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Creating hard copies of the new album I'm releasing, "Life Get's in the Way".
31 backers pledged $570 to help bring this project to life.


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First off, if you don't me already, I'm Tommy Link. I'm a singer songwriter out of Erie, PA. Good to meet you!

For roughly two years I've been working to finish my aptly named new album "Life Gets in the Way", and finally we're here! The purpose of this Kickstarter is ideally a form of pre-ordering.

While I enjoy owning physical copies of CDs, I realize Spotify and Youtube are making them a thing of the past. Therefore, instead of getting CDs made and having them taking up closet space for years to come, I've decided to let the people decide for themselves! If you'd like a hard copy of this CD, donate $5. If enough people want it, I'll get them printed and mail them out to you!

Simple enough, right?

Risks and challenges

...not many really. If anything I'm creating this Kickstarter to avoid the risk of buying hard copies of music that people would rather just listen to on Spotify.

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    A hard copy of "Life Gets in The Way"

    A copy of my soon to be release album "Life Get's in the Way".

    If you want more than one copy, just indicate how many you'd like and donate accordingly ($5 a pop)

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