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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Rahul on…

      In this case, the original has a very claustrophobic appearance. The new one is not bad, to say the least and is very, very modern.
      But, I want difficulty breathing when playing System Shock!

    2. Rahul on…

      In this case, the original has a very claustrophobic appearance. The new one is not bad, to say the least and is very, very modern.
      But, I want difficulty breathing when playing System Shock!

    3. stephane deslauriers on

      "Retro mode", after beating the game once, would be an especially nice reward! I always loved working towards these cool extra goodies after the fact (especially if I didn't know about it), to REALLY appreciate the game all over again! Yes please =)

    4. Andre on

      From September update

      "Now let’s take a look at the updated SS1 textures within Unreal - again, these are not final, they are the original game textures updated with PBR properties! However, due to the positive feedback we received we will be using these textures for a “Retro Mode” that you’ll be able to access in the final release. Should this be a mode you have to unlock or should it be available from the offset? Please share your opinion with us in our Discord channel."

    5. Andre on

      Hi Krayzkrok and Charlie. In the previous update they talked about a retro mode and asked how people wanted it to be made available. As a toggle option or an unlockable feature.

      So, there will be a reto mode with these old system shock tiles. Would seem like a waste not to as the work has been done to put them on the game block out

    6. Missing avatar

      Matti Peltoniemi on

      Simon, that's what I wish too but it's highly unlikely to happen :(

    7. Alexa4077 on

      Gotta say I agree with krayzkrok. I love the look of the original textures. I think a graphics option to use those would be amazing or even a "on the fly" switch option similar to what microsoft/343i did with the remasters of Halo CE and Halo 2.

    8. Missing avatar

      jarkko kinnunen on

      Good work, keep this up!

    9. krayzkrok on

      Incidentally, I see you mention in the YouTube video that these are still the original textures and not the final art, but again please make these an option! It just looks too perfect as a meld between the original and modern styles as it is.

    10. krayzkrok on

      Progress on this project continues to impress. This is pretty much what I imagined you were going for with the initial pitch.

    11. Missing avatar

      Franz Luger on

      Ah, it's getting better! :-)
      But, please , tell me I can disable that nasty, shiny Bloom off in the graphics options!

    12. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Shappell on

      This update is the best in a long time, really liking the progress being made. Keep it up!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jiri Matejka on

      Hi, I have something about the door. Selected doors have a really nice design! But why is the pink (pink, really) power field used by the energy grating door? Anywhere in the original game used red or green energy field. And why the ying yang executive door opens with the red line when opening. Green would make sense. This does not make sense. Otherwise thumb up, good work.

    14. Shaun Gupta on

      Correction: There was a "Backer Mission" met that expanded to Humanoid Mutant ($50) and above for Closed Beta.

    15. Shaun Gupta on

      Really loving the updates and progress on this and happy to see a lot of people feeling the same!
      A couple housekeeping notes:
      1.) Please keep in mind much of this is still Work-In-Progress. What you're seeing is a mix of new more finalized assets (such as some of the doors) along with some textures and assets that are used as placeholders and will likely be part of retro mode - wall textures are a great example of some of these "in-between" assets not yet in their final remake form. So as good as it all looks, the final build should look even better in areas. Lighting is also not finished yet.
      2.) Closed beta early access was the only tier reward listed, as at the time, access to the alpha for some backers was not necessarily planned. The alpha is not the same thing as the beta and is being used to assist the team in resolving early issues and/or getting very early feedback before a lot of game elements are completely in. Currently (and as said from the first alpha announcement), access to the alpha is very limited, and expansions to that are based on criteria determined by the team (amount of feedback they both need and can handle, etc.). Everyone Drone Cyborg or higher will still get access to the closed beta as promised to help provide feedback and bugtest once the game is in a more complete state (which is why it's then beta instead of alpha).

    16. Benjamin van houts on

      what backer level does one have to have pledged to get access to this?

    17. Greg Ellis on

      Loving those comparison shots. Looks fantastic

    18. Scege on

      I'm not trying to be pushy but I'm curious as to why certain backer tiers are being chosen when none of them said alpha acess and only beta access.

      Just a lil curious is all.

    19. Egamruf on


      Do you realise you're talking about implementing Real Time Ray Tracing? Whilst certain engines can implement it, unless you've purchased an RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti, it's unlikely you'd be able to play the game that was eventually released?

      See -… as an example. It hasn't been feasible to render in real time, at anything approaching a sensible frame rate, until very recently - it still won't be for 99.99% of the player base.

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Dumble on

      I hope we can play this with the original Music tracks, the new versions just don't do anything for me. Not techno enough for the Cyberpunk setting IMO.

    21. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      @Nightdive - Only criticism at the moment is the flashlight. "apparently surfaces in the future absorb light" if DooM 3 taught us anything.

      Please correct for the specular highlighting and reflection that a real world flashlight would have (I understand the atmosphere you're going for) as every time I play an FPS that has a flashlight it's like it doesn't take into account how a beam of light reflects off of real surfaces and bounces light back.

      Anything outside of the light beam is almost always pitch black (in an indoor, enclosed area, this is incorrect) and should account for the reflection you would get.

      Anyway, I hope you can adjust and take that into account (I'd hope that UE4 can do that) so you don't fall into the trap that most FPS games in the last 20 years fell into with the pitch blackness that is outside of anything that the direct beam of light doesn't illuminate.

    22. Louis on

      Damn, those are some sexy doors.

    23. Missing avatar

      Nick Harrington on

      There's definitely a wide variety and they all look cool.

    24. ludo1800 on

      This short video restored my faith in this project !
      Thanks guys, keep up the good work !

    25. Andre on

      Hi Nick, The variety of doors are a big part of System Shock. And they are being creative with them. Like NDS said...."We love doors."

      I think the neon is a nice touch on the ying yang door.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nick Harrington on

      As someone who never played the original game...what's the deal with the door porn?