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"Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" is a new feature film about the controversial author of "Atlas Shrugged and "The Fountainhead". Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 10, 2011.

"Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" is a new feature film about the controversial author of "Atlas Shrugged and "The Fountainhead".

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[May 10th update: We reached our Kickstarter goal and the first stage of production is underway! We still will need to raise substantial additional funds during the course of the production. Please join with us to bring this film to audiences across the country. Go to and read the latest updates on the project. You can donate right there as well. Help bring Ayn Rand's ideas to a mainstream audience. Thank you for all your support.]

Try Freedom!

If Ayn Rand were alive today, that might well be what she would cry out as she watched our nation careen toward disaster...

· Massive government

· Oppressive regulation

· Out of control spending

· Complete abandonment of the Constitution

Since the founding of our country there has never been a time more urgently in need of embracing Rand’s ideas of limited government, free markets, and reason. And today, the best way to spread ideas to the general public is through film and television

To that end, I’d like to tell you about Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand, a new 90-minute documentary feature film that probes Rand’s core ideas and explores the relevance of her unconventional views on the fundamental issues facing the world today.

Many years ago, I was fortunate to work with Rand during the recovery and restoration of We the Living, the film based on her first novel. Over the years, I produced other films that promote Rand’s point of view. Now, I’m calling out to everyone who has been inspired by her books--or simply appreciates that people thrive when they are free--to help us spread her ideas by supporting Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand.  

Not only are Rand’s ideas most needed right now, this is the best time to make a film about them.


Rand is everywhere in the news today. Curiosity about her is at an all time high. From newspapers and radio to Jon Stewart, The Simpsons to Mad Men, people are talking about Ayn Rand. Her novel, Atlas Shrugged, has been lauded around the world for anticipating the current crisis and penetrating the underlying causes. And now, as the film version, Atlas Shrugged, Part One, opens in theaters this month, millions more will be eager to learn more about Rand. But while many understand that she advocated for free markets and individualism, the underlying core of her philosophy is still vague or misunderstood for much of the general public.

Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand is the first major film to examine the full range of her ideas. Using all the powerful tools of film--images, words, music pacing, and storytelling--our documentary will bring the viewer on a voyage of discovery of the essential components of her philosophy:

· Reason

· Individualism

· Free markets

· Limited government, and

· Her controversial concept of "rational self-interest"

The viewer will learn why Rand proposed that these concepts are not only more productive and lead to a better quality of life for everyone, but what makes them more ethical and fairer than collectivist thinking. Rand didn’t invent these values, but she will be long remembered for her impassioned moral defense of them!

Interwoven with this exploration of her ideas, Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand also reveals the flesh and blood woman behind them.

As a child, Rand witnessed firsthand the Russian Revolution and then watched as her family was made destitute and virtually enslaved during the great Soviet experiment. She escaped alone to America and embarked on an epic struggle to have her voice heard. Over time she created a vision of what man could be and ought to be, and fleshed out unforgettable characters for her novels that would embody those ideals. She held steadfast in battles with powerful publishers and movie moguls, never allowing her vision of the heroic to be diluted. She rose to international fame and found herself the somewhat reluctant leader of a worldwide movement. Her books have gone on to sell 25 million copies and continue to set records even today. But, along the way she experienced bitter disappointment and betrayal. She was criticized for being harsh and unforgiving. And her enemies, to this day, try to use her personal life to discredit her philosophy. But all of this pales next to Rand's astonishing reasoning and insight.

Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand will reveal the full spectrum of Rand--both her philosophy and her humanity. The viewer will finally understand what made her tick…. It’s an Ayn Rand that most have never seen before.

On a personal note, I’m thrilled to be producing and directing Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand. I have over 26 years experience as a documentary film and video director/producer--nine of those years as a documentary producer for PBS--and along the way won four Emmy Awards. I produced hour long bio documentaries on Margaret Mead and George Meany and was an assistant director to Woody Allen and Sidney Lumet among others. But no project is more important than this one.

Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand is an independent, privately funded film. Research and development are already well along and my associates and I have put over ten thousand dollars of our own money in the film. But we need your help during this crucial initial stage of the production. Over 75 hours of historic film, video and audio materials relating to Rand’s life have been archived and cataloged. Included are 40 hours of exclusive video interviews that we've already filmed with Rand's contemporaries. The creative treatment that provides the narrative flow of the film is done. 

So the production is already underway. How soon will it be completed?  Our goal is to have Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand in theaters by early 2012. Millions more will discover the movie via network, cable, DVD, internet and educational distribution. The full budget is being raised through a combination of Kickstarter, private investment and institutional support. But it's only through Kickstarter that thousands of people around the world, who just want to help spread the ideas of liberty, can join in and be part of the production team.  Kickstarter funds will be put to work right away in scriptwriting, design elements, additional research, new filming and other expenses. The amount set for our Kickstarter goal is the minimum needed right now--we hope to raise much more.

All Kickstarter funds that exceed our goal will be poured into the on-going production itself.  

Our thanks!

We are very excited that, through Kickstarter, people around the world can join with us and help support liberty. As America and the world spirals toward a big brother/big government mindset, getting Rand’s ideas out there, in an accessible, entertaining, format has never been more urgent!

We are very thankful to you for your donation. By the way, we know that some may THINK they can't afford to donate anything meaningful. Well, it's all meaningful to us! Even a dollar tells us we have your moral support! You can also help by forwarding this Kickstarter page to family, friends, and your own group mailing lists. 


Duncan Scott

Follow the filming of "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand:

·Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand on Facebook

·Twitter @mindofaynrand

·Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand blog

Donor Awards Include:

Fully restored 2-disc volume of Ayn Rand's We the Living

Limited Edition Poster from Rand's Remastered We the Living

DVDs of the Objectivist History Project

Tickets to our world premiere!


What happens to my donation if you don't reach your goal?

Your credit card is not charged unless and until the goal is reached.

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?

No. All pledges are hidden--the only thing made public is how much the project has raised over-all.

When do I get my reward(s)?

Some rewards, like the "We the Living" DVD, will be shipped as soon as the Kickstarter funding goal is achieved . Others, like the "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" DVD, are shipped as soon as they are available. Free shipping, worldwide, is always included.

Can the project exceed its goal?

Absolutely! Many successful Kickstarter projects raise far more than their goal. The additional funds go directly toward the costs of filming and editing. The more funds raised via Kickstarter, the sooner Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand will be finished and shown to the public.



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    You'll receive a DVD of "Inside the Mind of Ayn" upon release, hand signed by Director Duncan Scott. (Includes shipping, worldwide.)

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    You'll receive the hand signed DVD of "Inside the Mind of Ayn" PLUS a full color, limited edition, silk screen "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" t-shirt in the size of your choice.

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    A SPECIAL AYN RAND DVD TREASURE CHEST! You'll receive the "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" DVD, PLUS a special 2-disc DVD set of "We the Living," the film treasure based on Ayn Rand's first novel. Includes a bonus features disc with a 35-minute "making of" documentary and 50 minutes of deleted scenes. PLUS the entire "Birth of Objectivism" series -- 3 DVDs featuring candid interviews with a dozen of Ayn Rand's closest friends and associates. All DVDs will be hand signed by Duncan Scott PLUS your name will be listed as a supporter of the project on the "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" website, AND FINALLY -- you'll get the limited edition t-shirt!

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    ALL OF THE REWARDS DESCRIBED ABOVE, PLUS: Your name will also be listed in the "Special Thanks To" on-screen credits of "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand," PLUS tickets for two to a private advance screening of "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" (in Los Angels or New York City, travel not included) hosted by Duncan Scott.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE REWARDS AND ON-SCREEN CREDIT, PLUS: You'll also receive Invitations for two to the world premiere of "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" and the opening night gala in Los Angeles (travel not included).

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE REWARDS, ON-SCREEN CREDIT, AND PREMIERE TICKETS, PLUS an original uncirculated "We the Living" movie poster from the 1988 American premiere theatrical release (excellent condition, approx 28" x 40", unframed). These posters are very rare and once they are gone, will not be reproduced. You also have the option to have your poster hand signed by Duncan Scott.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE REWARDS, PLUS: You'll also receive on-screen credit as an Executive Producer of "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand," PLUS your own exclusive screening of "Inside the Mind of Ayn Rand" for your group or company, anywhere in the world. Screening includes an in-person introduction and Q&A session led by Director Duncan Scott (INCLUDES travel expenses within North America). Attendance unlimited, except by the seating capacity of the venue you provide.

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