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Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
1,049 backers pledged $25,354 to help bring this project to life.

Week 1 - Backer Surveys

Posted by Steamboat Gothic Studio (Creator)

Hey Kickstarters, 

This will be a short update since there isn't too much information to relate, but I wanted everyone to be abreast of where we're at in the campaign after our first week post-kickstarter.

Game Status

Pumping out caricatures as quick as I can, we're still on track, and feedback has been good. We're working on getting a pre-order link up soon and next update we'll be able to talk a little more about some interesting new ways you'll be able to play the game. Stay Tuned ;) 


We're down to just over 50 surveys that have yet to be filled out so a huge thank you to everyone for getting those filled out in a timely manner. The results of both the Sauerkraut Challenge and the Exclusive Card are in! 

Looks like I'm going to be taking 70 big ol' bites of Sauerkraut courtesy of our backers. Thank you all so much! I'm looking forward to it. We'll be shooting the video this Saturday afternoon with every member of the team as we answer backer submitted questions, and we will try to post it later that night. 

Also with roughly 2/3 of the vote, the backers have spoken! Backers will be receiving both versions of the wild home card, but one card will be exclusive to this initial print run, and this card will never be seen again elsewhere! And that card is.....








That's all for this week don't forget to fill out your surveys if you haven't already, and if you need to submit a picture to please don't forget to do so. I want to have all of them no later than the 26th of this month. Eager backers your pre-production copies are with the printers, hoping to hear of their completion tomorrow. 




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    1. MAJBrown22

      I find that sauerkraut is best washed down with a liter of hefeweizen...and a pretzel.

    2. Luke Jaconetti on

      @christyrm, now I am hungry!

      @Andrew, great news! I suspect that the Beer Fountain and Chestnut Tree will be "the" home cards to play, so I imagine they will go first-second in any game. But they both look great and will make great additions to the game.

      I am very much looking to playing this game with some friends and some beers! Prost!

    3. christyrm on

      A hint for those 70 bites of sauerkraut? We have a regular dish on our dinner table that is sauerkraut and sausage, fried together in a pan on the stovetop. Hot sauerkraut is much tastier on its own than is cold. FWIW.