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Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
Players vie to create their own Bavarian-style gardens using 72 unique illustrations of colorful tables and half-timbered walls,
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Story of the Game Pt-2

Posted by Steamboat Gothic Studio (Creator)

Hey Kickstarters, 

As we prepare to head into our final week now seems like the perfect time to pick up where we left off last week, and finish filling our investors (that'd be you guys) on how the game has traveled from our heads to your table! 

First Kickstarter 

For those of you weren't already aware, this is a re-launch campaign. We sent the game off back in July of 2015 with bright eyes and bushy tails, and we immediately tripped over the starting gate. We did a bunch wrong that first time. We launched at the wrong time, at the wrong price point, and worst of all with a game that didn't quite hit the strategic depth we were going for. We saw the writing on the wall and we thought it was best to take the campaign down, look at what we were doing, and make it right.

We learned a lot from that fist time. Changing launch times and reducing the print quality of the base game (this was the 15k stretch goal) was easy. The difficult part was making sure that the game was without any doubt the best we could make it. 

We took the game to Gen Con and got over 100 people to play the game in time to test our new mechanic: "umbrellas!" The umbrella match, or the act of matching several cards of the same color together to form a chain of umbrellas, instantly added that last level of strategy we were hoping for. 

Game Changes and Feedback

Getting a little deep into the mechanics, before the umbrella bonus, the game played to ten points vs fifteen, and players usually needed only the walls or the color bonus to win the game. This effectively meant that every game players only really had two strategies. Introducing umbrellas with a longer game meant it would take at least two strategies to win, increasing the available combination of bonuses from 2 to 15. 

In addition to Gen Con, we went to Pixel Pop Festival, Stonemaier Games Design Day, and First Friday events hosted by the St. Louis Science Center. We playtested before our first campaign too, but we easily had twice the number of playtests on this round as we did last time. 

I recommend checking out our reviews section to see what people think of our changes :)

 Looking towards the future

We're funded now, and I'll admit everybody here at Steamboat Gothic is still riding pretty high off that, but with a week or so left in the campaign who knows how far we can go. For my part, I'm very very grateful that so many of you are along for the ride. 



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