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Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
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12 hours to Go and Fifth Player

Posted by Steamboat Gothic Studio (Creator)

Last Hours!

It has been a crazy crazy campaign for all us here at Steamboatgothic, and for a few of you out there as well. We're excited to announce we've hit our five player stretch goal and we're going to be adding six new cards to the game. In order to accommodate this we've decided to combine two of the ideas we had from early in the campaign. Specifically the mobile score board.

It doesn't really make any sense to charge backers for two copies of the same scoreboard. So we're combining the ideas in the form of a three piece mobile game board made from the same punch board the tokens will be on. This will lend a little more class to the mobile game without taking away from the game when it's played at home. 

wip image, not final
wip image, not final

Here's the really cool part, there's still one card leftover, I say we add one more exclusive card to the mix, but what should it be? I have an idea for how I could condense the scoreboard to a single card, we could make another custom home card, or I can just have a double sided card with every backer drawn into the game forming a crowd. Thoughts?

Last Stretch Goals

With this much time in the campaign I really don't know what could happen, but I've seen the comments made about the linen embossing vs the canvas bag. So I've lowered the stretch goal on the linen embossing to just 1,000 more than the canvas bag. If we can push hard enough to get one, it's very likely we'll push hard enough to get both. 

Thank you all again so much for your support as we enter our final hours of the campaign. 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      I think, the additional home card is the best idea, since condensing the score board makes the things fiddly. And drawing thousand people in a crowd (two crowds) on two sides of such a small card won't end up in anything recognisable.

    2. Steamboat Gothic Studio 2-time creator on

      Couple quick answers @Nick we can't change the size of the box, it's still pretty small, about 6.5'x7.5'x1.5' but the size is tied to our ability to make a production quality pre-release copy, that locks us into a fixed size. @Luke yup! still a two-sided board, I'll show you what I mean about the scorecard before people vote, but I am down for whatever!

    3. Ludvig

      Another home card would be nice, I think.

    4. Nick Leonard on

      Congratulations on reaching another stretch goal! Will the box be smaller if the full-size scorecard is no longer included? I'd definitely be interested in a box that's small enough to easily take to the pub!

    5. Luke Jaconetti on

      I would say to make another Home card. Condensing the scoreboard down to one card might be alright for two players, but I think would be a bit too small for larger games.

      Will the scoreboard cards be double sided for Ale and Lager? Or is that no longer part of the game?

      Very excited as we come into the home stretch of the campaign!