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or what she will was invited to the NYC Fringe Festival and we need your help to get there! Read more

New York, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on July 20, 2012.

or what she will was invited to the NYC Fringe Festival and we need your help to get there!

New York, NY Theater
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About this project

What's the Story

or what she will by Charly E. Simpson 

Twins Willa and Faulkner shared everything, including their parents' love of literature. At age 13 they are old souls, yet still believe in fantastical worlds...a storm rolls in...waves empty playground...a man walks by...FLASH...Sometimes a moment changes everything.

It is a play about family and communication and how we communicate with those we love.  It is a tale about two twins, growing together and apart and on the cusp of having their lives changed.  Age 13,  that fragile time in our lives we are so impressionable.  There is much to be explored and discovered and so much at stake to lose.   It is a world painted through poetry, where literature is the playground for our imagination.  

or what she will was discovered when an excerpt was performed as part of Project Playwright with NYC based theatre company, Sanguine Theatre Company.  The play has been invited to be part of the 16th Annual NYC Fringe Festival, selected as 1 of 200 shows out of a 1,000. We have just workshopped the play in NYC and now we are ready for Fringe!  Even working within a minimal Fringe budget, we need to raise funds to be able to mount this World Premiere. We BELIEVE this story should be told.  

Cast and Creatives

The cast includes Leo Darias, Alex Haynes, Monica Jones, Rebecca Martinez, John Say, and Dina Vovsi

The Creative Team includes Charly E. Simpson (Playwright), Illana Stein (Director), Gina Pisasale (Dramaturg), Porsche McGovern (Lighting Designer), Chris Luxem (Composer of Original Music), Alexis Black (Fight Choreographer), Ashley Singh (Stage Manager), and Connor Davis (ACR). *More team members to be announced soon. 

For full artist bios please go to our show's website

Where the Money Goes

With the expense to workshop the play, and the cost of rehearsal space in NYC at a premium, your support will allow us to share this story with a wider audience.  

your contribution will help cover some of the following:

  • $650 for Venue Space 
  • $1,500 for Rehearsal Space 
  • $1,200 to Pay the actors, Designers, Stage Manager, Board Opp, Venue Tech 
  • $700 for Light, Set, Costume Budget, Insurance, and flameproofing the set according to Fringe guidelines 
  • $500 for Marketing (postcards, website, pay Marketing Designers and printing costs)
  • $300 to Workshop the Play- supplies, space, and actor compensation 
  • % goes back to Kickstarter and third party for credit card processing fee

The Impact

We have gathered together a fantastic group of professionals.  We can never pay the artists what they are worth. The reality is that most of the people working on this project are volunteering their time as a labor of love because they believe in the work. However, as fellow theatre artists of NYC, we don't want our show's artists to work for free. 

Other Ways You Can Help  

We are so grateful for any amount you can give whether it is $1,000, $10, or $2. When you do the math, this Kickstarter campaign still doesn't cover all of our expenses, but any contribution gets us one step closer to being part of the festival.  If you are not able to contribute, you can still help us out by spreading the word on Facebook by sharing this link.  The more times it is shared, the better shot we have at being featured on the front page of Kickstarter.  More traffic= More money!  Also, be sure to like our Facebook page (or what she will) so we can keep you informed about discount show tickets and show events throughout the summer.

In advance, WE thank you for your support!  Be part of our story!

NYC Fringe Performance Dates August 10-26

*Original Music in the trailer "Edicts" composed by CS Luxem

*Graphic Designer Lizzie Bond

*Marketing Strategist and Web Developer Benjamin Wright 


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