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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

January Update

Posted by Nightdive Studios (Creator)

Happy New Year to all our wonderful backers, we hope it has been a good one so far!

We thought a new video for the new year was what was needed. Join our Art Director Kevin Manning and some of our concept art team, Robert Simon & Cody Williams, to talk about some pieces as well as the process. 


Graybox Sneak Peek

Some of you may have already seen this little area posted on our Game Director Jason Fader's Twitter:

Recognize this area?
Recognize this area?




Q: When is the release date?  

A: We're still early in development. Once we enter our Production phase, we'll have more info for all of you.  

Q: What happened to the old Unity Demo?  

A: At this time, we have taken down the old demo since it does not reflect the current state of the project.  

Q: Will there be an Unreal Demo soon?  

A: We do not have plans to release a build of the game until the backer Beta begins.  

Q: Any hope for a Nintendo Switch version? How about Xbox One X?  

A: It is not off the table.  

Q: Will there be Mod Support?  

A: While we did not hit this goal as part of the Kickstarter, however it is a goal on Backerkit:  

Q: Will System Shock be Mac compatible?  

A: Yes. Mac, Linux, and Windows  

Q: How does the sizing work on the shirts?  

A: We will update the Backerkit entry with a sizing chart for both male and female shirts.

Q: Can I use PayPal as my payment method on Backerkit?  

A: We're still considering PayPal - hold tight!  

Q: How long do I have until I need to finalize my Backerkit survey?  

A: A few months before launch, we will send out a number of updates before we're ready to finalize orders.

Q: Are refunds available?

A: Nightdive Studios will not consider refunds until after the game is finished, as per standard practices with most Kickstarter campaigns.


If you have any other questions or support needs, please let us know here:

Or join in on the conversation on Discord:


GDC is around the corner and so is another big update, see you next time~!  

 (。・ω・。)ノ♡Karlee Meow  

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    1. Bart Gasiewski

      @Reppa, that's not the purpose of Kickstarter, so it is probably best you don't back anymore projects like you said.

    2. Missing avatar

      Reppa on

      So nearly two year after, the game still look like just a "concept".... ridiculous. Well it's seem that this game will be a part of the 90% of supported project who are in fact just a way to scam people :\... sorry but the game was supposed to be finished last year...You can do all the video you want, it's too late, i will never kickstart any project in the future.

      The idea of kickstarter is cool, but life didn't work this way... starting now i will only buy finished game when they'll release. And it count for dayone game with pre-annnounced DLC, i don't buy an half game ... i'll wait for a goty at 15$. You want my money ??? give me good thing.

    3. Remember Citadel on

      @Sean: The HUD is definitely a placeholder at this point.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sean Warren on

      My biggest critique is the HUD. I know it's early in development but those 3 bars seem so uninspired and bland. I'm hoping the cybernetic interface is detailed and intuitive to use. Otherwise, here's hoping to the success of the project.

    5. Anders T.N

      Honestly uploading any sort of video to show stuff off in 1080p is sort of a waste. The actual bitrate means all your colours are washed out and the fine detail long gone. I would recommend up-scaling the video to 4k before you upload it even if the source is 1080p as the 4k bitrate increase still means we get so see something closer to the actual source material.

    6. Leo Borg on

      @Jim Knapp: On the main campaign page for the game, here on Kickstarter, it says it will be for both PS4 and Xbox One, so don't worry. And now also for Switch.

    7. Remember Citadel on

      Nice update! I especially loved the Radworks concept art. My initial scepticism is quickly turning into excitement!

    8. Missing avatar

      Christi S on

      Orange and teal, really? Not only is that now cliched, it's a cliche that post dates System Shock. There are some steps in the right direction here in that things are certainly looking more cyberpunk than the early grey corridor shooter, but I am still hugely disappointed that the faithful remake backers were promised in the campaign just does not appear to be happening, at least in terms of the game's visuals. I'll reserve judgment for the final product, but thus far, things do not look promising.

    9. MacD11 on

      Good update overall, really interested in knowing more about gameplay and cyberspace related stuff in the future as well!

      @t3mporal @moycon Games take a long time to develop, and considering they switched the direction of the project up a bit it will take even longer. I doubt it's going to end up like Unsung Story based on what I've read of that project, and they seem to be well on their way to delivering a solid product now. I wouldn't be too worried about it.

    10. Derpy Starhead on

      I don't care if it takes another year or more, I just want this to be the best it can be.

    11. Missing avatar

      t3mporal on

      Yeah so...this is not happening right? I'm getting Unsung Story vibes. *sigh* I could have used that pledge for booze money.

    12. Jim Knapp on

      Considering that the game is back to basics with a great new engine, and considering XB1 and Switch are considered “not off the table”, this is really the time to set this up for console. It’s always belonged on consoles with so many other great franchises and this is the perfect time to program that in, please don’t limit it to just another computer game. I really feel adding support for XB1/PS4/Switch would greatly amplify the lasting impression this game will make and exponentially increase its player base.

    13. moycon on

      Funded mid 2016 but still "early in development"? Hu?

    14. Andre on

      @Saralyn MacKinnon

      I am glad you like the update. In regards to headbob some one commented on this during the last update as well. Jason Fader assured that there would be options to adjust it. See quote bellow. :)

      "for head Bob and motion blur, what you see right now is all temp for it. We plan on refining it over time and adding options players can tune to their liking."

    15. Saralyn MacKinnon on

      I think this looks great! Minor nitpick, but I hope the head bobbing can be disabled as it gives me motion sickness. Even just reducing it a bit would help.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marsell on

      I am a fan of the art direction. I think it's a *big* improvement over the original Unity demo, and I also prefer the current direction to most other sci-fi games I've seen. Nice job, guys.

    17. Scolex on

      Y'all making art. Very excited, can't wait to see this 20+ year old masterpiece in modern glory. Worth the wait and worth the pay, couldn't imagine not being on this ship. Let's go Nightdive!

    18. Missing avatar

      Sean B. Brown on

      I'd just like to pre-empt the "it's not dark and moody enough" comments again this time by saying, turn your monitor's brightness/black level down a little, and it looks amazing. I'm sure there will be brightness/gamma settings in the final game to do the same.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mirko Sainz on

      Still have my demo, just interested how it will change.

    20. The Silencer on

      Thx guys for the time you put in this videos. Awesome concepts and object design. It was interesting to see how you use 3-D in concept phase.