have an steady income of good CRPGs to enjoy during the time to come. Let us tell you that we'll be losing a lot of sleep over to achieving this goal. This is both a personal and collective promise from Autoloot Games. 

So what we need to achieve in the coming 10 months?

As you can see in the gamplay video, we’ve already accomplished many things, and at this point we need to hire:

- 3D artists: the world we are designing is HUGE and it requires a lot of 3D assets. There will be dozens of real kilometres to explore, witth plenty of locations and dungeons. We also want to include hundreds of creatures and NPCs.

- 2D artists: We need to work on the textures for the 3D models, the interface, concept art for creatures and environment, and hundreds of icons for weapons, armor, skills, consumables, etc.

- Coders:  to work on the character customization interface, dynamic lightning, and preparing tools to port the game to other systems if it was necessary. Allocating more resources to polish the IA and battle systems.

- Scriptwriters: More time and resources to create more lore and dialogue, extending the main story arc and side quests.

Help us to get published on STEAM!

Risks and challenges

Before talking about the risks, here’s what we’ve achieved so far with our own funds in 11 months of production:

Propietary 3D-Isometric Game Editor, with static lightning and particle system.
Propietary 3D Model Viewer.
Propietary Visual scripting Dialogue and Cutscene Editor.
Dynamic and Classic Turn-Based combat basic implementation.
Full Story Arch from beginning to end defined.
15% of map extension.
40% of texts for Main Story Arc, Lore & Dialogues already written.
About 700 ready 3D props, environment & organic animated models.

So we need 8-10 months to finish the development of the game. We will be able to continue with the game development as long as we succeed with the KS campaign. If we couldn’t reach the goal, these would mean we should look for other funding sources. This would delay the game release during an undefined lapse of time, but the development won’t be cancelled at all.

We are in talks with Gamersgate to publish TDT:DD for digital download. We are also on our way to enter the Greenlight Top100 (we've reached 42% of Yes votes), so there are many chances that our game is eventually published on Steam (if you want to help us publish the game on Steam, will appreciate if you vote as at…

We’ve surpassed a risky stage of development where  we didn’t have any tools to create game content.  Now, we already have our own propietary tools and can focus our efforts to implement and tune up the combat systems, dialogues,  environments, stats & skills, character advancement and equipment, etc. We are also implementing dynamic and shadow lightning. 

We have worked on big game projects before and most of the team members know each other from past projects, so our shared passion, work ethos and commitment are our cornerstones to take The Dark Triad: Dragon’s Death to completion on the estimated date without sparing efforts. We do not miss deadlines.

- We also support the Kicking It Forward movement help support other videogame projects!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Once the game is ready, we’ll send you a coupon code so you can download it from our site, or a digital platform like Steam, or Gamersgate once we reach and agreement with them.

    Last updated:
  • The game will be initially released in English. Some time after, we’ll translate the game to the following languages: German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

    Last updated:
  • Porting our game to Mac or Linux would only be possible if we reach a certain stretch goal.

    As we have developed our engine on XNA, we could port the game to Xbox360, but we would only do so depending on popular demand. Even this, we are making The Dark Triad strictly for a PC experience without having to be limited by a console or table interface.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! you'll be able to get a DRM-free digital copy of the game, absolutely! =)

    Last updated:

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Funding period

- (32 days)