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Permanent decisions and infinite variety. Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God.
2,212 backers pledged $78,017 to help bring this project to life.

48 Hours to Go! The Final Countdown...

Posted by Roxlou Games (Creator)

By the time most of you will read this there will be fewer than 48 hours remaining in the campaign. Earlier today Joe recorded the video update found here, talking about where we've been and how far we've come. This video was shot in one take, from the heart, edited down to a length consumable by humans.

Here are some of the links that Joe refers to in the video (and ways to spread the word about Unwritten). Note that further details on Tuesday's live event (if you watched the whole video you'll know what we mean) will follow before it starts this Tuesday (Feb 12th).

We're nearly done, in more ways than one! See you all at the finish line!
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    1. Amanda Williams on

      I recommend playing some games from the list of IGF finalists! :)

    2. Malcolm Swoboda on

      Finally pledged $15. If it gets super close tomorrow morning, I may up it :)
      It's a win-win for me. The game looks interesting enough for $15-25, so I'm basically buying it. Good luck!

    3. Christoph Zürcher on

      Best of luck to you and the team. I'm positive that you will make it.

    4. Vundal on

      if your gonna play Indie games, look up on the arcade "Protect Me Knight" its a poorly translated game, but so freaking good.

    5. Roq on

      I really want to play this game. I think this kind of mobile approach to turn based strategy is the future of the genre and will transform the otherwise static turn based strategy genre, so that one isn't constantly micromanaging stuff that no longer has any strategic interest.

    6. Lewis on

      Silly: Enviro-Bear 2000 or Octodad. Personally I have a hard time even watching them. They're sort of like Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office (UK) in that they primarily want to torture you. Chivalry's violence is kind of Monty Python-silly, and it's pretty fun to watch. Maybe a Minecraft map like Survival Island?

    7. Roxlou Games Creator on

      Thanks everybody!

      @Matt Giuca
      Thanks for the suggestion! We have a link to the latest add-on update near the top, but it's been pushed down by all the other updates and quotes. We'll most likely send out an update at the end of the day today to make sure new backers know about the updates.

      For those that are suggesting games, don't feel that they all have to be games like Unwritten, or even "good" games. We'll be playing games all day, so silly or weird works too. We'll be playing XBLIG (Xbox Indie Games) too, so there's going to be a big mix!

    8. Matt Giuca on

      I just found out about this yesterday and pledged because I really want to see where this is going, especially with the dynamically generated stories and player decisions. I just scrolled way down the page and saw the $10 offer for soundtracks (or digital art book, or another copy of the game), so I increased my pledge. You should remind people about these add-ons since it's hard to discover. If everyone on the $15 tier increased their pledge by $10, it would get more than half way to the funding goal. Best of luck! (Also, +1 what Robert said.)

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Gosh I really hope this makes it! Not just because I want to play it but because I truly believe that it is important for the industry that games such as these and the daring developers producing them are supported and provided the opportunity to be commercially & critically successful. I feel that Kickstarter & crowd source funding has a permanent place in the games industry but that requires the continual success of those daring projects here. It clearly takes publicity to drive it and I do wonder at the effects of that exposure - are funders burnt out or is the market over saturated. I sincerely hope not!

      Basically, I have all of my suitably equipped appendages crossed for you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      If you're looking for games to play I think FTL and Waking Mars are the most appropriate by far. Pity that Banner Saga and Hero-U aren't out yet, those would also be good fits.

      Best of luck!

    11. Lewis on

      And don't have a heart attack!

    12. Lewis on

      Nice video. I'm looking forward to the next 46 hours. :)

      I'll request that you play FTL, Waking Mars (to give people a taste of Amanda's art style if they haven't played), Chivalry, and maybe Don't Starve.