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This Noir MeloTrauma examines how fear transforms us into what we're afraid of, and causes us to do bad things. Very, very bad things.

Please help us take Bumbershoot to the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival! 

Bumbershoot is a production of the new In/Visible Theatre in beautiful Boone, NC.  Bumbershoot will have its world premiere at FringeNYC in Manhattan from August 10-26th. 

Bumbershoot is the newest script by In/Visible Theatre Artistic Director Derek Davidson.  Derek describes the play as "a neo-noir amalgam of dark and really dark, weirdo-humor and sudden violence."  The story offers up a meditation on just how banal the banality of evil can be, on how good people--or ordinary, not-so-good people--can do very, very bad things, and how the culture of fear can mold folks into the opposite of themselves, into the thing they most fear.  

Our professional team is volunteering their time and efforts for this project, which is saving us approximately...hang on a sec...carry the two...$10,200!  So think of this as a matching grant!  All we need to do is cover our actual expenses, since our actors, director, playwright, designers, producer, musicians and stage manager are donating their services.  

Please donate at whatever level you can!  You'll have our eternal gratitude, and you'll help support getting an incredibly innovative and excellent theatre piece in front of audiences. 


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    A photo of the excited cast and crew in front of the theatre in NY emailed to you. And our gratitude. And our promise to never, never enact upon you the events that happen at the end of this play.

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    The photo emailed. A signed program from the show with your name in it as a sponsor. Our eternal gratitude.

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    Naturally, our eternal gratitude. The photo. A signed program with your name in it as sponsor. Also, a ticket to the show in New York! Or if you can't make it to NY, a "real" crow feather mailed to you. Crows have a lot to do with our show, you see. (No crows were harmed in the making of this reward)

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    All the stuff previously mentioned, naturally. Also, a Bumbershoot T-shirt! In your size! They're pretty dramatic.

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    All the previous stuff, which is getting to be a pretty nice haul. And....a hat! That says, you know, Bumbershoot.

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    All the previous stuff, and...a surprise object that we find while we're in New York. We don't even know what it is yet! We'll write you a letter to accompany it and tell you about how we encountered it. We promise it will be neither perishable nor disgusting.

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    All the previous stuff, including the found object, and a most awesome black umbrella with our logo on it. 'Cause "Bumbershoot" means umbrella, you see. Also, at this level and above, we will thank you publicly as a sponsor in the pre-show speech during our invited dress rehearsal in Boone. To which, naturally, you will be invited, and applauded for your contribution. And we'll try not to get any stage blood on you during the performance!

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    At this level, you not only get all the other stuff (or whichever of it you choose), but you basically sponsor a cast member or musician. That cast member and/or their character and/or the musician will personally write you a thank-you letter, and send you a signed headshot, and you get to tell everyone that you bought a human being. Also, if you live in the Boone area, or come to visit (visit! We have ziplines!) the Producing Artistic Directors will give you a free acting, dance, dialect or dramaturgy/playwriting lesson. Well, free for $1000, I guess.

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    All the other stuff. And the raven transformation mask reconstructed from those made by Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest. We use it in the show, and it's totally, totally cool. And we'll send it to you when the show is done. And then, you shall have it.

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