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Help us launch Striker as a weekly comic - digital and print - with comedy, romance, action and animation from a world soccer league!
Help us launch Striker as a weekly comic - digital and print - with comedy, romance, action and animation from a world soccer league!
1,062 backers pledged £43,719 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scot Knight on

      Well done guys cant wait for the new Mag.

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Yates on

      Well done everyone. I love Striker and this excellent news.

    3. Missing avatar

      Terry Wheeler on

      Have been a big fan from the start, lets hope you can keep it going

    4. Missing avatar

      Stewart Parrin on

      Really happy for you pete that you can do something you've wanted to do, lets hope it carries on well in to the future.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andy Rook on

      I’m really pleased the project can go ahead. So glad to have been part of it. Can’t wait for volume 5 either 😇

    6. Missing avatar

      Alan Hendry on

      Is it a one off payment for this ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Léon jefferson on

      as per pledge and no reward lets see where we get at total time and see whats in pot for rewards thanjs leon

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Thackray on

      Delighted to see this succeed, well done Pete!

    9. Ian Jones on

      WooHoo!!! Well done Pete and Team, So good to know Warbury Warriors are marching on.

    10. Missing avatar

      RUTH KEMP on

      Wow, moving towards £42,000 now, nice to see so much activity still.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Kirk on

      Is there a way of pledging for printed comics and vol 4 of the book?

    12. Missing avatar

      Tony Hayton on

      Go Pete Go!
      It's exciting just to see where all Nick Jarvis' fans and followers will take this.
      Good luck!

    13. Missing avatar

      Steve Richards on

      It's great news I bought shares last time trying to keep the comic going before so hope it works out this time round.

    14. Missing avatar

      Léon jefferson on

      ok fine thanks pete ican sutter my brain tumour more now knowing ive got my comics to read .so happy thanks all leon jefferson

    15. Missing avatar

      Léon jefferson on

      morning all the idea of a mug to keep is ok but only once we get to our goal pls

    16. Andrew Halling on

      Congrats Pete! Great to see nearly 1000 backers

    17. Missing avatar

      Steven Hall on

      Well done to Pete and the team! Brilliant news that the 35k mark has been beat and this morning the 40k mark has also been passed. I increased my pledge this morning because "why not" so glad I did. Here's hoping for another good 6 or so hours of pledging. Can't wait to see what the future holds.

    18. Missing avatar

      William on

      Amazing success. Long live striker! Well done Pete and co!

    19. Michael Battaglia on

      So pleased this has been a success, well done Pete and long may Striker continue!

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ling on

      Would be great to hit the £40K mark by the time the funding wraps up - totally made up that the £35 K was reached though, well done everyone!

    21. Missing avatar

      Lee Bennett on

      Well done Pete. All the best!

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Neal on

      Made up the target has been reached looking forword to the new era

    23. Missing avatar

      Philip Bass on

      Fantastic news....well done Pete and the team....looking forward to the new era

    24. Missing avatar

      Stuart Taylor on

      Well done everybody, we crossed the line. I can stop checking the amount every few hours now :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Darren on

      Hell yeah, target reached!

    26. Missing avatar

      James Donnelly on

      Remember it's not just how much we pledge but how many of us! Bribe your friends!! Do what you can! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      john roberts on

      Been a striker fan for more years than i can remember, way back in the 1990's, Followed the strip through the newspaper in which i collected strip daily since the 90's and also brought all the comic's when it first came out, Not forgetting the Warbury football shirts i have & mugs & calendar ,
      Striker strip has been a big part of my life, always the first page i turn to when buying the newspaper....
      So come on people, just a couple days left to get this project over the line, I have up graded my pledge to push it a bit closer to it happening

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul Bradley on

      Nearly there guys, keep sharing and telling everyone!

    29. Missing avatar

      Lee Parker on

      Hi Ian

      You just click on the"manage your pledge" button.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ian croston on

      I wanted to up my £30 to £110 can anybody tell me how i can do this please??( delete the £30 bid and input £110)

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ling on

      Upped my pledge to get us over the £28K mark - hoping that might help spur others to commit - so want this to happen and very best of luck with it all - love the series

    32. Pete Nash Creator on

      That's a very generous increase, Michael, but this isn't about getting extra money just to get us over the line. We need the subscribers as well to make this work. Hold firm - we can still do this.

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      I've upped my pledge, if all is backers could manage an extra tenna it will almost be there.

      Pete, how about add an extra tenna and put the individuals face in the crowd on the cover of the print copy or on the back of the next book? Anything really just to get over the line

    34. Missing avatar

      David Spofforth on

      Just upped my pledge by one level. This is going to be close!

    35. Missing avatar

      Terry Angus on

      Come on final push for the last week, the greatest comic strip on the planet cannot end

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Walker on

      Come on we can do this spread the word

    37. Missing avatar

      RUTH KEMP on

      We can achieve this folks, keep those pledges coming and up the Warriors!

    38. Missing avatar

      emma on

      I started reading Striker in the early 2000's and never looked back nothing beats your daily dose of striker whether it be comedy or drama i have brought all the books as some were a bit before my time so i could read how striker started and involved and i'am eagerly awaiting volume 5 i really hope this becomes a reality keep up the great work Pete , Simon and Lucinda

    39. Missing avatar

      James Donnelly on

      All of a sudden this looks achievable! Come on, Warriors!!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Lee Kirkwood on

      Come on get behind a great comic. Striker is more than a football team, we have killer tv hosts, dodgy football chairmen and don't forget the world unluckiest pork scratchings millionaire and his trophy wife.... who needs coronation street, we have Striker!!

      We need more than a wee corner in the Sun, sign up to get a more in-depth look at the Warbury warriors and all other teams in the World League.

    41. Missing avatar

      Lee Parker on

      Upped my pledge to £120. Let's make this happen!

    42. Missing avatar

      shane fitzgibbon on

      im sure we will get there pete! keep up the good work!

    43. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hickling on

      Changed my pledge to a higher amount. Really want this to happen!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Russell Cox on

      Backed the comic back in the day by buying every single issue and also buying shares. Not read Striker for years, due to me boycotting The Sun for the past few years but I'm happy to support this and have pledged my £18 for the first 12 issues. Hope it goes ahead, forgot how much I enjoyed it

    45. Missing avatar

      Laurie Davis on

      Cant wait for this to start. Really hope you make it Pete. We are with you all the way!

    46. Missing avatar

      Rob Hill on

      Come on guys. Just about breaking even here after two weeks. I've made £120 pledge. Why, because I love striker. I'm not a massive football fan and don't support any proper teams but it's not just about the football. The drama over the years has been amazing and I for one would love to see this continue. The comic years in the early noughties were amazing with some of the best stories ever written. Chucks Choice and McMisery just to name a couple and who can forget Boris. This is what funding can do. It gives Pete the opportunity to expand the storylines and to take the storylines to a higher level. Strikerworld boasts a membership of almost 3400, where are you guys? The Facebook page boasts a membership of almost 650, where are you guys? Just imagine how quick the target would be hit if everyone of those bodies just pledged a wee £3. For the sake of Strikers future dip into your pockets now and keep the ride that Striker is alive.

    47. Missing avatar on

      Just pledged £30.00!! Cmon Striker!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Neil Lumsden on

      First of all I’m not a comic reader generally speaking, but Striker is so good it’s impossible not to enjoy. Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, male or female, or normally don’t even read - there’s something for everyone, be it drama, comedy and there’s even a little football thrown into the mix :)

      Moving forward we are on the cusp of an exciting time for Striker as the game is really stepped up. There’s going to be animated matches that are randomly determined using intelligent algorithms to create “likely” outcomes but unknown until the match. And because of this we will be able to bet on the matches too! The comics had an original run at the start of the century and formed probably the most exciting period in Striker’s history.

      The strips are being reprinted in the form of hardback books that you can buy as part of the pledges and as someone who has them all (so far) they are a great way to get up to speed. I’ve been a fan since the mid 90s so it has been brilliant to read what went on before and to refresh my memory.

      In short, this is an amazing venture and it’s mainly down to one man - Pete Nash - who has dedicated his life to the strip and risked many things over the last 30+ years, so let’s help him continue his life’s work which has many fans from all around the world.

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael Ross on

      OOPs! The later comment under my name was from my son! Because we both pledged from the same computer, although he has his own Kickstarter account and was logged in his comment came up in my name! Anyway, well said, son , and everyone back Striker, please!

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