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Permanent decisions and infinite variety. Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God.
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Video game killers for peace

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Earlier this month the Boston Globe chatted with Joe about the role that violent video games can play in addresses the issue of violence in society.

The original interview (nearly two hours of conversation) has been edited into a few paragraphs targeted at a non-game literate audience, but it still makes a few interesting points. Oh and Unwritten Passage got a little name drop in there as well.

This is the result. (May or may not be behind a subscription wall)

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    1. Creator Roxlou Games on September 30, 2013

      No, there is no affiliation. Thanks for the heads up. We sent them a note about the potential conflict, plus a warning about the trademark claim that Marvel Comics made against us (requiring our post Kickstarter name change). We would hate for any successful KS campaign to have to deal with what we went through when they should be planning development of their game.

    2. Creator Anders Håkon Gaut on September 30, 2013

      Is this:

      In any way connected with you? The name seems to be similar enough to get confusing.

    3. Creator Ed Hale on September 29, 2013

      Great Q&A. Looking forward to Unwritten.