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In the spirit of the Zucker brothers, we aim to create the 'worst movie ever made', based on the worst book ever written.

The worst book ever written, now the worst movie ever made!

Welcome to my Kickstarter page! Catchy title, isn't it? You're probably wondering why anyone would purposely make a bad movie, especially based on a book that bills itself as 'the worst book ever written'. Or why someone would write such a book in the first place.

Literary fraud.

Atlanta Nights was written by a plethora of the most notable living science fiction and fantasy writers in the US. Helmed by James MacDonald (long time member of the Science Fiction Writers of America), each participant was instructed to purposely violate every writing guideline in order to create a completely unpublishable manuscript.

This manuscript was then sent to a notorious vanity press, where it was, of course, accepted.

For the full version of the story behind the story:

This happened in 2005. The story spread from the SFWA, through agents and editors, and has become a cult classic in it's own small way.

Just how bad is it?  You can read the book online here:

It needs to be bigger. Literary scams are more profitable than ever, because new writers just don't know what to watch out for.

This movie will be a combination of footage – interviews with various writers of the book (The Travis Teas) and a visualization of the chapters in the spirit of the Zucker Brothers (Airplane) and Garth Merenghi's 'Dark Place'.

In the spirit of the book, we're throwing all of the usual (and logical) rules of filmmaking into a blender, adding quite a bit of snark, and hoping to create a frothy, spicy visual experience that tempers real advice with heavy doses of hilarity.

We're seeking several funding paths, and kickstarter is one of them. The more we get, the wider in scope the project can be.

As a film professional, I have tons of great contacts who are enthusiastic about the project, and willing to work with me to make this happen, if I can get the funding to start this film.

What this money is for:

Travel, locations, payment and feeding of the crew, a screening, all that fun stuff.

I have some amazing technical talent willing to work at reduced rates, but I cannot request professionals to work for free. And I need to take care of them properly.

Travel - the various 'Travis Teas' live all over the place, and I'm going to need to get to them, so gas money is a gotta. Also, since we plan on shooting this in Minnesota, we need to pay for those incredible crew members to get there!

I'd very much like to pay my incredible writer, Roy C. Booth, for the work he's already done on turning this crazy book into a zany screenplay.

UPDATES! We have an art director, Lars Lunde, and cinematographer, Adrian Correia, interested in the project.  Check the update posts for links to their incredible work!


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