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Seekers Unlimited wants to release six of their exciting classroom-tested educational role-playing games and other fun larp scenarios!
Seekers Unlimited wants to release six of their exciting classroom-tested educational role-playing games and other fun larp scenarios!
120 backers pledged $9,429 to help bring this project to life.

Update on edu-larps (formerly Seekers Unlimited)

Despite the dissolution of Seekers Unlimited as a company and your generous Kickstarter donation being transferred to the Institute of Play as part of the Seekers breakup, I still intend to complete and release the edu-larps for which this Kickstarter campaign was launched.

To that end, I have recently run "Be Your Own Star System", the first in the edu-larp line, for a 7th and 8th grade science class at the private school where I now teach Analog Game Design (and Robotics), with the approval of our science teacher. I believe that this edu-larp is 85% complete, and after a revision it will go into layout, and from there to other teachers to test in their classrooms before finalizing it.

However, this might not occur before this school year ends (June for most schools). My hope is that this educational larp is released in late 2017 or early 2018. Furthermore, Iocari has agreed to distributing this and the other edu-larps.

When this happens, I will make sure that all backers of this campaign are able to receive a digital copy; those who donated for the a print version will get that.

There should be only nine donors who have not received their rewards for this campaign: four for name recognition in a larp, two to get BYOSS, two to get Monster Maker, and one for a specially-designed game. If you want to download the alpha versions of these games, they are available (for free) here. Again, despite the absence of Seekers Unlimited, I still intend to fulfill the rewards of this campaign.

To that end, last summer I joined the board of another educational game-based 501c3 non-profit, The Game Academy, which has been very active: we are currently running an afterschool RPG program plus a "larping to learn life skills" curriculum for high school Spanish language students, and we are gearing up for another season of RPG summer camps. If you are interested in helping another organization bring larping and role playing to students in America, please check us out (Facebook group here).

Lastly, if you are curious about the effectiveness of larping for education, here are some recent reports and talks:

Financial Times of London (Feb 25, 2017)
Games for Change presentation (Jul 15, 2016)
The book Gamify Literacy: Boost Comprehension, Collaboration, and Learning is available for pre-order now, and will be released next month. There is a chapter on edu-larping in it.

Thank you!

Aaron Vanek
Vice-President, The Game Academy

Free e-book about educational games and edu-larps

If you are interested in educational larping, or educational games, check out this free e-book. I (Aaron) wrote chapter 10 with some help from Andrew Peterson. 

I still want to finish off these final KS rewards, but it's far more complicated than originally envisioned. Not impossible, just complicated. If anyone has any comments, complaints, or questions about this, feel free to message me and I will do my best to answer or address them. 

ETC Press is excited to announce the release of “Learning and Education Games. Volume Two: Bringing Games into Educational Contexts,” by Karen Schrier, et al.

The Learning, Education & Games book series is perfect for any educator or developer seeking an introduction to research-driven best practices for using and designing games for learning. This volume, Bringing Games into Educational Contexts, delves into the challenges of creating games and implementing them in educational settings.

This book covers relevant issues such as gamification, curriculum development, using games to support ASD (autism spectrum disorder) students, choosing games for the classroom and library, homeschooling and gameschooling, working with parents and policymakers, and choosing tools for educational game development.

Each chapter provides an overview of the relevant frameworks and research findings, as well as practical case studies and useful resources.

Learning, Education & Games: Bringing Games into Educational Contexts is the second in a series written and edited by members of the Learning, Education, and Games (LEG) special interest group of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association).

For more information, and to purchase or download a copy, visit:

and for the first book, visit:

The ETC Press is an academic and open-source publishing imprint that distributes its work in print, electronic and digital form. Inviting readers to contribute to and create versions of each publication, ETC Press fosters a community of collaborative authorship and dialogue across media. ETC Press represents an experiment and an evolution in publishing, bridging virtual and physical media to redefine the future of publication.

Seekers Unlimited dissolves

Seekers Unlimited no longer exists. 

On March 23, 2015, the Board of Directors of Seekers Unlimited voted 4-2 (with one absence) to dissolve the company. On October 5, 2015, that decision was made official by the California Secretary of State. 

The website is gone and the domain name is available. Any email going to the domain will no longer function. The YouTube channel is closed and the videos have been moved to the channel for AaronJV (Aaron Vanek’s personal channel). The Twitter account and LinkedIn profile has been deleted and by December 1 the Facebook group will also shut down. 

The assets of the company have been distributed as follows: 

Two wiped hard drives and all cash assets ($5181.81) were donated to the Institute of Play (, a 501c3 company that makes educational games.

This donation is in accordance with the California laws of non-profit corporate dissolution, which requires that assets from one non-profit move to another non-profit.  

The seven educational larps that Seekers Unlimited owned the copyright for were released into the public domain on DriveThruRPG here: 

Anyone can download these alpha versions of the games (playtested once) and refine them for commercial exploitation if they wish. 

Aaron Vanek, the designer or co-designer of all but one of these larps, will be commercially releasing revised and refined versions of all seven starting with Be Your Own Solar System in early January 2016, and continuing thereafter until they are all available for sale. The four Seekers Unlimited Kickstarter donors who chose a completed edu-larp as a reward (PDF or printed) will receive that reward when it is finished. The four who chose a name-branding reward, and who have responded to the survey, will have their name included in the new edu-larp revisions. The one who asked for a specific larp will receive one in early 2016. In other words, Aaron Vanek will continue to honor all Kickstarter rewards for the campaign. 

Seekers Unlimited business cards, LED pens, donated whiskey and any other assets have been consumed, recycled, or destroyed. 

In the nearly four years of the company’s existence, 17 educational larps were created for four different schools in the Southern California area. 

Seekers Unlimited wishes to deeply thank all of our board members, advisory council members, donors, volunteers, teachers and students who helped us bring live action role playing to learning. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or interest in what’s on the horizon for educational larps, feel free to email me at AaronLARP at gmail. 

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Seekers Unlimited One Year Anniversary update


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