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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

May Update

Posted by Nightdive Studios (Creator)

Hello backers! It’s Stephen from Nightdive with this month’s update.


It’s been an insanely productive month on all fronts, but let’s cover general updates:  

We’d like to welcome Jonathan H. (Synaesthesia on Discord) to the team! Jonathan’s been cranking out props and assets for the Medical Deck. On the programming side the puzzles are going through rapid iteration so we can randomly generate their difficulty based on the difficulty level you’ve chosen at the start of the game. The interface/interactions are coming together quickly and you can now pick up and move items in your inventory. All other base interactions and usable inventory items have been proxied out and will be placed in the levels that are being blocked out. We’re on schedule with our goal of having the game being playable from start to finish (sans Weapons & Enemies) by September.

Kickstarter Surveys for the CITADEL CREW MEMBER, CYBORG ELITE, and HUMAN CORPSE backers are going out soon!

Next, let’s cover our Streaming initiative:

We’ve hosted 10 streams covering gaming and development of System Shock across multiple disciplines.

Chris M. has been working on modeling environment assets and building out the Medical deck.



I (Stephen K.) worked on converting the hi-res Humanoid Mutant character into the Virus Mutant.


Karlee’s been playing some games as a fun way to get to know everyone better and to explore Nightdive’s classic library as well as other indie titles.


Daniel G. blocked out and annotated almost the entirety of Level 7 (Systems Engineering) 


The streams have been a great way to show you guys what we’re up to and to answer development related questions as we’re working. Since we’ve had so much fun we’re going to be introducing new developers in their own streams and cover different areas of development in the near future.  

We’d also like to give DeepChrome a shout-out, we love the avatars you created for us!


If you missed any of our streams and want to catch up, you’re in luck! We’ve uploaded all of our streams to YouTube!

Click to check out our livestream playlist!
Click to check out our livestream playlist!


Here’s what we have in store for May:

May 7th: Dev w/Daniel Grayshon @2pm PST

May 9th: Gaming w/Karlee Meow @4pm PST

May 10: Gaming w/Karlee Meow @4pm PST

May 11th: Dev w/Stephen Kick @6pm PST

May 14th: Dev w/Daniel Grayshon @2pm PST

May 16th: Gaming w/Karlee Meow @4pm PST

May 17th: Dev w/Chris Mansell @12pm PST

May 18th: Dev w/Stephen Kick @6pm PST

May 21st: Dev /Daniel Grayshon @2pm PST

May 23rd: Gaming w/Karlee Meow @4pm PST

May 24th: Gaming w/Karlee Meow @4pm PST

May 25th: Dev w/Stephen Kick @6pm PST

May 28th: Dev w/Daniel Grayshon @2pm PST

May 30th: Gaming w/Karlee Meow @4pm PST

May 31st: Dev w/Chris Mansell @12pm PST


New Screenshots & Concepts:

If you’ve been joining us on stream you’ll recognize some of these new areas and assets taking shape.






Questions & Answers from Discord Community

Q: With the refocus/change in direction, will the game still be coming to Linux, Mac, PS4, and XBOX One?

A: Absolutely. Nightdive is now an authorized developer for both PlayStation and Xbox and with the refocus on style and scope we will also be able to port the game to another very popular platform.

Q: With the refocus/change in direction, will all the KickStarter rewards/physical items/promised perks still be coming?

A: Yes, all physical rewards will be produced. There are a few things we would like to re-visit, namely the Repair Bot figure included in the Big Box edition and the Citadel Station Statue offered to the CORTEX REAVER level backers. The Repair Bot is an insanely detailed and complex little figure that is proving to be quite fragile, so we’d like to consider a replacement item. If you have any ideas please let us know! As for the Citadel Station, it’s a similar issue with all the antennas and fragile pieces. Since we’ll be producing such low numbers we’re going to give those backers a choice of what they’d like made. Citadel Station, maybe a resin statue of one of the Mutants? Maybe a replica of a weapon from the game?

Q: Will all met stretch goals/backer mission goals from early in the campaign still make it into the game? IE, gender choice for the player character, hidden logs about SHODAN's creation, expanded narrative or station, etc.

A: Yes, all the stretch goals that were met will be included. We’ll go through and update the stretch goals as some of these were dependant on social media goals and external funding through Backerkit which have since been met and other that can still be met!

Q: What is the plan for Cyberspace?

A: We’ve worked on a few concepts throughout development and haven’t settled on anything quite yet. We currently have a two person team working specifically on Cyberspace and will hopefully have something to share soon. We feel like it’s such an important part of System Shock’s identity that we want to make sure it provides a jaw-dropping reaction the first time it’s experienced.

Q: In the live developers stream that focused on Medical, it was mentioned grayboxing was being done elsewhere on the station. How much of the station is roughly grayboxed out at this point?

A: Roughly 55% of the game has been blocked out.

Q: Is there anywhere I can apply to be an alpha/beta tester, quality control, or help with coding?

A: Not yet, but when we’re ready the Kickstarter backers will be the first to know. We will be looking for people with testing experience and an in-depth knowledge of System Shock.


Continued Communication:


 We’re in there every day answering questions!


Shout Out!

Finally we shave a shout out to the devs at Umeshu Lovers!

Forest of Liars is an adventure game that delivers a different experience every time you play. The game takes place in the titular Forest of Liars, a vast, lush labyrinth where explorers unmask the mysteries of a realm where many have entered but none have ever returned. There, you will encounter secretive strangers who can assist you on your quest to reach the forest’s heart. The core of the game lies in your interactions with your traveling companions as well as the many decisions you will need to make in a world as beautiful as it is dangerous. Your choices will guide you either to the breathtaking marvels of the forest or to an untimely and brutal death if you ignore the dangers that surround you.  

Check out their project here:


Also find us on:

See you next time~!


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    1. Matthew Benedek on

      I'm glad to see things are back on track. Keep up the good work!

    2. Thufir Hawat on


      "your constant petty trollish irrational and obsessive posts here, and how you acted on Discord before being banned, make a lot of sense"

      I never used discord, fool, any other lies you want to peddle while you're out from under your rock?

    3. Sterling Treadwell

      @Thufir- Shut up already. I wouldn't call Grumpy Greg an asshat, he's actually being rational, and fairly reasonable with his statements. I don't see him flaming and trying to stir the pot. Whereas looking back, I see you jumping to fan the flames every time someone posts an unhappy regard.
      Do you actually live for this or something? Are you mentally ill? Are you like... 12? Because if you were mentally ill or immature, your constant petty trollish irrational and obsessive posts here, and how you acted on Discord before being banned, make a lot of sense. Keep chasing that sewer pipe little guy. Someday you might catch all the sh*t you are looking for.

    4. Thufir Hawat on

      @ Greg, careful, if you complain about NDS incompetence you get called an "asshat" by NDS apologists sterling treadwell and andre and invited to join the NDS forum on discord where you'll get instablocked if you dare ask difficult questions or, god forbid, ask for a refund!

      As for your post, you're 100% correct. They're posting concept art in their updates...concept art, that should have been finished 2 years ago, heck these things should be rendered already...and they don't even know what the cyberspace element of the game will look like. They've taken us all for fools.

    5. Missing avatar

      Grumpy Greg on

      OK. So.... Another roundup of so called "updates" from NDS.
      Where are we at right now?
      Still before beginning.
      The old demo is Unity, new demo is UNREAL. Is is so unreal it is just not real.
      Level re/design: unknown
      Music: unknown
      FX: unknown
      Funds provided by System Shock believers: dwindling I suppose (because there is still not corp. report on the project)
      Current status: still 6 months before Kickstarter campaign 2016.

      I feel sorry for the other System Shock believers. Also I feel sorry for the NDS employees.
      There is a strong possibility that one day you will wake up with the message from your higher ops: "Sorry. No need to go to work. Place has been sold. Your salary will be paid. In two years. I promise. Yeah. Trust me on that."
      "Also your personal stuff in the premises has been pawned."
      "Wishing you well from Canary Islands.
      The Management."

      I've said it before. It is all based on trust.

      You know what? People would understand an update like:
      "Hello folks. After a long talks we've checked the numbers. 1.3mil$ from Kicktarter seems enormous, but:
      - the xxx% for Kickstartrer is...
      - the zzz$ for the lawers is ....
      - the ccc$ for the new engine is ... (sorry, but after dev build tests the Unity will not provide enough ...)
      - we are left with WWW$ (to put away MMM$ for sountdtrack and FXs)
      - We need to get financial support from 3rd party to build a game that you will love and we will not ashamed of. [The moral of the story is - the Kickstarter money will not be able to fund the whole game. We will put the rest of the money to build another demo to grab more money from 3rd paty (aka Evil Publishers). It will take time and resources, so bear with us.]

      But no. You've chose the Dark Side. 'cause the stupid gamers will believe anything.
      Sorry Shaun, sorry Karlee... This is the situation you are being at the frontline. You will be blamed...
      21,625 people believed in what you've said.
      Tell me, how many there was a pleads for a refund? How many people have you betrayed?

      Riddle mi this: How many dreams of System Shock REBORN have you killed with your irresponsibility/greed?
      - Where is the demo of CURRENT engine?
      - Where are the promised PHYSICAL items?
      - On what stage is the GAME right now?

      Be aware.
      - No demo = scam.
      - No items = (there was a timeline I believe, for them) = scam
      - No game (deadline is soooooo off) = scam.

      Your BBB ratng is "D". Great work. Almost bottom.

    6. Shaun Gupta on

      While I still think the last few updates have been substantive personally, I agree there are some ideas here that could possibly improve them further, including the captions, shortened gameplay-only videos, and greybox topdowns. Hopefully these are something NDS can at least consider since I'll agree not everyone has time to watch all the streams or use all other communication channels available.

    7. Missing avatar

      tommynocker001 on

      I also note that there has been another round of t-shirts brought for the team "... that look really cool under blacklight." While I muse on the idea that the team are working on the project under blacklight, such items were probably not cheap. It would be a philanthropic move to have brought t-shirts out of personal funds. I suspect, however that this is not the case...

    8. Missing avatar

      tommynocker001 on

      @Shaun Gupta
      Thanks for trying to lay out this quandary for me. I'd like to point out that when I first played System Shock I was not particularly young. While I like the idea of a younger audience being introduced to the System Shock franchise, I suspect that many of the core backers may well be like me. I don't really twitch (well not often, mostly involuntary :), These platforms are just not my preferred medium.
      I am not any kind of design layout guru, but what is above is just not working for me.
      The first paragraph is all about super backers and their rewards. It is the bulk of the written content.
      The failure to describe the screenshots in any kind of detail, leaves me to try to decipher what I'm looking at for myself. Please, just give me proper screenshots of what was completed last month with short (no more than 5-15 min) video links if you have rendered footage. No hours of long rambling video. Isn't that what twitch is for? Instead cut down videos into smaller, bite size chunks of these most interesting bits that you refer to...
      55% of the station is completed. A top down screenshot of a grey boxed area would be fine. Just make sure it has a description of what I'm looking at. You're not giving away any spoilers here.
      A rendered picture can speak a thousand words, it just needs at least a few words to put it into a frame of reference.
      A bit less of this 'sleight of hand' style of misdirection, showing me something unrelated to the game to bulk out the content would be appreciated.

    9. Chase Dahl on

      Note to any newbies reading this update and thinking of backing:

      - Project was recently rebooted after 2+ years of mismanagement;
      - You are seeing ground-floor assets(basic level blocking, 3d asset creation, concept art) for a project that is already in its fourth year of development
      - Information about system tuning (e.g. what makes System Shock special) lacking; for example, how the various player addons (thinking Sensaround here) will work... again, after 2+ years
      - Still no firm decision on Cyberspace other than "uh, it'll be cool" (reminds me of Zen in "Black Mesa", another remake, and one that's approaching a decade old)

      Think very carefully about backing this project, is all I'm saying...

    10. Thufir Hawat on


      I know, right? It's amazing that they're still producing concept art for and have no idea what cyberspace will look like in a game that was meant to be out by now and that they spent 2 years and $1.3 million on. I would have been better giving $200 to a hobo in the street and asking him to go away and remaster system shock...I mean a hobo can't do worse than a "team of industry veterans", can he?

    11. Bjornen on

      Those concept arts have to be the most expensive wallpapers I've purchased in my entire life.

    12. Shaun Gupta on

      @tommynocker001, there really are no "super backers" as far as communications - everybody who backed has access to KS, Discord, the streams, and the forums, regardless of pledge level.

      I get that not everybody has time to watch the complete streams (I'm a few behind myself), but a lot of us who do watch 'em would be happy to point out particularly cool bits, or it's pretty easy with the YouTube streams to scroll through the preview thumbnail quickly to see if there are any parts you'd like to take a closer look at. (For example, the last fifteen minutes of Stephen's first stream showed off a lot of medical as well as some grayboxed items and puzzle design. The end of Daniel's first stream also showed some of medical in-engine.)

      I think your suggestion of more screenshots in updates is a good one, and hopefully NDS will take it into consideration for the future, but I'd also argue they're overall putting out quite a bit of development content (which is announced on Kickstarter, even if not hosted here).
      It's true that it does take some time on the part of backers to keep up with, though I personally feel the text updates here with a few screenshots do a decent enough job of summarizing it that backers can decide if they want to watch the additional content. As development progresses, I'm sure there will be more still images to show as well (various levels of the station, etc.). I'm a little puzzled by your frustration with "two rendered images" - I count 6 that include game assets (though 3 are from streams within the development software, and 1 of those is work on a monster, but are just as representative of the in-game work).

    13. Nightdive Studios Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Please check out our archive of streams that we continue to do each week:…

      We are continuously doing live Q&A sessions while deving the game!

    14. Missing avatar

      tommynocker001 on

      I can understand that underlying structures need to be in place. However the team seem to take a lot of time to keep their super backers happy and up to date, to the cost of anyone else who also backed. If only two screenshots were taken every work day, even if you only worked two days per week, you'd have eighteen screenshots to publish at the end of a month. This would give backers who don't have time to (or even want to) sit down and wade through hours of video footage, but come here for a visual update. This is what the team send me in an email, this is where they keep me updated. Two rendered images and two concept art pieces is insulting...

    15. Shaun Gupta on

      I encourage some of the people wondering about greyboxing to check out some of the Dev streams (both past and the several upcoming) on Nightdive's YouTube channel:

      In particular, Stephen's 04/20 dev stream shows off some greybox work near the end (in the last 15 minutes or so) as well as some item models and early puzzle design, and Daniel's stream shows greybox work as it's being actively worked on. One of the nice things about the Dev streams is we're able to watch some of these levels come together in virtually realtime (and I count 9 scheduled for this month alone).

      A lot of the reason so much of Medical is being shown in these early screenshots is that's simply where most of the texture and finish work is, which is more interesting to look at for the moment. That doesn't at all mean work isn't being done in other areas (greyboxing, monsters, etc.), which is evident from the dev streams. Also, this isn't concept art - it's in-game footage. The concept art shown afterwards is just to give an idea of what their plans are for certain items, etc.

      Certainly scrapping the plan for the pre-hiatus reworked Citadel meant some work recreating the more classic level design, but in my opinion (from watching the dev streams), development seems to be moving along smoothly - it's just that some of the foundation work like greyboxing has to be done before the screenshot-sexy stuff like texturing and lighting gets to be implemented. :)

    16. Thufir Hawat on

      Where's Andre? I'd have thought the NDS apologist n chief would be here defending NDS with all the vigor of a seagull trying to steal a childs ice cream.... But I digress...
      I'm glad i'm not the only one who has noticed that NDS have been milking the same piece of corridor for a couple of months a previous update you claimed that high tier backers would be able to beta test the game in September.....great, I can just imagine them running down a corridor, turning, then running back down the same corridor because there is nowhere else to go. You claim last month was "insanely productive", you want to maybe show us something we haven't already seen? How about a podcast where your hired goons troll discord looking for people who are asking for a refund...then ban them? You could even turn it into a game to keep Karlee entertained!

    17. jorlinn on Linux on

      Hmm, while it is honest to mention that Karlee is playing games to get a feel for the team, I don't know if I would have included that in the update. Something about KS backers' money being well spent and such.

      I find it a bit worrysome that you seem to be virtually back to square one, in spite of "it having been an insanely productive month on all fronts". Could you please elaborate a bit more on this grayboxing process?
      In this stage of the game design, I expect a little more than just concept art... and most of what is shown relates to the very beginning of the game.
      On the altering of puzzle designs: If you introduce more difficulty levels than there were in the original Shock 1, then this is a logical approach.
      If you want to make it really difficult and still somewhat realistic, you could for instance look at the very early games by Zachtronics, the Ruckingenur games.
      The issue here is that the technology referenced here stems from the early nineties of the previous century. But I digress, these are " Golden Bumpers", things tthat can be worked on after the base game is completed.

    18. Ravenknight on

      If youre referrring to me. I'm here to observe and discuss the project and the way it's handled. I'm still interested in the product I backed even if my trust for NDS abilities to handle the process is, shall we say, somewhat damaged by the events.

    19. Insecticon on

      To all of the naysayers:

      If you've already made up your minds about the project and know that Nightdive won't be offering any refunds (for now, anyways), then why are you still here?

    20. Missing avatar

      John Burton on

      Short of Stephen Kick posting an image where he's rolling around in their cash whilst giving backers the middle finger - what does it take for people to realize they're being taken for fools?

      I didn't even mention the fact that they're still not making a straightforward remake, despite saying that they would now stick to the original design.

      One of the last streams discussed altering the difficulty level of puzzles based on the games difficulty. How is that sticking to the original design, if they're changing it? Do they even know what it means when you say you won't do something?

      They're very late delivering the game, and the time they spend figuring out and programming those changes should really be spent on just completing it as is, and as the backers want it to be!

      But, no!

      They're taking twice as long because of their own arrogance, have broken almost every promise they made, and yet they still do things like beggars belief.

    21. Missing avatar

      Franz Luger on

      I cannot find any improvement in the screenshots - everything still looks clumsy, greasy plastiline, formed by the insensitive and careless fingers of a giant, monstrous, exxagertatedly shiny and everything else but subtle... :-(
      The design: a catastroghy! How come you don't see it?
      Sorry for hurting your feelings, but I have been repeatedly tellling you so from the first disastrous demo onwards and there is no indication you are willing to improve... :-(
      I am beginning think it would be best you canceled that futile project, returned our money and turn back to producing "enhanced editions" - something you have shown you can successfully do!

    22. Missing avatar

      tommynocker001 on

      So, I've re-examined the big picture, and I've drawn new conclusions.
      The constant use of the kickstarter stream to shout out other games is advertising revenue to fund the reimagining of System Shock. There is one developer on this project, working out of his bedroom, making the whole game.
      I think I understand the extra two year window for release now. :)

    23. Ravenknight on

      @John Burton
      I bet it takes a certain kind of mindset to commit fraud at this level and still sleep at night. Making Kickstarters aren't for everyone. :P

    24. Missing avatar

      tommynocker001 on

      The thing that bothers me is that that is the same corridor from two different directions. The same corridor that some poor renderer in his bedroom was making. sure, it's nicely rendered. But anyone could knock out some nicely rendered pictures with the right software. I googled system shock remastered and found at least three other pictures of that briefcase with various tools. I also saw a whole book of concept art...
      So the only new thing here is two nice renders of an old corridor? Hmm. Maybe I need to take two steps back to see the whole picture...

    25. Missing avatar

      tommynocker001 on

      Wait, the same videos as last month, MORE concept art and a host of other games? So what about the last 30 days? Did you just play other games?

    26. Missing avatar

      John Burton on

      Oh man! I got's ta run me a kickstarter campaign. So many dumb people with more money than sense, that I can brazenly exploit!

      1) Is the game what people paid for? nope

      Oh, it is now, but that's only because NDS failed to get more funding from publishers and now have to meet their original commitment to those who made this all possible.

      2) Is the game delivered in a timely fashion? nope

      3) Are the backer rewards what people paid for? nope - here's a quote from this update^^^^

      "The Repair Bot is an insanely detailed and complex little figure that is proving to be quite fragile, so we’d like to consider a replacement item"

      "Preferably a replacement item that's cheaper to produce, and cheaper to ship, because we've not got the funds left to meet our promises....."

      No, wait! That's too truthful an admission...Er....what it means to say is....

      "We're inept and didn't do our due diligence regarding the creation of these items before taking backers money for them. Please accept our apologies as we offer a simpler, and therefore more robust, model. "

      "With it being purely coincidental that this much more basic model is much less expensive to manufacture, and requiring less expensive packaging and delivery"

      Yeah - that's much more professional as reasons go, No need to admit wasting all the cash. Instead, just give the impression you're incompetent, or naive, about running kickstarter campaigns, and that'll fly...

      4) Are the backers still blindly accepting multiple failures in keeping promises? yep!

      It's a nice little earner, I tells ya! And best of all, there ain't nuffink they can do about it once they've paid their cash!!!

      Now, if only I could get a well respected IP that's fallen out of favour on the cheap, and then exploit that nostalgia factor...

      Hmmn, I wonder if Turok is available to do as a straightforward remake? Gotta imagine that dinosaurs are quite easy to make models of, so they can be offered as rewards.

      Heck! Maybe I can find some old Jurassic Park figurines in a bargain bin and make a killing! Yesssss!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Joe Tang on

      "with the refocus on style and scope we will also be able to port the game to another very popular platform."


    28. Gedracon on

      1.) Don't forget we paid, at some pledge level, for beta access. Regarding the last Q&A point.
      2.) Keep in mind in the "we want to release on all platforms" not to try "one interface for every platform" it's always total crap.
      For the rest i don't care about more screenshots / concept arts, which we had in the past with no substance in the end....

    29. Thufir Hawat on

      "Insanely productive"? All i'm seeing here is yet more concept art. Also, "Forest of liars"? Is that NDS new address?

    30. Manu Eclipsiste on

      Great to see things back on track! Keep up the good job :)

    31. Shaun Gupta on

      Great update! Super excited!

      Personally, since a SERV-BOT is the first thing you meet and I've always loved 'em, I'd love to see a SERV-BOT model, and it might be more robust than the repair bot for modeling purposes (though still would be a bit complex). Though I do love the idea of a 1:1 audio log replica as well. As far as Citadel, I'd still love to see a way to see those statues/models, but some other options could be pretty cool too!

      Really digging the more frequent updates and regular streaming - it's fun to watch this thing come together!

      Keep up the good work!

    32. Missing avatar


      An audio log disk replica is a good idea. If it's in 1:1 scale, it would be nice!

    33. Missing avatar


      I'm so glad to see this specific progress. Excellent!

    34. RedBeakRaven on

      Excellent to see this project get a bit more life, at least when talking about Kickstarter. I'm liking the refocus and look of things so far. Glad to see the stretch goals will be acted upon as well!

      As for a substitute for the repair bot figure, perhaps a small computer & screen with SHODAN's face on it would be nice, or maybe a small mutant statue/figure would be less troublesome.

    35. Dracostar on

      Watching this come to life block by block is a treat~ Keep it up guys :D Definately worth the investment imo

    36. Ravenknight on

      At least it looks like they are working again. I will not say trust restored but they are trying. I will give them that much.

    37. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood

      Only a few years and millions of dollars later

    38. Missing avatar

      Carlos Avila on

      Yes! it's looking good now!

    39. Sabrina on

      zedbeeblebrox's idea is a good one. The Audio logs are such an iconic part of the game that it makes sense.

    40. zedbeeblebrox on

      Thank you very much for the in-depth update, Stephen. It's great and comforting to know the team is well back on track and enthusiastic to finally bring the remake to live.

      As for a possible Repair Bot figure replacement - what about a System Shock audio log disk?! That should be relatively easy to produce and should not break. Maybe the names of your team members could also be engraved to it on the backside for example. It's just the first thought that came to my mind. :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood

      More concept art. Good job guys

    42. Missing avatar

      Jens Lachetzki

      Good to see you back in the game. Personally I couldn't care less when it comes as long as it comes...and it is unlikely you will get lost again after all that happened...but keep us updated regularly

    43. Missing avatar

      Torsten Kötting on

      Nice to see the progress. I really like what i see, it resembles the originals atmosphere. Hope you don't mind litte nitpicking: i know you like the steam-effect, it highlights the engines capabilities and such but ... please dial it back (a lot!). Its a spacestation and not the rainforest :)

    44. Maty Aksenton on

      Great to hear things are back on track, and I'm glad to see my faith in you was not misplaced. Keep up the good work and give us the masterpiece we all deserve!

    45. Leo Borg on

      Or maybe it has already been done...

    46. Arkam on

      Okay I just want to say going back to the original aesthetic of the demo is a big plus for me :) From what I'm seeing here it looks like you guys are back on track and headed in the right direction!

    47. Leo Borg on

      When will the added money through BackerKit be withdrawn?

    48. Sterling Treadwell

      hmm forest of liars link seems to error out?