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Permanent decisions and infinite variety. Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God.
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Unwritten: That Which Will Now Happen!

Posted by Roxlou Games (Creator)

We borrowed the title from a clever tweet by @kris_cov. Well "stole" more than "borrowed" because we won't be giving it back.

We hit our funding goal!

Thank you all so much for your support, whether you're a newcomer or a backer since the very beginning. This has been a long, hard-fought campaign, but it has absolutely been worth it. We couldn't have done it without you (obviously), but more than just because of your funding. It has been by talking with the community that Unwritten as a concept has truly been shaped and refined. We're more excited than ever to dive into this game and make it the best we possibly can!

But the campaign is not quite over yet. We're going to continue live-tweeting our indie games marathon over at @RoxlouGames. In the meantime, take advantage of the final hours of the campaign to refine your pledge by adding add-ons. You might also take a look at our stretch goals.

We also know that right now our stretch goals seem far away for just 5 hours of funding. So to sweeten the deal we're going to unlock one additional platform (version of the game) at $80,000. It will be either a Mac or Linux version. How will we choose? We'll see which platform gets the most votes in the comments section of this update!

Thanks once again everyone! As an added bonus, here's a video Joe's wife took of the big moment. Well, she thought she caught the big moment, but she actually only turned it on when she put the camera down afterwards.

We like it better this way. Warning has some language -- we thought the cameras were off after all.


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    1. Andrew Park on

      Very happy for you guys. Congratulations. Looking forward to playing the game.

    2. croma25td on

      Linux, at least a wine compatible release, otherwise I can't play this game :)
      Anyway I think you should open a PayPal donation form to raise more money.

    3. KnowerOfTheTruth on

      I would do a linux, Mac is based on linux and it's easy to convert a linux game into a max game, but it's not as easy to turn mac into linux.

    4. Missing avatar

      Zedster on

      Congrats, looks like we will be getting a great game soon! As to platform choice, I'd vote Android given I'm posting from a nexus 7 and all, but as that's not a choice I'll go Linux :)

    5. Matt Giuca on

      Yeah, do it for Ouya :) (Note: My real vote is still Linux.) (Though it will be hard to raise $3K in 1 hour anyway.)

      @Joseph Renzi: Linux users do not have the capability to port a Windows game to Linux (unless you count Wine, which is an okay solution, but not ideal). You can also use Wine on Mac. A counter to that, @Jonah Libster: I'm not an Android expert, but I don't think it's any easier to port a Linux app to Android than from any other platform. The APIs are totally different.

      Congratulations on hitting the target, Joe & Roxlou guys!

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      You'll end up doing both.

    7. Vundal on

      GOD DAMN, CONGRATS ! amazing ass game coming soon ! i cannot wait to test this game. I bet you all have had nervous shakes these last 3 days, . time to go take a long cold shower, cause its over, u won :) congrats again guys!

    8. Jörn Huxhorn

      Mac, please.
      And congrats on reaching the goal,

    9. Malcolm Swoboda on

      Congrats! I'll be honest, I didn't think this was going to happen. Wonderful :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Darrel Raines

      Congrats!! Linux!

    11. The Evolutionary on

      @Joseph Renzi No, not at all. Simple *.deb package installers for Ubuntu/Debian based distros and *.rpm installers for Redhat based.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joseph Renzi on

      Mac likely, as linux users would probably have the computer know how to make it work on their own

    13. Missing avatar

      Saul Escobar on

      I am torn between Linux and Mac. The person who post above me gets my vote.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Murphy on

      Congratulations (& Mac please)!

    15. Scott Costello on

      Awesome!! Can't wait for the Mac version....

    16. Roq on

      Jeez - serious you tube fail. Great you made it though!

    17. Michele Galla on

      Mac (and Congratulations! =) )

    18. The Evolutionary on

      @Veav Also, if the argument is max money, easier to go this route: Linux->Android Android game will not only run on Android phones if optimized but can run on the new Ouya console coming out this summer. Remember that Kickstasrter campaign raised over 8 Million dollars (at $100/console, you do the math), which already has 160 games written for it, some by major mainstream developer (squaresoft for example, FinalFantasy series) before the console is even officially released yet. And much cheaper/profitable to sell on the Ouya app store than the huge percentage fees than the over priced Apple App store or even the Windows App store (windows 8)

    19. Missing avatar

      Rodney Somerstein

      Definitely Mac

    20. S.D. on

      @Veav: But there will be a Steam box on Linux... :-)

    21. The Evolutionary on

      @Veav Not sure about that. Remember, this is the MacOS, Not iOS. Not as many gamers have MacOS Desktops. And iOS is considerable work to make the game usable on from a PC platform.

    22. Ed H. on

      No vote here, either, just wanted to say congrats!

    23. Missing avatar

      Kittenchops on

      Not voting, just so happy it is now happening! =)

    24. Veav on

      Mac. All love to Linux users, but Mac/Apple will bring in more revenue. Then you can spend that on making a Linux port.

    25. Missing avatar

      Anonymous on

      Hmm... I think Mac and Linux users both know what it's like to not have your choice of games available. I hope Unwritten makes it to all possible platforms!

    26. Stormwaltz on

      Not voting, just congratulating.

      I'm glad you made it. :)