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Permanent decisions and infinite variety. Create a nomadic tribe and guide them across a randomly generated tundra to meet its God.
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Spread the Word! Profile Avatar for Backers.

Posted by Roxlou Games (Creator)

Today we're halfway through our campaign, and one of our biggest accomplishments has been attracting backers that are as committed to the project as we are. We want to continue using your passion and dedication to spread the word about Unwritten, which is why we've created this special "avatar" to use as your profile icon.

Use it here on Kickstarter, or anywhere you want to start conversations about the project. We've included several sizes, although be sure to leave a comment if you find that none of these work for you.

Getting exposure remains our biggest challenge, and we've learned a few things the hard way. One thing we didn't anticipate is how long it would take a smaller site or podcast to publish an interview or article. This is one reason we've had trouble getting the word out during the second week. However, we have several bits of press we expect to see soon (and new updates on the way), so we're excited about Unwritten's prospects.

In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing. Tweet, share, and otherwise tell people about the project. And tell us your ideas in the comments too. The profile avatar released today comes at the suggestion  of backers like you, so we absolutely read all feedback and respond as best we can.

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    1. Roxlou Games Creator on

      @Derek Kupper
      That's a great idea!

      Looks like we can't get the current image to fit easily into the required Facebook dimensions, so Lee will have to take a crack at something new. Hopefully should have that soon.

    2. Derek Kupper on

      Any chance of getting a FB Cover sized pic?