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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

June Update

Posted by Nightdive Studios (Creator)

Hello backers! It’s Stephen from Nightdive with this month’s update.

It’s been another productive month so let’s get right to it!  

Jonathan continues to bust out prop after prop for the medical deck!



While Matt is waiting on final art for interactables he’s been working on everyone’s favorite portable game console, the GAME PIG! (working title!) We can’t share a ton of details right now, but our Game Pig will include an original game...

Here’s a very early prototype of controllable (proxy) sprites on one of our props. The Game Pig is really going to Rock, Man.


Chris is working on props, puzzles and some underlying tech to give our art and design teams flexibility when building new props. One of the features he’s developed is the ability to change tile set colors within UE4.


He’s also working on puzzles and how they will be placed and implemented into the levels.


Daniel has finished the Blockout of Level R and has been working on Level 7.


Robb has been working on re-imagining tiles from the original game. Here’s one of the doors and the updated concept from Robb:



 And...the model/animation from Jonathan:

and finally...


Updated Cyborg Drone concept!


Survey...take 2!

We ran into a small issue with the surveys for the CITADEL CREW MEMBER, CYBORG ELITE, and HUMAN CORPSE backers. We wanted to send them through Kickstarter but realized that creators are only allowed to send ONE survey, which means that when physical goods are ready to be sent out we wouldn’t be able to send out an additional survey requesting updated mailing addresses. We’ve moved over to another service and will be sending those soon.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition Update!

The time is nearly here! The source port for System Shock: Enhanced Edition is in Closed Beta and if you own the game on Steam you can play it RIGHT NOW!




You can opt-in to product betas by right clicking the System Shock: Enhanced Edition in your Steam Library and choosing "Properties".  

Next, enter the password "saltthosefries" under the "Enter beta access code to unlock private betas text box, select the “new_beta” from the drop-down menu...and launch the game!

Join the System Shock: Enhanced Edition Discord channel to discuss changes, bugs, and anything else you encounter!  

There will also be a Level Editor created by @dertesha who is always lurking in the Source Code Channel - he’s been working on an unofficial source port you can check out here:

Our goal is to include the Editor with the final release which will allow the creation of New Levels, and the ability to replace assets from the base game such as textures, sounds, audiologs, etc!


Streaming Update:

June 13th  
Daniel, Karlee and myself will be hosting an E3 stream where we’ll discuss all the latest news and announcements from the event.  

June 14th  
Jonathan will be doing his first art stream!

Thanks again to DeepChrome for the amazing avatar!
Thanks again to DeepChrome for the amazing avatar!


June 29th  

Surprise MP Stream of an upcoming Nightdive release!


Here’s our upcoming streaming schedule!  

June 11th Daniel @2pm PST/5pm EST  

June 13th E3 w/ Daniel, Karlee &Stephen @4pm PST/7pm EST  

June 14th Jonathan Holmes @6pm PST/9pm EST  

June 15th Stephen @6pm PST/9pm EST  

June 18th Daniel @2pm PST/5pm EST  

June 20th Karlee @4pm PST/7pm EST  

June 22nd Stephen @6pm PST/9pm EST 

June 25th Daniel @2pm PST/5pm EST 

June 27th Karlee @4pm PST/7pm EST 

June 28th Jonathan Holmes @6pm PST/9pm EST 

June 29th Surprise MP Stream! @4pm PST 

 If you missed any of our streams and want to catch up, you’re in luck! We’ve uploaded all of our streams to YouTube! 



Continued Communication:  

Please join us on Discord!

We’re in there every day answering questions!
We’re in there every day answering questions!


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    1. Thufir Hawat on

      Really, Bill? Sky godders have been claiming that for 2000 years, i'd have thought that by now they'd have realised that no, no he isn't.

      Also, comparing someone to a street preacher isn't exactly the same as calling someone a "blathering retard". Try comparing like for like next time will you?

    2. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      And while you're getting snotty about the Bible, Thufir, consider this carefully:

      Jesus will return before SS1 does.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      Thufir Hawat:

      "...when you resort to childish insults you have lost not only the argument, but also the right to be taken seriously."

      Then, literally next sentence,

      " You're like a nutter on a street corner with a bible in one hand and a loud speaker in the other, a source or irritation and amusement."

      In case you're wondering why you're not taken seriously, perhaps you could try reading with as much verve and elan as you imagine you write, hypocrite.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      Medical level furniture. Two years and $1.3 million later, you're still working on fiddly bits for level 1.

      Maybe you could model a defibrillator because I and my $30 called the time of death three months ago.

    5. Thufir Hawat on

      As I said, when you resort to childish insults you have lost not only the argument, but also the right to be taken seriously. You're like a nutter on a street corner with a bible in one hand and a loud speaker in the other, a source or irritation and amusement, nothing else.

    6. Insecticon on

      @Thufir Hawat
      Maybe I am taking it a little too personal, but saying that name-calling invalidates anything I have to say is quite stupid.

      You can't even be bothered to refute any of the things I actually said, which far outweighs the one line at the beginning of my comment.

    7. Thufir Hawat on

      Oooooooh, get her, she definitely doth protest too much.Are you Stephen Kicks mum or something? You seem to be taking all of this very personally.
      When you have to resort to childish name calling, you've lost the argument.
      Toodle pip old bean.

    8. Shaun Gupta on

      Folks, please watch the name-calling as well as making baseless assumptions (ie. how much NDS has spent, which nobody has data on). Neither is helpful to the discussion.

      Personally, I'm pleased with the improved communications, interesting dev streams, and progress of the game. Yes, a lot of the level design had to be done anew since much of the previous work was based on a radically different Citadel, but the Unreal engine move as well as some monster (and likely other) work remains, albeit some of it being modified, and most people seem to like this new direction much better. Greybox is nearing completion, assets are being pumped out, and things are moving pretty smoothly now. It's fair if you didn't agree with some of the early game decisions or were disappointed in the delay, but the reality is, developers, especially developers new to this kind of project, sometimes need to make those types of mistakes - my opinion is better a lesson learned now than stubbornly continuing down a path that you know isn't working.

      The stuff you're seeing in dev streams (and some of the stuff you're seeing in these updates) isn't "concept art" - they're in-engine game assets. It's true they're focusing on the main game levels first, but that doesn't mean they don't have some ideas about Cyberspace.

      Last word was a new KickStarter update should be coming in the next couple weeks, and that should reveal some new information.

      As far as the Shock ReWired fan mission, everyone's excited about it, including the people at NDS! NDS's recently released source port of the original game helped make it possible as well. Definitely check it out:

    9. Insecticon on

      @Thufir Hawat
      There's just no reasoning with you.

    10. Insecticon on

      @Thufir Hawat
      Keep telling yourself that, you blathering retard.
      Would you rather have the game now, when it's nowhere near being done, or wait for the game to come out, when it's actually finished? What is another two years to you, don't you have anything better to do, other than polluting the Kickstarter page?
      I don't think that Nightdive's decisions have been the best, but the turnaround we've seen, along with the open devstreams where people can ask questions and see actual dev-work are pretty reassuring to me.

    11. Thufir Hawat on


      Oooooh, get her, I think thou doth protest too much.
      You bring up the dev streams as if this is proof that NDS are delivering...if the dev streams prove anything it's that at the time the game was supposed to be finished and launched, NDS had NOTHING. They're still doing basic work on levels, still designing background stuff like doors and have no idea what to do with cyberspace...if you think this is a good thing then there's something seriously wrong with you!

    12. Thufir Hawat on


      Why would Amazon be taking 10%? I'm assuming you meant to say Kickstarter, who take between 3 & 5%. I'll take the 20% tax rate. Since they're only now creating actual levels, background stuff etc, I think we can assume that hardly any of what they produced could be recycled....they're still working on the medical level and still have no idea what cyberspace will look much for your "critical thinking" whether they've wasted $300,000 or $500,000, thats still backers money that they've pissed down a drain, you might be happy with that, but a lot of us aren't.

    13. Bjornen on

      I see you don't understand the meaning of "delivered"

      It is not "promised"
      It is not "streamed on a developer's PC"
      It is not "shown on Discord"

      It is finished, packed, and available for the paying customers. That, my friend, still did not happen. We only have concept arts.

    14. Insecticon on

      There's a reason game development has become more expensive with time, but you're probably too stupid to see why.

    15. Insecticon on

      Oh, and on another note: It is significantly easier to develop content for outdated, archaic engines, given they are less advanced than newer ones.

    16. Insecticon on

      If you haven't watched them, that is.

    17. Insecticon on

      You sure you've even bothered watching any of the streams? If so, you really don't have a forum to speak of what Nightdive has "delivered."

    18. Bjornen on

      Quite embarrasing that some guys made this in 3 months and this Kickstarter has not even delivered anything more than concept art

    19. Egamruf on

      @Thufir Hawat

      I mean... it didn't cost 1.3 million pounds. The kickstarter received 1.3 million USD. Amazon takes about 10%. Tax takes about 20%. I assume it cost them about $900,000 to produce what they have. Sensibly speaking, between 50 and 70% of that would have produced assets and material which could be recycled. Pure supposition, but I doubt they blew more than $200,000 - $300,000 on ideas and an engine which have now been scrapped.

      That's not excuses mate, that's just called critical thinking.

    20. Thufir Hawat on

      @ Zangdaarr, shhhhh, you'll wake up the NDS excuse fairies whose job it is to twist the truth and make it look like NDS didn't waste £1.3 million and 2 years and are in fact super productive. We are all to just ignore the fact that they have yet to finish a level and that the best they can do in their dev videos is show concept art and design background items in the know...the stuff that should have been finished 2 years ago..... damn i think i woke them up...

    21. Zangdaarr on

      So, two years into it and we still does not have the level 1 fully designed.

    22. Missing avatar

      John Burton on

      @Shaun Gupta
      I think them releasing the pre-hiatus build wouldn't be a bad idea. There are those who have been sceptical of this games progress (myself included) and releasing that build would be evidence to refute the more vocal negative backers.

      Having expressed an opinion that it has been underwhelming for far too long, this would show that they were at least hard at work on it for all that time where nothing was delivered.
      Anyone still onboard will know that this build isn't evidence of the final quality, so I can't see it puncturing their enthusiasm. And it might silence the naysayers. Not that we have any choice but to stick with it now....still - it surely can't hurt the project at this point.

    23. Shaun Gupta on

      @Jan Killian, please either e-mail or join our discord at and shoot KarleeMeow a DM and she should be able to take care of that for you. Thanks!

    24. Jan Killian on

      Hi, how can I get the System Shock Enhanced and System Shock 2 that were part of the Humanoid Mutant backer level?

    25. Snakeeyz99 on

      This project went from one of the most disappointing one's I've backed to one of the most responsive ones very quickly. I'm glad my faith was well placed! You're doing awesome!

    26. Scott S. on

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the direction and output, thank you so much!

    27. Missing avatar

      tommynocker001 on

      This looks a little more like it! Keep it coming...


      When do I get a working version of Tic-Tac-Triop for my phone?
      Shodan inspired ring tones?
      Crew member jacket?
      Remember citadel mug? :)

    28. Shaun Gupta on

      @K, though the sourceport (keep in mind this is only beta at this time, not final) was originally planned to replace Enhanced Edition, there's been a lot of talk (and feedback requesting it) as far as keeping the current Enhanced Edition available as an option or alternate branch. Stephen did say they would consider keeping that available if there's enough feedback to that effect, but there's been no final word that I'm aware of as of yet, so stay tuned.

      @Thufir Hawat, you can see what they were working on with the pre-hiatus videos and trailers. Most of those assets were a much different art direction than both the original game and what they're doing now (based much more heavily on the original). That's not to say all the work was thrown out, but some of it no longer fit, and other assets needed to be either tweaked or newly created. For an example of an asset being reused, right before the hiatus (October IIRC), we were shown a brief video of the mutant. That same model has been worked on during recent streams by Stephen and converted into one more faithful to the original System Shock 1 mutant and Robb Waters' art. As for other pre-hiatus work, one of the recent streams mentioned the possibility (and I want to emphasize the word "possibility", as no promises were made) of eventually releasing a playable build of the pre-hiatus version so people could see what they were working on as sort of a history of this game's development, but it's unknown for sure if that will happen.

      Regarding the sourceport GOG beta release question, I'm not sure that's been answered yet, so stay tuned on that as well. (But I have little doubt the final version will be available everywhere Enhanced is, at any rate.)

    29. Thufir Hawat on


      Yeah I get that they lost focus....but surely one of the first things you do when creating a game is to create the environment and 'street furniture'. The fact that they're only getting round to this now tells me that they did pretty much nothing for a year and a half. What did they actually do during this period that ate up $1.3 million and 1.5 years? We may never know because they won't tell us.

    30. k on

      The source port is a neat option, but I wouldn't want to be unable to play the current EE.

    31. k on

      You don't plan to replace the original EE do you?

    32. Insecticon on

      I'd love to see a stream with Jonathan Peros doing some audio work. I remember he did a single stream early on in the project, but we haven't seen him since.

    33. Shaun Gupta on

      @icemann, as far as I know, Chris was having some internet issues in regards to streaming (he's been able to work, just not stream) - there's hope he'll be able to stream again soon. I think a Rob stream is planned eventually, but no word on when yet.

    34. Leo Borg on

      Looks really good! And really love your development streams. Looking forward to Jonathan's :)

    35. Morkislair on

      @Thufir. They said it and the painting was pretty much on the wall: they got carried away by their own success, detached themselves from the feel of the demo which hooked us so much, and after months of things getting out of hand and our own displeasure, they realised they had to pause, and reassess, and now they have to stir two years of developpement, salvage what they can and throw away what they can't, to make something more akin to what they originally envisionned and promised.

      Sometimes, Game dev goes wrong for a lot of reasons, but I'm glad Nightdive didn't give up.

    36. Missing avatar

      rms on

      Will this Source Port update make it's way to the GoG version, or is this forever steam-only?

    37. Thufir Hawat on

      This is all stuff that should have been finished a year ago! Seriously, what were you guys doing for 2 years with our $1.3 million?

    38. TriOptimum on

      After your big announcement where we all thought you were abandoning development entirely, I'm continually surprised to see you haven't shut down. I hope it stays that way and you release a game in some form :).

    39. DianNianMao on

      Looks awesome!

    40. icemann on

      What happened to Chris's streams? He did one, then vanished.

      I'd also like to see Rob do one. Getting to see how the various people do their work would be great.

      So far I've found Daniel's streams to be the best ones, since you get to hear of things from a level makers perspective.

    41. Shaun Gupta on

      Great update! Loving watching this being developed with all the streams! Also, SO PSYCHED GamePig is coming back - I honestly was worried that might be cut from the game, and I'm really happy it'll be there. =) Also, nice job on the Source Port beta - exciting times!

    42. Missing avatar

      Brian McGuire on

      My faith has never faltered. Looking good.

    43. Daniel Jewell on

      I opted into the beta for that source port, it's looking pretty good so far. I can't wait to see what mods will happen when the full version lands with that map editor, I would love to see what the fans do with the game. It would be great to see the game with some sharper textures, sprites and so forth.

    44. Nicolo Dresp on

      Hm...I got a bad feeling about this tbh.

    45. nitrium on

      Nice to see this project is back on track. Had pretty much given up on it tbh, and thought this was looking to be another failed Kickstarter (and one of reasons I stopped backing).

    46. Nick Boisson on

      Awesome! Also, any beta love for us GOG purchasers? :D

    47. Zoltán Sághy on

      I can't really see a thing from the blocked out map of Lever R. Will there be floors in the levels? I think it was previously mentioned that the level design was going to change because of the 20+ years of evolution of games.

    48. Paul Miller on

      Love the high-tech urinal in that first screenshot! Does it analyze blood proteins and things "on the fly" so-to-speak or do you play quick video games on it or something?

    49. William O'Meallain

      Yay! I thought this was dead...

    50. Missing avatar


      I'm thrilled to see this beginning to come together after seemingly stalling out. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to play it.