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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

At GDC, a "Shocking" Announcement

Posted by Jason Fader (Collaborator)

A word from our Game Director.. actually a lot of words... 

Hi everyone! Jason here this time to share some really important news. As some of you may have heard (, we have officially switched our engine for System Shock to Unreal Engine 4. I know this seems like a risky move, and in some ways it is, but we’ve mitigated that risk by switching over early. To shed more light on how we reached this decision, I’ll need to go over a timeline. 

August: After listening to everyone during the Kickstarter campaign, it became clear that console support was very important to a lot of you. We took a hard look at what Unity could do on consoles, and what we wanted to achieve for both visual quality and performance. While Unity is a great engine, it was clear that we needed to use an engine that fit our project goals more closely. We took a few weeks to research various engines (mainly Lumberyard and Unreal). 

September: After the engine research and evaluating feedback on our visual style, we decided to try out Unreal and see what it had to offer. Around the same time, we needed to fill critical spots for the leads team. Recruiting takes time (actually, a lot of time, especially for the senior positions). I think we went through about 30+ interviews for various candidates from Sept-Dec. Most of the folks we selected were developers I had worked with on Fallout: New Vegas, so it made getting them up to speed on things pretty quick. 

October-December: During this time we focused on getting the nuts and bolts of the content inside of Unreal. Around the end of October, we were confident Unreal was the right way to go, but we didn’t want to announce the change just yet, since we wanted to prove to our backers (and ourselves) that we could deliver a slice of the game in Unreal with the updated visual direction. Couple that with the lengthy time recruiting/onboarding takes and we were steadily making progress towards our goal by the end of December. 

January: The next step before being ready to reveal our efforts was to establish a proper level using everything everyone had built up for Unreal. This is essentially for the “Vertical Slice” phase, but the early stages. I like using an iterative corner approach to vertical slice, meaning we would work on a small section of the vertical slice content, iterate and refine it until we were happy with the end result (typically finding problems and correcting them, tweaking things here and there, etc). Once the corner (in this case it was actually a series of rooms, a vent shaft, several hallways, and a lovable mutant named Marty) was finished, we would be ready to expand on the rest of the vertical slice content. 

February: After a lot of hard work, the corner was finally to a point we were happy with, which brings us to now! That pretty much paints a picture of where our heads were at with all of this. We didn’t make this decision lightly, and wanted to be sure we could do the game justice with this engine shift. Feel free to ask questions either in the comments or the Discord server. Let us know what you think! We want to ensure you feel we’re going in the right direction with all of this. 

- Jason Fader, Game Director


and now for the video...



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♪ Music ♪

Hey! Jonathan Peros, Audio Director of System Shock here! We released the Polygon video, and in it an alpha (emphasized!) version of the main theme of the game. The music is very indicative of the style that we are going for, and captures what was great about 90s sci-fi but in a very modern context. I figured some of you may appreciate being able to hear the music without the SHODAN voiceover! I've loved the ability to work on such a great soundtrack and I'd love to hear what you think!

- Jonathan Peros, Audio Director/Composer


Shout Outs

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From our friends at InXile Entertainment, we wanna celebrate Torment!


"Torment: Tides of Numenera is the thematic successor to Planescape: Torment, one of the most critically acclaimed role-playing games of all time. Immerse yourself in a single-player, isometric, story-driven RPG set in Monte Cook’s Numenera universe. What does one life matter? Find your answer."

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Anew: The Distant Light 

Our very own environment artist Josh Powers is working on another exciting project. Anew: The Distant Light is an indie game currently in pre-alpha. It is being created by veteran developers Steve Copeland and Jeff Spoonhower, with an original soundtrack by Wilbert Roget II.

Please check out their Kickstarter and support another awesome project!



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    1. Stephen Miskimins on

      Gotta say I'm a little disappointed with the new video. I'm fine with the engine change, but the previous demo captured the art style and feel of the demo so well, while making it look modern. This just looks generic.

    2. Jouni Lahtinen on

      For pre-pre-alpha engine test this looks good; Now just add in the wonderful colour motif of the original & the Unity demo and we're golden.

      @Walsa It is an actual necessity; It's what great deal of us backed the game for :)

    3. Missing avatar

      James Rehman on

      I feel a little bit disappointed that this game won't be made with the Unity engine, when I played the demo I felt very impressed by how you guys used its capabilites and showed off what Unity could really do, as if it was like playing a AAA game.

      But I can see why you're going with UE4, perhaps it adds a lot more detail and textures than Unity can do with its current build as of now.

      Can't wait for the full game.

    4. Missing avatar

      Simon Janich on

      @ Rob Craig: The UE4 fully supports macOS.

      Anyway, I have no qualms with the change of the engine, but I have to agree that the art design in the new video is really bland. I liked the style in the Unity-based demo better, so I hope you will return to it in later iterations.

    5. Benjamin Taller and Cheryl Mascari on

      I like the new art direction, it's beautiful. Unreal does have a better graphics engine.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ian Cameron on

      I am always for the improvement of game engines and making the game available for more platforms, but really, one of the most promising things about the early demo was the strong adherence to the original's art style. Turning it into just another dark and bloody shooter is not the direction that should be taken. I like the neon and color!

    7. Leo Borg on

      @Rob Craig: Yes why shouldn't there be? Mac OSX is one of the choices at the Backerkit page.

    8. Rob Craig on

      Will there still be MacOs support?

    9. Leo Borg on

      I am really glad to hear about the change to Unreal 4. But if this means going from the really special art style in the original demo and trailer then it's not especially positive. I hope this is just a test and that you will change it to be more like the original.

    10. Walsa on

      I don't like the new art direction. this looks like a generic fps and nothing like the demo that I played before backing this.
      And this *necessity* to bring it to consoles makes me doubt about many things that made the original so special will not be in this remake.
      I think you should reevaluate what you are doing or showing us because if this trends continue, it will impact negative in the future review of the game in steam when release time comes.

    11. basilisk on

      Let me also chime in and say that regardless of engine, the Unity demo had a distinctive look and character that was clearly based on the original game but not enslaved to it, while this new trailer looks very generic and not System Shocky at all. I replayed the original very recently and this kind of environment really doesn't feel like it has anything to do with it. Is that slice supposed to represent Medical?

      Whatever engine you think is best for the game is probably best for the game, but something happened to the art direction in the meantime and I much preferred the earlier look.

    12. Laura M on

      I think it's a wonderful idea to have switched to Unreal, it's less frustrating for programmers usually and you can go into a lot of depth in the graphics department. I was a bit underwhelming to see the new trailer, but I think it's due to the fact that the corridors were very bareboned without any defining characteristics. I am hoping that it's because it's still early in development and refining the aesthetic comes later.

    13. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      While I generally love Unreal for its power as an engine, I'll have to side with the other backers lamenting the change in look. My first thoughts looking at the trailer was that it looked like an ID Tech 4 game, with plastic surfaces everywhere. The scratches and blood splatters that reflect light does break that up a bit, but generally everything looks like Tupperware. I'd recommend cranking up the "metal" slider a bit on the metals and try to get rid of the soft plastic / fabric look of the mutant skins (their jumpsuits and skin look like the same material).
      As others have said, the high pitched "little girl" Shodan voice modulation was also too much for me, it just sounded silly.

      All in all, I'm excited about the engine switch and hope it'll provide more performance than the Unity version (especially on Linux) and provide you with more options for building a great game, but please iterate a bit more on the look.

      Ah yes, the music was a bit generic as well but on the flip side the new Shodan design looked great :)

    14. Sylvain DABRIOU on

      Hello team !
      I just had a deep look at the new game footage made with UE4, and I must admit my very first reaction was: "WHAAAT ?!?! " and so on (just imagine...).
      Ok this looks like a strategic move, only to make console development easier...
      Alright, everyone has the right to play this geat game.
      Anyway, just don't forget WHO made the success of the first game, guys (abolutely no threats in my writings ;) ).
      Please remember we already have seen too much of this "downgrade-PC-version-to-make-consoles-not-look-too-ugly-in-comparison" lately, right?
      At first glance, the game now looks like a bland version of another doomlike corridor shooter.
      I hope you noticed it before we all cry it out loud.
      It looks way too shiny, too chromy, it misses the feel and atmosphere of the original game in terms of lightings, textures, vapor steam and cryogen steam, shadows and....
      Well in fact, it's not the same game anymore, visually speaking.
      Just to be sure, I played the original demo once again, since I could'nt beleive what I just saw.
      I can't help but feel a big let down.
      I wouldn't have pledged if you showed this at first. Let this be cristal clear.
      BUT, I want to be confident in your will to respectfully rebuild the game and I really hope you will work hard to improve what looks like a total mess at the moment.
      Today kids are not the people who played System Shock at first. We are now 40 years old adults, so please don't give us another visually boring speed shooter like the DOOM franchise.
      You have a lot of work, guys, but I'm still on your side.
      You can do it !

    15. Ashley Romain Bonhomme on

      Hello !
      Unlike almost everyone i read here, i'm with you guys !
      If the timetable in your post is correct, you did everything on unreal in a couple of months, while you had plenty much time (and experience) on unity.
      Too bad most people here are so ungrateful that they don't get this simple fact. With some more time / xp i'm sure you'll be able to replicate the look and feel of the unity demo / trailer.
      UE4 is way better overall anyway, you'll be glad you did the switch early in the development cycle.
      Good luck !

    16. Erwhann-Rouge on

      Well, I backed the game because the Linux demo worked perfectly. I really hope that switching engine in order to add console platform doesn't mean dropping Linux support as it is often the case with kickstarter.
      I'm waiting for a new working Linux demo.

      Now with the video… Shodan voice is excellent, but that's all. Visuals are like : Meh… Music is quite epic, which is not a compliment for an horror game, even more for a scifi horror game.

      "All content subject to change" ? At least there's some hope.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jaramide on

      Looks like I'm not so alone after all in disliking this new direction.
      After having played through the demo again I was really struck by how different it looked and felt to other fps games. It has a real heft to it and it feels like you are really there. The lighting and steam effects look incredible. Sadly that all seem to be lost in the Unreal video. It really does look like any generic sci-fi game now.
      I think the most dissapointing part is that since we got the play the demo we were feeling secure about backing this. It feels a bit like a bait and switch doesn't it?
      I agree with others that if the Unreal video would have been the pitch for the kickstarter I would never have backed the game.

    18. Jesper on

      Good choice n the UE4 switch, but I'm a little mixed on this as well. It isn't giving me that classic retro feel, and now doesn't stand out as much from other games. The unity demo really had a sweet and unique look that took one back to the 90s.

      Also, the theme reminds me of Clint Mansells Moon track "Welcome to Lunar Industries". Is it just me? :P…

      I also have to say... when Shodan goes high-pitched, it sadly reminds me of a snapchat filter as well. ;_;

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexander B on

      Yaay! Doom 5!
      Guys, this is not a compromise, this is betrayal. In the KS campaign we have been sold to the idea of a true SS1 remake with the quite unique pixelated look-and-feel, and the demo was shining in this regard. The world, the sounds, the effects.. It was spot on. You successfully recreated the original atmosphere, just to throw it out for this plastic crap (or to milk the old fanbase first, before making this... unreal mod in plastic_citadel.bsp)
      Not even speaking about the new direction smells like consolicitis.

      I am disappoint,

    20. Missing avatar

      gertschi on

      First, I have no issue with you using Unreal now, BUT...

      ...I am sorry to say this, but that new look is awfully boring. The atmosphere and retro feel of the demo captured so well is completely gone here. I understand that this is Pre-Alpha but right now this looks like every other "I don't care about" no-name shooter and nothing like the project I have backed.

    21. Riptide X-7 on

      Alright; I speak for myself here. I'm not going to freak out, and it's just a pre-alpha.
      But I am going to leave you with the thought that entered my mind as I watched it. Might be the test map, so take it for what it's worth;
      "Oh. The Von Braun (System Shock 2) remade in Doom 3." (I know it looks/is more advanced, but that's the odd impression it gave me visually.)
      On reflection, the environment looks generic so far. I did like the retro sci-fi look previously, but again, could be the map shown.
      But that's just me.

    22. Missing avatar

      Strako on

      I am highly disappointed by this. All the uniqe look, atmosphere and hommage is gone. It looks like any other game now. This does not feel like the game I backed after playing the first demo. :-(

    23. LepraSK on

      I really loved the demo, but this new look makes me sad. This won't be the game i backed, so i need to deal with it i guess.

    24. Missing avatar

      Karel Madr on

      This is a backstab ;(

    25. Netzbummler on

      Hi team, I'll be honest with you: If you had shown this video as part of your KS campaign, I wouldn't have backed it. At all. I can only echo the negative comments: Shodan's distorted voice is WAY over the top, the new look looks NOTHING like the original SS1 (while the Unity demo PERFECTLY nailed that look), and I dearly miss that disabled texture filtering. Oh the warm and fuzzy feeling that gave me, like traveling back in time...

      Please don't make this Remake another bland ego-shooter. There are enough out there as it is, no need to add another one to the list. As it is now, I wouldn't recommend my friends to join the backer club.

    26. Missing avatar

      James Mauger on

      Seems like it could be a smart move to switch to Unreal however I'm not so thrilled about the new look. It just looks drab by comparison. The Unity demo had a unique look and feel, this looks like a generic Unreal game.

      I know your team and the new engine are capable of it so please bring back that color palette from the Unity demo as well as some of that retro vibe.

      Balance is the key. This is too far.

    27. NicosHH on

      Everything has been said by the Superbackers and especially benedict carter.

      Please don't walk this path. We backed this project for the feels and the atmosphere of Systemshock. Not for another generic template of an Unreal FPS.

      Please reconsider your decision. Or at least, recreate the great experience the Unity Demo had to offer.

    28. Shaun Gupta on

      A few reminders:
      - This is a Pre-Alpha vertical slice of an in-progress game. A lot may change before release; it's not meant to be perfect or finished yet (including assets, effects, etc.).
      - Consoles were announced from Day 1 of the KickStarter. They added PS4 (as well as Mac/Linux), but XBox was always there. I agree PC's should have more control and graphics options, for sure, but a lot of people are really excited for a console release as well. Either way, consoles are already committed to (and have been).

      My (abbreviated) thoughts (full version of thoughts are on the forum):
      - LOVED Terri's new SHODAN voicework
      - Loved the new SHODAN face (but expect this to be divisive, which is understandable from an originalist perspective as it is less organic)
      - It doesn't feel quite as much like Citadel to me as the Unity demo did (although we're looking at different sections), which is both bad and good. I miss the feel of the Unity demo as I thought it captured Citadel to a T, but I'm a bit excited about not knowing the station as well at the same time. (I think a mix could work here, but I do agree the UE4 demo seems to depart from Citadel's vibe a bit). I miss some of the assets (bluer corridors, green doors, grimier less-shiny surfaces, cameras like the HAL-eye [Unity demo] with lasers seeable in-room) as well.
      - I like the music; feels a bit like Fallout 4; would like to see a mix of faster cyberpunk, this, and maybe some orchestral like the Unity Citadel theme depending on situation (but I may be an outlier in liking a varied mix like that).

      Overall, I think it looks fantastic, and while I hope the devs consider feedback carefully, I trust their vision and can't wait to see more.

    29. Missing avatar


      The first thing that came to mind is after watching the video was plastic. The unity video had the right ambiance where shadow and light played a huge role, this latest video is very far off the mark for what I was hoping for with its shiny, glossy and sparkling presentation. The immersive experience will be totally lost with this generic appearance, please consider recreating the nice ambiance from the first demo in the new engine.

    30. Matt Kay

      Hmmm, just replayed the Unity demo. Scrap my previous comment of being happy with Unreal. The Unity demo looks and feels way better than what the Unreal engine is currently showcasing. Also, I own both a gaming PC and a PS4, but only play Sony exclusive games on the PS4, so let me add my voice to the others in saying please, please don't dumb down or nerf the PC version.

    31. Matt Kay

      Happy with the move to Unreal, but the audio distortion on the AI is way over the top. Breaks immersion and just sounds cheesy. I'd recommend a bit more subtlety there rather than constant distortion. The little girl bits really don't work.

    32. Insert Disk 2 on

      I would like to join my voice to growing disappointment.
      Still, wish you the best.

    33. Missing avatar

      benedict carter on

      I should add: This feels like the wrong direction.

    34. Missing avatar

      benedict carter on

      *Really concerned* the hear mention of console compatibility, because games that are also on console tend to be nerfed (simple gameplay, simple controls, worse graphics/physics/ai/etc etc due to lower specs on consoles).

      Quite concerned to see the Unreal trailer. It looks worse than what I remember the unit trailer looking like. It looks worse than the demo I remember a few months back.

      I thought I was backing a remake (with better graphics, and a better more modern control scheme (ie mouse look) and maybe a slightly more modern UI (hey, things have been learnt there in the last 20 years). The original unity demo nailed it and I cant explain in a finite number of words how exciting that was. The current video looks generic and Im concerned.

      The original SS didnt get a cult like following (Ive played it... 20-30 times?) from being another generic "shooter" back then, it really pushed the boundaries of what games were then and (along with Ultima Underworld) defined a new genre - the First Person Immersive Simulation (FPSIM). It doesnt look like the unreal trailer showcases a game looking to push the boundaries and generate a new cult following, it looks forgettable.

      I love the new simulation feature of freezing and bashing enemies, but the rest looks like a generic FPS inspired by SS, it doesnt look like SS and doesnt look like an FPSIM, it looks like just another Unreal FPS. The movement looked a bit slow and headbobby. The textures all looks like shades of plastic, and too shiny/smooth. The textures look plain. The poly count looks low. The mutants shadow doesnt look right (the lighting in general looks unrealistic). The fog looks totally unrealistic (moving through walls). None of this looks like an amazing simulation, and because it looks so gamey/fake/plastic it doesnt look like an immersive simulation. I like the Bioshocks, but the Unreal engine choice was really poor from a simulation perspective, the graphics just dont work. The voice acting for Shodan is massively overdone (and I dont remember any of those lines). The mutant looks pretty average. The combat looks meh. Im not sure Im thrilled by map changes (I dont remember any of that geometry, but maybe my memory is failing me). Were the original maps perfect? Who knows? Do I want material changes? No. Would I pay for a reboot after a remake? Yes. As long as its an FPSIM, Im sure will.

      Ive just watched the Unity trailer again. Does that look amazing? Yes!!! OMG Yes!

      Ive just reinstalled and am now replaying the Unit demo. Hey, the steam doesnt move through the walls! Immersive! FOV seems a bit low. Shadows are crisp. Blues windows look great, dont look like plastic. Wheres my body? Wheres my shadow? Why am I stuck looking at implants/upgrades? Textures look great, but are too low res when you get close to them. Why cant I double click, right click or (key+click) on items to move to inventory? Lighting looks great! The electricity charging looks really painful and uneralistic, not immersive. Man those shadows and lighting look great. That mutant looks great. Combat feels great. Lovely tonal discord music. Movement and headbob feel good. Footsteps, doors opening, mutants, robots, all the sound effect are wonderful. I love the physics of opening boxes. The sparq beam is amazing! The the beam shouldnt shift angle from the gun as I move. If you are going to keep the beam fixed on where I shot, you need to move the gun model as well. How do I change charge on the sparq? Its dark. Realistically dark. Nice and immersive, just wish I had a light source.

      All in all, AWESOME, AMAZING, EXCITING. I want more. Some minor niggles which I hope you'll change or make options so I can change them (eg Id like a body thanks) but all in all OMG YES! YES! YES!

      Im rewatching the Unreal trailer again now. OK, it really looks like sh*t now (since Ive just seen the unity trailer and played the demo). Just another crap generic unreal engine game. Sorry, I know youve just spent a bunch of time and work on it and Im sure you are feeling proud of it. But it does.

      If you want to change engine, choose Crysis. That engine is amazing (Homefront wasnt a great game, but man it was made in a nice engine!). The Unreal engine should be capable of being amazing (theyve got some amazing tech trailers), but what youve trailered is not.

      * Please make a remake, not a reboot.
      * Please push the boundaries of a first person immersion simulation using all the capabilities of modern PCs, please dont compromise in order to include consoles.
      * Arkane makes amazing FPSIMs. Please compete with them to make the most immersive FPSIM ever.
      Wish list items which may be less commercial:
      * Please push the immersiveness of the FPSIM to the point where people want to buy new more powerful PCs (bu obviosly allow downscaling so they dont have to and you can sell more units).
      * Please add VR post release (standing, sitting, Im fine with whatever) - I think the immersion on this would be off the charts.

    35. Ataraxa on

      Here is my fear: after the umpteenth times that we get those FRAKKING console UI on PC games where we use a mouse and keyboard, I am wary of this switch.

      Not because of the engine (which I am quite indifferent about), but that you want to cater to the console people. IMHO consoles tend to be semi-outdated at launch day compared to the possible available hardware on PC - and you always have to hop through a burning hoop to get patches approved and out.

      Personally I don't want a power wheel, or *scroll* through my inventory lists or such nonsense!

      So please: release to whatever platforms you want, but respect the ideas behind that plattform. That means modern hardware GFX support on PC and input controls that are NOT the same for every plattform because it's easier to implement!

    36. Remember Citadel on

      Here's my thoughts (sorry for being so negative):

      - Shodan's voice is a little cheesy at times (as internisus and others have pointed out)

      - new look kind of looks like Bioshock and Alien Isolation (which I love). Not sure if this is what I'd want for System Shock. I was pretty happy with the demo and I exptected you to iterate on that (but to be fair, I'd be easier to compare if the latest trailer would feature the same environments)

      - the new soundtrack lacks the System Shock vibe, although it adds creepiness. To me System Shock means sci-fi-horror-rpg + upbeat electronic music. The horror almost completely takes place on a gameplay level. In my opinion, the remix soundtrack sample released alongside the initial kickstarter hit the spot really well

      - I agree with the folks who posted before me. Overall it's a cool trailer but if you'd remove all system shock references I'd have a hard time recognizing it as a system shock game.

      But keep it up and I'm looking forward to see some more

    37. nitrium on

      Collision detection in combat looks like it needs some work, but other than it looks better than ever.

    38. internisus on

      In my opinion, the voice glitching in the trailer is a bit overcooked. I realize that you may be hamming it up a bit for the trailer, though; I hope the game itself applies these effects more deftly, allowing for nuance and escalation, and that it is not tuned to max glitchiness all the time.

      Also, I have to agree with other users who thought the game looked better in the earlier demo than it does here. These environments look very generic, especially since they are all bathed in the same dark red light. That said, I don't know if this has anything to do with the engine switch; I'm guessing from the repetitive melee combat clips that this video was compiled from a very small slice of game.

      Since there is yet a long road ahead I have faith that this is not the best representation of what the final product will look like. It's good that you've taken the time to make sure you get the technical foundation right before proceeding. I'm not sure that it was a good idea to release this rather unimpressive trailer, but it's not a big deal. Keep on keepin' on; we're rooting for you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joe Tang on

      Like the switch to Unreal engine. but hope that you'll have a head bob toggle. Just watching the video makes me feel a headache is coming on.

      Other than that, it looks cool. Unity engine was ok, but everything was too "shiny" and it kind of ruined it for me.

      Not sure how "open station" would work. Will sections still be blocked off until you have access cards? How about enemies? Will they scale with your powers or will the stronger ones OHKO you? Obviously bosses/scripted mobs will have to be blocked off in some way. Wouldn't an open station easier to get lost until you ran it a few times?

      Either way, can't wait for an (pre-)alpha demo using the Unreal Engine

      Keep up the good work!

    40. Flatfingers on

      So after pitching the rebirth of a classic PC game, relying on the fans who kept the original Looking Glass game alive to help your Kickstarter succeed, now you're changing its engine to prioritize consoles. And changing Looking Glass's design because you like Metroidvania games.

      These choices you're making seem disrespectful to the people who got you here. And it's not what I backed. But I guess all I can do is hope this new game inspired by System Shock is fun in its own way. I wish you the best.

    41. Steve Tuns on

      Hearing more and more about these console ports is a HUGE let down, from they way you guys are heading/talking it looks like the console ports have become the main prerogative. When PC games are ported to consoles they are ALWAYS dumbed-down to allow for easier control schemes, simpler UI's, large amounts of game complexity's are replaced with things very young children can manage. Don't become the ones known for taking a computer gaming masterpiece and turning it into something mainly profit oriented. I didn't back this to see it shape into a console game. System Shock 1 & 2 are PC games through and through, for the ones that played them back when they were released you can never change this. Please PLEASE! proceed with extreme caution Nightdive.

    42. Shaun Gupta on

      AMAZING update! Gonna leave some of my personal thoughts on the forums, but I'm really excited! (We need to wait to get surveys before we can buy things like shirts, yes? Also, any chance of offering that Citadel Statue as an addon at some point?)

    43. Jerry Yeager on

      While I loved the look with the Unity Engine, the Unreal Engine demo looks really amazing! Worried that it will make me motion sick, but, otherwise, it looks damn amazing! And, kudos on the ever-improving art direction! I am more excited for this game than ever!

    44. Matt Snell on

      really hope when you do System Shock for PC it will be build from the ground up for the PC and not a console port. As the original game was just for the PC before they ported it to other machines!! As a console port to PC tend to be crap!!

    45. Matt Snell on

      really hope when you do System Shock for PC it will be build from the ground up for the PC and not a console port. As the original game was just for the PC before they ported it to other machines!! As console port to PC tend to be cr

      I also been a dedicated PC user with keyboard and mouse.

    46. Matt Snell on

      I really hope when you do System Shock for PC it will build from the ground up for the PC and not a console port. As the original game was just for the PC before they ported it to other machines!!

      I also been a dedicated PC user with keyboard and mouse.

    47. Missing avatar

      William on

      Am I missing something? Nothing shows up on my Backerkit account; the link is apparently only for those who haven't yet pledged.

    48. Missing avatar

      Maestro on

      Right. Unreal Engine is a good move. As I understand it, it takes a bit more time to optimize, but I'll take it over Unity every day. Just don't compromise on visual fidelity when it comes to console vs. PC. Do what you envision, just don't castrate it to fit the narrow field of "acceptable framerates vs. graphics" that console games demand. While you probably don't want to go the SC way (Consoles? Never, no point, don't care), please don't prune your vision to have it realised on every platform. In this backers opinion, PC should come first and not be subjected to limitations that arise from trying to get a thing to work on consoles. But, I also realise that this is a business decision. So no hard feelings either way.

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      Shmerl on

      @Mirko Sainz: Lumberyard still lacks proper Linux support.

    50. Missing avatar

      Shmerl on

      @Adam Fairbrother: Unreal supports Linux, but it can have issues, see my post below.