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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

24 Hour Livestream and 1.2m Stretch Goal

Posted by Jason Fader (Collaborator)

Less than 48 hours remaining in the campaign and what a ride it’s been so far! Before getting into things, I’d like to ask a favor of all of you… If you know of anyone that can help spread the word about the Kickstarter, please do what you can. The more we raise, the better the game will be :-)  

Nightdive 24 Hour Livestream 

Starting tomorrow at 12pm PDT, 3pm EDT, we’ll be streaming some fun stuff on our Twitch channel! Most of the events will be game playthroughs as devs from those games sit in and chat with us, sharing stories and giving their thoughts on System Shock.  

Here’s the schedule (in PDT): 

  • 12pm - BioShock with Robb Waters 
  • 2pm - Warframe with Rachael Messer 
  • 4pm - Fallout: New Vegas with Chris Avellone and various FNV devs 
  • 7pm - Deus Ex with Alexander Brandon 
  • 9pm - Interview with Steve Gaynor
  • 11pm - Nightdive plays System Shock 2 Co-op 
  • 4am - Animation demo with Max Lebled 
  • 6am - Art demo with Jonah Lobe 
  • 9am-12pm - Q&A with Nightdive and KS Countdown

Tune into our Twitch channel here:

1.2m Stretch Goal Met 

Today we reached our 1.2m stretch goal and localization has been unlocked! Thanks to your efforts, the text in System Shock will be translated to French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Grazie! 

System Shock 1 Devs Commentary 

Our livestream with some of the amazing developers of the original System Shock was a real treat! We can’t wait to collaborate with them throughout this project and beyond :-D 

Here’s a link to the video if you missed it: 

Remember, there’s not much time left, so please help if you can! 

 - Jason

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    1. Shaun Gupta on

      @Gabriel Harju, it's all showing for me - make sure you're in the full "Past Broadcasts" section for Nightdive on Twitch. Also, it appears the one you're looking for (Fallout New Vegas w/ Chris Avellone) is mislabeled - his segment appears to start at about 01:24 in "Nightdive Plays: Interview and Warframe with Rachael Messer!" - I'll try a link too:

    2. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Harju on

      why can i only see the last 3 hours of this stream among the vods? i would love to see the chris avellone segment!

    3. Guru Zeb on

      LISTEN ... i DON'T back kickstarters ... I don't pay for non existent products.

      I have NEVER backed a kickstarter.

      Then i slept ... and a strangely familiar voice spoke to me ....
      "insect you have always been one of my most loyal vassals, even after many years without my glory to guide you, you have ALWAYS understood that i am the ONE .. alpha omega and all between .... so why do you forsake me now? When i have tricked these human Canadians into reforming by greatness.
      Or incur my full wrath, no dissent will be tolerated!!"

      So I did as SHE commanded .... Am much happier now .. the wires don't hurt any more and voices help me decide what to do. My wife is much happier too, and so are our twin girls ... the girls seem very content now ............ in one body.

    4. Sean Inglis on

      Just catching up on this. In the environment so far, you've done a great job of making the station seem densely packed and a bit claustrophobic and then flipping to "look at the thin skin separating you from a freezing vacuum and certain death" when the outside world can be seen

    5. Shaun Gupta on

      Working Twitch link if you're having trouble with the ones above:

    6. Elliot Jenner on

      @Chrono This is a problem with Paypal, not the project. Paypal is not supported by KS, because Paypal has repeatedly screwed up projects by refusing to release funds because it treats KS like preorders and won't release funds until products are delivered which defeats the entire system.

    7. Veav on

      +1 @simon - I've been waiting the whole campaign to give more because I don't know how much the add-ons are.

    8. Enter95 on

      1.2mおめでとう! ところで日本語に対応する予定は有ります? いや、無ければ英語でプレイするから良いんですけど・・。

    9. Shaun Gupta on

      (To be a little clearer, you can click their name near the top of that previous link, or this takes you directly to the past broadcasts: )

    10. Shaun Gupta on

      @The Silencer, If you check out there are videos of past streams, so I would assume the same will be true with tomorrow's.

    11. The Silencer on

      Will there be Videos of the Event on youtube? I would love to see Alex Brandon but it is 4 am in my time zone.

    12. Missing avatar


      Will BackerKit allow us to pledge for multiple tiers? For example, can I add $60 to my current pledge for two additional "REPAIR BOT" pledges for friends?

    13. Chrono on

      When is Paypal payment possible?
      Last Info say this week nie there See less than 48h still no Paypal possible.

      This would push to some more Stretchgoles.