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Permanent decisions and infinite variety. Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God.
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New Art From Indie Games Artist Amanda Williams

Posted by Roxlou Games (Creator)

The most requested updated we're asked for is by far an update on how the final in-game art will look. This is something that we really want to get right, so we didn't rush into new concept pieces right away. We knew that we wanted something other-worldly, but at the same time it had to be grounded enough to represent the "real world" of Unwritten.

Once we realized these were the ideals that were important to us, we knew that we wanted our next concept piece done by Amanda Williams. Amanda was the environment artist for the marvelous indie games Spider and Waking Mars, both of which exemplify alien worlds that still feel real.

We're pleased to say that Amanda agreed to work with us, and we're happy with the results.

For reference, here's the screen before her work:

and here it is after:

There is still work to be done, but this shows the direction things are moving. The little people at the feet of the large shadow puppets are the actual units controlled by the player, and in future iterations these will be in full color to match the rest of the real world. We're still looking to find the right places to inject living color into the scene (as in the purple fruit on the trees seen here), and we're finding the right balance of surreal elements and "real" elements. One feature we're experimenting with still is that of brightly colored kites flown by the units on the field, but those will have to wait for future revisions.

We'd like the thank Amanda for bringing her experience to the project and for giving us a fresh new perspective. This is a solid start for what promises to be a weird, yet beautiful direction.


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    1. Roxlou Games Creator on

      Those are cool reference videos, and really fitting considering where we want to take the game.


    2. Missing avatar

      cpt_freakout on

      And look at this one, it's a lot more western than most, but it's got a nice use of colors, I think:…

    3. Missing avatar

      cpt_freakout on

      It's great!!

      About the color thing, I think the palette you're using now is pretty spot-on, and I also think the Balinese shadow puppet theme could provide some ideas about the use (and abuse) of color. Warm, light-needing colors can be as bleak as you want! One quick youtube example here:…

    4. Roxlou Games Creator on

      @Disposable hero
      Not to worry about overuse of color. The fruit is a good example of what we want to do. A muted backdrop and then just a few splashes of color to draw the eye. In this case the fruit is a usable resource by the player ("food"), and once it's consumed the fruit and the color is removed.

      We're committed to adding color and variety, but doing so sparingly. We want to find the perfect balance that makes you want to be there and be a part of the world, but also conveys isolation, alienation, and danger.

      We agree with the others in this thread that Amanda has done a good job setting us off in this direction.

    5. Missing avatar

      Salvo on

      the new art looks amazing

    6. Jared Wheeler on

      Amazing. Can't wait to see this art completed and integrated with gameplay.

    7. shockedder

      wonderful... it's an absolutely wonderful piece of art.

    8. Disposable hero on

      fantastic ! I love this kind of scene for this kind of game
      But I have request : do not put a lot of colour on this. To much color will remove the ambiance of cold-dangerous world of the game. Has it look like now it's (for me) perfect.
      Or perhaps you could slighty increase the color as the tribe comes near the lair of the god ?
      I hope it will, keep up the good work !

    9. Roxlou Games Creator on

      @Lewis and @Blackstaff
      Thanks guys, we'll be sure to pass your comments to Amanda. If you check now the front page should have the new art replacing the old screenshot. We've also added this update under the "important updates" section.

      Note that if you still don't see it, it might be that Kickstarter is holding the change for review or something like that.

    10. Lewis on

      That's a landscape I want to explore. Truly gorgeous. It seems to fit the unit design better and really makes them pop. Agreed with Blackstaff--it deserves some prominence on the main page.

    11. Blackstaff on

      Ah, and you need to show that on your front page and, if possible, maybe edit your video with it instead of the old one.

    12. Blackstaff on

      Awesome and fascinating !

      Bring the roxlous, my tribe will storm the place :)