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Seekers Unlimited wants to release six of their exciting classroom-tested educational role-playing games and other fun larp scenarios!
Seekers Unlimited wants to release six of their exciting classroom-tested educational role-playing games and other fun larp scenarios!
120 backers pledged $9,429 to help bring this project to life.

Seekers Unlimited dissolves

Seekers Unlimited no longer exists. 

On March 23, 2015, the Board of Directors of Seekers Unlimited voted 4-2 (with one absence) to dissolve the company. On October 5, 2015, that decision was made official by the California Secretary of State. 

The website is gone and the domain name is available. Any email going to the domain will no longer function. The YouTube channel is closed and the videos have been moved to the channel for AaronJV (Aaron Vanek’s personal channel). The Twitter account and LinkedIn profile has been deleted and by December 1 the Facebook group will also shut down. 

The assets of the company have been distributed as follows: 

Two wiped hard drives and all cash assets ($5181.81) were donated to the Institute of Play (, a 501c3 company that makes educational games.

This donation is in accordance with the California laws of non-profit corporate dissolution, which requires that assets from one non-profit move to another non-profit.  

The seven educational larps that Seekers Unlimited owned the copyright for were released into the public domain on DriveThruRPG here: 

Anyone can download these alpha versions of the games (playtested once) and refine them for commercial exploitation if they wish. 

Aaron Vanek, the designer or co-designer of all but one of these larps, will be commercially releasing revised and refined versions of all seven starting with Be Your Own Solar System in early January 2016, and continuing thereafter until they are all available for sale. The four Seekers Unlimited Kickstarter donors who chose a completed edu-larp as a reward (PDF or printed) will receive that reward when it is finished. The four who chose a name-branding reward, and who have responded to the survey, will have their name included in the new edu-larp revisions. The one who asked for a specific larp will receive one in early 2016. In other words, Aaron Vanek will continue to honor all Kickstarter rewards for the campaign. 

Seekers Unlimited business cards, LED pens, donated whiskey and any other assets have been consumed, recycled, or destroyed. 

In the nearly four years of the company’s existence, 17 educational larps were created for four different schools in the Southern California area. 

Seekers Unlimited wishes to deeply thank all of our board members, advisory council members, donors, volunteers, teachers and students who helped us bring live action role playing to learning. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or interest in what’s on the horizon for educational larps, feel free to email me at AaronLARP at gmail. 

Important Seekers Unlimited edu-larp update and question, please read


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Seekers Unlimited One Year Anniversary update


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Seekers Unlimited: 2014 update

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We hope you are doing well this year. We want to touch base with our wonderful Kickstarter backers with an update on Seekers Unlimited:

  •  Almost all rewards have gone out or been completed except for the edu-larps themselves and the name branding reward levels (and one more game). The latest reward to complete was a consulting gig for Texas State University; providing them with tons of tips and techniques from live action role playing that they can use in their nursing simulation curriculum. It was wonderful to visit the program and to look at it from a larping perspective. I think the advice we gave will enhance all aspects of their immersive program on a very low budget. 
  • Work on the first edu-larp, "Be Your Own Solar System" (originally "Be Your Own Planet") continues. We're editing the content now, revising it so teachers can jump right in. It's taking some time, but the quality is good. Ideally, we'll be sending this out for proofing in a few weeks. I hope it will be available to our backers by June. 
  • We are simultaneously starting work on the second edu-larp, "Monster Maker", this week. Hopefully that will be out in July. 
  • We are holding a Casino Night fundraiser as part of WyrdCon in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 22. Many prizes will be available; see attached flyer.
  • Many more projects are just outside the door, so we can't officially announce them yet. But thanks to your support, we are progressing, and larps are slowly becoming part of schools' curriculums. More great things on the way!

Thanks again for your continued support!

The Seekers Team

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Update from Seekers Unlimited (Feb 2014)

Hi there

Quick update:

  • Please help us get the attention of the White House by voting up our idea on the Games for Impact site here. It's free, but you do need to register. Anyone can do so. If you have any questions, just let us know.
  • We are hard at work on another big project with GameDesk, see announcement here
  • By now most of you should have your reward, unless it is an edu-larp or a name branding, or a built larp. if you are NOT in the latter category, and don't have your reward, let me know ASAP. If you are in the latter category, please continue to be patient, but know we are working on them. This latest gig has taken all the time away from us. 
  • Seekers Unlimited founder Aaron Vanek wil be a keynote speaker at the Living Games conference in New York City, March 14-16. Check it out here

Thanks, stay warm!

The Seekers Unlimited Team

a sneak peek of our latest edu-larp
a sneak peek of our latest edu-larp