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Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
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Printing Progress

Posted by Steamboat Gothic Studio (Creator)

Hey Kickstarters, 

First off I want to apologize for not putting out an update last week, there hasn't been a whole lot to report or show since we've started the submission process, and I didn't want to clutter your inboxes without having anything new or exciting to report. However I also hate backing a project where the project creator isn't responsive to his or her backers. I'm trying to strive a balance between updating and pestering, feel free to let me know which side you think I'm falling on.....please use nice language ;)

Printing Progress

There has been some progress since the last update. We've received an update from our printers already with a handful of changes (page margins, and font color correction). Those changes were made last weekend, and we're waiting for them to confirm those changes. Hoping to get a digital proof in the next week, but it's outside our control. We're still inside our timetable for release, I'm also glad to have a non-biased eye going over our files making sure everything is perfect before we go to print and I'm looking forward to the next step. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, and I'll let you know when we've got more to report. For now please enjoy one of the special covers I was commissioned to make. 



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    1. JuGar..... on

      What an inspired idea for a wonderful cover design, it made me chuckle ... the update timing is fine, I like hearing from the spring and prefer a gentle trickle to floodfill ;)

      Regarding the link to the pdf to see the cards, I can't get it on my phone so shall dl when I have a real computer in August. Pdf should print to a wonderful set of pictures to frame for my little grandson's bedroom :) Having admired the variety of people, animals and items in your updates I know that he will love telling me stories about everything he discovers in 'his' pictures.

      Cheers and Prosit :)

    2. Jeff Mo on

      Manny the guinea pig makes the cut for the update :) - he's looking pretty festive right there, Eins, zwei, drei, g’suffa; Zicke-Zacke-Zicke-Zacke Hoy, Hoy, Hoy!

      I agree with Sabina on the current timing of updates - currently feels right - not too much, not too little.

    3. Missing avatar

      Sabina on

      I like the Guiness Pig.

      Updates every two weeks to say 'Nothing new, waiting on x,y,z' are also fine for me.