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After years of fanciful musical exploration, Isabel and Rob are FINALLY releasing an album. Help us make The Bell Cycle's debut!

WE, ISABEL AND ROB, have been making music together in a vast array of splendiferous endeavors for the better part of five years.  Based in Brooklyn, NY we’ve collaborated on modern dance projects, conspired to create and bolster rock bands, and conjured improvisations for yogis, subway commuters, sunsets, and whatever sentient creatures happen to be within earshot. 

  It’s hard to express in words how much we’ve inspired each other’s approach not only to music and songwriting, but to the exploration of sound in whatever form it takes. The Bell Cycle is the latest and greatest vehicle of these explorations, and we want to share it with the world.  For the month of August we’re renting a house in upstate New York, filling it with recording gear and our favorite noisemakers, and recording day and night.  We feel that being surrounded by peacefulness and having our instruments at the ready is a better way to capture the intimacy and spontaneity of our music than recording at a traditional studio.  We’re fortunate enough to have Raymond Sicam III, a longtime friend and masterful producer of music, come along with us to engineer and mix the album as well!  Our vision of what this album will encompass sonically is beautifully overwhelming for us right now.  In the past, we’ve shown up to rehearsals with our voices, a cello, and an acoustic guitar.  We now find ourselves surrounded by percussion, zithers, Isabel’s sarangi (a traditional Indian string instrument), pots, pans, a xylophone... the list grows as our need to contextualize and ornament our songs deepens.  

  This project is special to us, and we want to get as many people involved as possible.  Kickstarter has provided a platform for us to do just that.  We’re raising money to cover costs of the house rental, engineering, mixing, mastering, CD pressing and distribution, album artwork, and promotional materials.  Along the way, we’re offering gifts that otherwise wouldn’t be available through traditional retailers.  In addition to your standard gift fare (pre release downloads, stickers, etc.), we’re getting creative with ways of showing gratitude. We’re really excited about offering things like handmade album jackets, personalized mix tapes, covering songs of your choice, playing house concerts, and printing posters of the tear-jerkingly beautiful artwork that Jaffe Zinn has made for the album.  Check the list to the right to see the whole list of gifts we’re offering.  Thank you so much for checking out our page and for showing your support.  The Bell Cycle is just getting of the ground, but we already feel an incredible amount of love and support from everyone we’ve come in contact with over the last few years of music making together.

Much love to you all,

Rob and Isabel 

We'd also like to thank and praise visual wizard Leah Moskowitz for making our video!  Check out her amazing photography and more at:


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    Gratitude! (Metaphysical expression of joy available immediately).

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    We'll help you transcend the physical plane by giving you a digital download of the album. Very virtual.

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    No more piracy for you, friend. It's a pre-release digital download! You'll also get the CD when it's released so you can bask in the glorious tunes the old fashioned way.

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    The Bell Cycle Shwag Pack. In addition to the digital pre-release and CD, you'll get a Bell Cycle sticker, poster with Jaffe Zinn's artwork, AND a very stylish t-shirt. Woah.

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    We're going to make you a really nice, creatively assembled CD jacket by HAND! OUR hands! It's probably gonna have ribbon and glitter, but no promises. And yeah, the other Bell Cycle shwag as well.

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    Mixtapes. That's right, mixtapes. We'll make you a personalized mix of our favorite jams and give it to you (probably on a CD as we lack tape-making technology) for being so dern generous. Maybe some outtakes from our sessions this summer will make it on there along with our favorite Mariah Carey B-sides? Who knows? You'll also get the handmade album jacket, sticker, and super-cool t-shirt. Look at you!

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    Well shoot, for $500 we're willing to sell out a bit. Name a tune. We'll cover it and post it on our YouTube Channel! Plus a shout out on the liner notes. And the handmade jacket + poster + sticker + t-shirt...

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    It must be love. We'll WRITE you a song and post all over the internet. Your name will be in the liner notes. You want the album too? OK. Shwag? Done.

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    We're blushing. We'll come to your home, or similarly intimate enclosed area. If we have to travel outside NYC we'll need compensation for travel, lodging, and some steamed kale.

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    Yes, we'll marry you. As a dowry, you'll get the ORIGINAL ONE-OF-A-KIND ALBUM ARTWORK made by the indelible Jaffe Zinn. We'll bring it to you when we play live for you. (Same travel restrictions as above).

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