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System Shock is a complete remake of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

April Update


Project Update    

It has been quite the month following up from GDC! At this time, everyone should be receiving their surveys from Backerkit. On Backerkit, you should be able to not only confirm your pledge, but also upgrade or add on more cool things. On the subject of surveys, we have created an additional one for you to check out to help us continue to develop this awesome title for you:



Concept environment art of the Medical Deck hallway by Robert Simon.
Concept environment art of the Medical Deck hallway by Robert Simon.


Concept environment art of the Surgery Room by Robert Simon.
Concept environment art of the Surgery Room by Robert Simon.


New Hires & Job Openings!  

We are happy to share that our team here at Nightdive Studios is growing! Please welcome our new Lead Animator Lucas Carnes, Lead 3D Environment Artist James Garcia, and our new Lead Producer Kristina Tomalesky! Are you or someone you know wanting to join the team? We are hiring:

Mid/Senior Gameplay Programmer  

  • Work closely with designers, artists, and other team members to create high quality features  
  • Create or improve tools as necessary to support specific features/systems. 
  • Continuously test, debug, profile, analyze, and optimize across all applicable platforms. 
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of game production and development.   

Mid/Senior Systems Designer  

  • Work closely with programmers, artists, and other team members to create high quality features  
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of game production and development.  
  • Create thorough documentation for systems and features. 
  • Participate in regular Vulcan mind melds with the Game Director.


Shout Out- Turok News

We are excited to announce that you will now be able to play Turok with your friends no matter what platform they are on! This is all thanks to GOG Galaxy Crossplay:



Please stay tuned for more great upcoming updates~!

♡✧( ु•⌄• ) Karlee Meow~

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leonardo Di Lena 2 days ago

      While the aesthetic of the first version (in Unity) was at least faithful to the original and had personality, the new version looks like something "already seen" (Alien Isolation, Doom or any other game of the genre). I honestly would not have funded this new game type.

    2. Andre 4 days ago

      @Solensia. Dont get me wrong. i do like the realistic look of the new concept art. It still has a retro feel to it as well as being well detailed. I just miss some of that neon purple blue vibe of the first concept demo. I think there must be a way to make a nice amalgamation of both. However, I trust in what Nightdive is doing. Just reading all the mixed reviews has got me wondering.

    3. Andre 4 days ago

      @Nightdive. Is the game going to have a quest marker like in a lot of more modern games. I sincerely hope it does not. I don't mind the mini map but i feel like quest markers are akin to hand holding. This video brings up a lot of good points about the comparison of the Old Thief games and the the newest one. :)…

    4. Solensia 4 days ago

      The art looks really good. I like how the first read has the strong simple shapes of the first game, but then then it's fleshed out with details that make it look realistic.

    5. Doug 4 days ago

      Still haven't seen a backerkit email

    6. Andre 5 days ago

      Like Shaun Gupta I am torn between the two types of game concepts. I definitely fell in love with the Unity aesthetics. I am hoping that you will have some more great screen shots and game demos to show us. We are trusting you to make a great reboot. :)

    7. Andre 5 days ago

      @ Nightdive I have given it some thought. Both Concepts look good. But I definitely like the more neon ascetic you had in the Unity video. It is in your hands. I am sure it will be a great game regardless. :)

    8. Andre 5 days ago

      @John Wellesz I think you can go to the link and just fill out the survey again

    9. Missing avatar

      John Wellesz 5 days ago

      Could you allow one to edit their survey answers? I answered from my smartphone and the last option of ranges were cut out so I only saw the "75 - 99%" answer and selected that although I completed both games at least 2 times...

    10. Ravenknight 5 days ago

      "After all, it's supposed to be a faithful reboot, correct?"
      I'm afraid that they don't care mate. They got the fans money already and now they can try to sell it to a new crowd. Forget the original theme, mood, setting and music and embrace the new System Shock.

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Longwing 5 days ago

      There's a small flaw in your excellent survey. You only allow for the possibility that someone has beaten SS1 and/or SS2, but no option for those of us who've beaten them multiple times (about 3 each for me).

    12. Missing avatar

      Andy Chalk 6 days ago

      Still haven't received any information on the surprise shipping charge. (BackerKit actually responded fairly quickly, but say there's nothing they can do about it, since it's the responsibility of the project creators.) This needs to be resolved.

    13. Gumbemanden 6 days ago

      After all, it's supposed to be a faithful reboot, correct?

    14. Gumbemanden 6 days ago

      I don't understand why you would be ditching the original cyberpunk theme, at least in terms of concept art, in place of something as generic and alien as this new art. It lacks all of the atmosphere of the original aesthetic as well as the neon colours and palette of the original Medical Deck, not to mention the dim lighting and the steam. If you want to know what I'm talking about, go watch the original pre-alpha trailer or just download the playable demo.

      I really hope you get the art direction straightened out for this game, but I guess it won't really matter if you do, since you've already got my money.

    15. CrazyFox 6 days ago

      The questionnaire and the concept art has me worried. What happened to the game the demo showed? A remake of System Shock should keep up with system shock's spirit and at least the general aesthetic. Do not over think this.

    16. Missing avatar

      Christi S 6 days ago

      I am really concerned on the basis of this concept art that you are pulling a bait and switch here, albeit perhaps unintentionally. I backed on the basis of the demo, and the demo looked like System Shock. These images look like any space shooter made in the last five years and not like System Shock. Please don't remove the 90s Cyberpunk aesthetic of the original. It's part of what made it stand out.

      It's too early to judge yet, but please do bear in mind that we paid for a System Shock remake, and would therefore like it to look and play like System Shock. Which means that the RPG, exploration and plot elements should be front and centre.

    17. Daniel Miguez Garcia 6 days ago

      I'm a little shocked about the questionnaire. Why are you making these questions now that the kickstarter is funded? If you are making a System Shock game, what people expect should be pretty clear, and that's what backers supported on the campaign.

      So what's the use of asking if I like gameplay choices or focus on narrative? What if the answer of the people is "I want this game to be a straight shooter without choices? Are you changing the game to that? If not...then why ask?

      Also, if you are asking these questions at this point of the project...I guess there is not a lot of the game done, because you don't seem to have a general idea of what needs to be done.

    18. Kris Kamaruddin 6 days ago

      Questionnaire done!

    19. Shaun Gupta 6 days ago

      Thanks for the update! I do dig the new concept art, but I also miss the feel of the original and Unity demo as this does seem quite a departure, so I'm torn. In a way this feels like art from System Shock 2 more than the original (not a bad thing, but a different thing). In the end, I'll trust the direction you go in (but deep down I still do hope it's "Citadel as I remember it", complete with the old color scheme/door styles/etc). A little bummed some of the close-but-not-quite-there stretch goals now seem unlikely this far in development, but I'll trust that ended up best for the game and you'll still expand as you are able. Thanks for the hard work and I can't wait to see more. I'm looking forward to an amazing game!

    20. Skarsnik Larsen
      6 days ago

      Nice with an update, to bad it did not lift a single question from the kickstarter community. Whats up with the horrible shipping on backerkit?

    21. Sean Boardman 6 days ago

      Sweet just filled out the guestionaire. :)
      And the conccept art looks good. :)

    22. Reto Haeberli 6 days ago

      Nice concept art - love it! :)

    23. Andrew Wawrzynowicz 6 days ago

      i have still yet to get a response from either PM here on kickstarter or on the discord on why backerkit is trying to charge me shipping for the base $75 pledge with no addons and i live in the USA.
      the first PM i sent was back on march 7th of this year
      i have asked multiple times via the discord and have yet to get a solid answer; the only answer so far is that it will be passed up to be investigated. this was back around march, i have heard nothing since.
      there was no specification of shipping on my pledge and no updates or posts from you guys (nightdive studios) on kickstarter concerning there being additional shipping added to base pledges.

      please respond to either messages or i will be reporting this to kickstarter, kickstarters own policy specifically States that shipping needs to be included in the base pledge or clearly specified otherwise.

    24. ludo1800 6 days ago

      Seriously, just 2 pictures and a survey ?? -_-
      And what about a new demo with the new engine ?
      Try to get back all the backers you have disapointed, no ?

    25. Andre 6 days ago

      I just played some of the unity demo again and there is definitely more neon and blue. In the Unreal demo there are more greys, browns, and reds. Both still look good. :)

    26. Nightdive Studios Creator 6 days ago

      @Andre @Gumbemanden

      We have both Robb Waters and Robert Simon as concept artists. As a project grows and develops, so will the team!

    27. Gumbemanden 6 days ago

      Looks like Robert Simon has been overlooked. Still, the art found on this link looks much closer to the original:

    28. Andre 6 days ago

      As well as any new concept artists?

    29. Andre 6 days ago

      @ NIghtdive. I agree the neon lighting looked good in the unity demo and sold me on the game. I like the new concept art as well as the first demo concept style. However, It looks a little more like Alien Isolation. Not bad..just different. The neon lighting is still there just more subdued. Hopefully they get some more of the neon lighting in there. I am going to replay the demo again to get a better comparison. Also, Is Robb waters still doing the concept art?

    30. Gumbemanden 6 days ago

      These concepts don't really remind me of the Medical Deck, the Neon-lighting and teal is all gone. And who's Robert Simon, what happened to Robb Waters?

    31. Andre 6 days ago

      @Nightdive Thank you for the answer. It makes sense that at some point it would be too late to implement those stretch goals. I must have missed the road map update.

    32. Missing avatar

      obg 6 days ago

      @Nightdive Studios:
      I would love to complete my backerkit info for my pledge and upgrade by getting some t-shirts but I do not know what size I would need.

      Do you have any sizing information, like measurements for large, xlarge, etc... It seems like every manufacturer has a different idea of what large/xlarge/medium is....

    33. Nightdive Studios Creator 6 days ago


      Those were actually stretch goals that were apart of the Kickstarter, what we are doing through Backerkit is something separate. While we would love to honor these old stretch goals, we are actually too far in development right now.

      As for a road map, we are currently in pre production at this time and had shared this road map a few updates back. As we move forward we will definitely give progress updates to this.


      We will have an answer for you soon, your message was passed over to our designer.

    34. Adrian Marshall 6 days ago

      The concept art is great. If possible it would be awesome to see comparison shots from the remake vs the original so fans can compare and contrast and offer more valuable feedback on how faithful they are and what changes they like and don't like; that's pretty important following the outcry that resulted from the UE4 reveal.

    35. Missing avatar

      ks_moe 6 days ago

      I would like to take part in your survey, but I do not have a google account. Any chance you could provide the survey without the need to register anywhere else?

    36. Andre 6 days ago

      @Karlee Meow/Nightdive

      I just checked out the amount raised in Backer kit, I notice the next stretch goal is listed as PC Modding Support at the next 200 000 pledged, which is great. However, the next stretch goal was "additional content- more areas added including new groves, new floors, and additional cyber space content" at 1.4 million. What happened to this stretch goal? Will this be included with the extra $200 000? As it would bring you over 1.5 m. Also I noticed that full modding support was actually a 2.5 million stretch goal instead of a 1.5 m + goal! Have you decided to scrap all the other stretch goals? Personally, I would like to see the Additional content and other goals added to the game. Can you please clarify what the System Shock development Road map now looks like. :) Thank you Karlee Meow/Nightdive

    37. Andre 6 days ago

      @Nightdive. love the concept art. I hope more of that is in the book. It would also be interesting if you had some technical elements in the book with some descriptions of techniques you used for things like enemy AI...and so on :)

    38. Andre 6 days ago

      @Frodo I mentioned the SS difficulty options slider in the questionnaire they just sent out. I agree it would be nice to have those options as opposed to a one size fits all difficulty easy/medium/ hard settings. That way players could keep the puzzle difficulty hard but tone down the combat if they like :D

    39. Kevin Vermilion 6 days ago

      How did you manage Windows/N64 cross-platform multiplayer?

    40. Frodo
      6 days ago

      NightDive, can you please reply to the questions I've posted here, as well as in Private Messages.

    41. Missing avatar

      benv666 6 days ago

      Can we get those concept art images in a higher resolution plx? :)

    42. Qthulhu 6 days ago

      What if we don't use a Google account? How do we fill in your survey in that situation?