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GoldieBlox is a construction toy + book series starring Goldie, the kid inventor who loves to build.
5,519 backers pledged $285,881 to help bring this project to life.

The Scoop

Hi Kickstarter Backers,  

Here’s a much-awaited update!  We wouldn’t be here without your support and wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes peek on our progress over the last couple of months. We’ve been working around the clock to get GoldieBlox perfect and hit our February deadline. We are so excited that we are on track; nothing short of a miracle!

It all started back in October. Once we hit our goal, it was time to get all of the construction pieces working perfectly. The holes in the pegboard first came back a bit too big. And then they came back too small. We literally went through seven revisions of the board before they finally came back JUST right! This has been Goldie’s most complex task to date, and we’re confident that we’ve finally nailed it.  

Amongst all the chaos and excitement here at GoldieBlox, Debbie flew all the way across the world and back in two days to visit our factory and make sure everything was going according to plan.  

December was a very busy month as well! We never would have thought that having tools peeking out of the hoodie pockets would be impossible to mass-produce. We’d like to thank the handful of people that spent what seemed like endless hours ironing each decal on by hand – Sydney Malawer, Smiley Poswolsky, Stephanie Glasband & James Hague. It’s all worth it to us in the end to see you all in your Goldie gear! We shipped the first round out and we would love for you all to post pictures wearing them on our Facebook page.

We’ve also been working on small improvements to the toy and the packaging. We have a brand new ribbon (pictured below) that is much sturdier and Goldie-worthy. We've gone through mutliple press checks and paper samples to get everything in tip top shape to pass the ultimate test: your girls' approval.  

It’s been amazing to watch our samples come to life in this way, and we couldn’t be happier with the vibrant colors and fun patterns that we used. Goldie and her friends are jumping off the pages, and we can’t wait to hear all about the adventures your girls have with them. Read on to see some top-secret pictures below.  

Even though our Kickstarter campaign is over, we’ve still been getting a lot of buzz in the press! Here are a few amazing mentions of GoldieBlox that we are so happy to share:

"GoldieBlox, an alternative to toys more concerned with looks than brains." - Boston Globe

"Move over Barbie, there is a new kid on the block." - Forbes

"Debbie Sterling wants to re-engineer the world, one girl at a time." - Huffington Post

That’s all for now. Next stop...your doorstep!  


Team Goldie 

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    1. Creator Crystal-Marie on February 2, 2013

      Can't wait to get this. Thanks so much for the update! What an amazing project. Now I wish I ordered a t-shirt too. ;-)

    2. Creator Joshua Marshall on January 28, 2013

      Glad to hear everything's coming together! I'm looking forward to introducing this to my daughter later in the year. This was funny, given the origin of this projects name... "The holes in the pegboard first came back a bit too big. And then they came back too small. We literally went through seven revisions of the board before they finally came back JUST right!"

    3. Creator Matt Hagger on January 24, 2013

      Very happy to have back Debbie and Goldieblox - checking up weekly on activity. How's it all going Debbie?

    4. Creator Jason de Nys on January 16, 2013

      I'm with Maria, Wish I'd got the T-shirt for my daughter too!

    5. Creator Debbie Sterling on January 16, 2013

      @Christine We are currently taking pre-orders for the first Book+Toy through our website at :)

    6. Creator Christine Snyder on January 16, 2013

      Me, too. Is is still possible to order more items?

    7. Creator Maria Trevis-Hackemann on January 16, 2013

      Can't wait to receive my delivery in the UK! It's an inspiring project, wish I'd pledged more to get the T-shirt. :-)