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Permanent decisions and infinite variety. Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God.
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Beta in the Works

Posted by Roxlou Games (Creator)

Hey All,

We have a bit of news that we've been waiting to break (another party has a deadline that we have to respect), but we just wanted to send out a quick update to let everyone know that we're still working on the game at "full-tilt" and that things are really starting to come together. We also wanted to let you all know that our beta deadline, originally slated for this month, is looking like it's going to slip to October.

Since we announced the first slip in our schedule not that long ago, we've been bashful about moving the beta deadline. However, we have to be honest about the fact that we're just not there yet, and we feel that killing ourselves to reach an impossible deadline (and then not having enough fuel left to make it to the finish), would be a careless use of our backer's trust in us. That said, we do want you to know that despite the changes to our announcements, the game is still within our overall budget.

As both creators and backers of this project, we're poised to make Unwritten Passage a success in all the ways we've been dreaming about, if anything more now than ever before. We do have exciting developments on the horizon, and we promise that we'll be sharing those just as soon as we can.

In the meantime, thanks as always for your support,

Roxlou Games


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    1. KogX on

      Ok thank you for the answer.

    2. Roxlou Games Creator on

      Thanks all for the words of support. We're looking forward to delivering a game worthy of your trust.

      Conservatively we want to say mid to late October, although we'll have a better sense of things at the end of September.

    3. Lance Ivy on

      Thanks for the update! We're looking forward to see what you create.

    4. Disposable hero on

      Nevermind if takes you some more month to release the game, for me the important fact is you release a good game that you are proud of, nothing more ;)
      Kepp up the good work !

    5. KogX on

      I have a question; Is the plan date for the beta early or late October? I don't mean to rush you guys but I am just curious on what is your estimated date.

    6. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I have not been following the production of the game closely, but I couldn't care less if the release date slips a few months. I just want a great game.

    7. S.D. on

      Looking good, Team Roxlou. You've made some courageous decisions lately & have earned some slack. You might consider testing us with a nifty tidbit each time you have to announce something unpleasant (like art assets,in-progress models or audio, concept or environmental art, writing excerpt, screenies from the first vertical slice, etc). Paired with regular updates, I've seen this approach successfully keep backers quite satisfied throughout the course of protracted development :-)

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Gilbert on

      Yeah, honestly, take your time and thanks for being up-front about it. "A late game is only late once, but a bad game is bad forever."

    9. Loren the GM on

      Delays happen. No worries. I'm looking forward to playing when it is ready, and not a moment before.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Crystall on

      Compared to most KS projects, you're doing fine, and you've done fine in explaining the delay :)

      I'm interested about the odd spaces which small game devs tend to end up in, mind you - one small team I worked for remotely were based in a tiny office in the clock tower of a former church.

    11. Roxlou Games Creator on

      Sorry, the version of this update that went out through email originally said that the beta was slipping to November. This was a mistake, as we meant "October" not "November".