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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

New Stretch Goals for VR, Graphic Novel, and Modding Support

Posted by Jason Fader (Collaborator)

Stretch Goals

With about 2 days remaining, we’ve decided to unveil the rest of the stretch goals!

Achievements Unlocked

Even more achievements have been unlocked by all of you. Well done!

Upcoming Livestream

Tune in at 1pm PST / 4pm EST for our Twitch stream with the original System Shock devs. This post has more details:

Also, later today we'll have details on our schedule for the final 24 hours of livestreaming leading up to the close of the Kickstarter.  We have a lot of awesome guests lined up and some great games to play :-D

 - Jason

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    1. Shaun Gupta on

      @Jack Keys, I can't remember where they said this (on a stream I think), but no remix means it can't be included as an alternative soundtrack. That said, it could still happen - they're going to do post-KickStarter funding, including PayPal and merchandise, once everything's set up, so stretch goals could still be in play. Stay tuned and let's hope this remix is still possible!

    2. Jack Keys on

      We hit the achievement to include the remix album in the game, but we didn't hit the stretch goal to have the remix album made. What does that mean? Are we just skipping that achievement and taking the next one?

    3. Shaun Gupta on

      @Paul, as someone who backed Star Citizen in the past, I can tell you that this is very different, and keeping some of the stretch goals at higher levels is actually a good thing as far as I'm concerned. As much as I'd love to see VR support myself, it does require a *lot* of work to do right, namely figuring out how all the mechanics look/work in VR and converting the entire interface (inventory, HUD, movement controls, etc.) over. That's not an easy or cheap task, and they always said (even in the KickStarter video) that would be a stretch goal. While I'm still hoping Star Citizen will eventually turn out decently (probably still many years from now unfortunately!), I'd argue they threw in way too many features too cheaply and easily with the stretch goals just becoming ridiculously ambitious after a certain point. The thing that strikes me about System Shock's campaign is that all the stretch goals right up to $3 Million actually seem, with funding, to be realistically attainable. Still ambitious enough to be exciting, but not so ambitious as to be "how in the world are we going to actually *do* that?" or cause years of delays. While it'll certainly be unfortunate if we don't meet all of them, that, IMO, is on us, but after experiencing a campaign that promised way too much too fast, I now prefer this gradual and more attainable model anyday. Just my opinion.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Crazy_Borg is you think 2M was a ransom, try 3M for VR. If they're using Unity then v5.1 and upwards have VR support built in. Part of the work is done for them. 3M for VR support is crazy. This smells a bit of like Chris Roberts and the horrid Star Citizen fiasco. By the time SS hits, VR will be in many more homes, especially after Christmas. They're missing oout on adopting new futuristic tech that is amazing to use. I don't think I would have pledged as high as I did if I would have know that VR was placed well out of reasonable reach. I haven't played anything other than Fallout Far Harbor on my monitor since getting both the rift and vive. 2D flat screen legacy gaming just won't do it for me anymore.

    5. Crazy_Borg on

      Personally, I think that the 2M strechgoal for the System Shock 1 sourcecode sounds more like ransom than a feature.
      "Hey look, we have the original source code here. Give us 2 million dollars or we'll stuff it back in the fridge." :(

      It's clear that all the other stretchgoals involve work and money for Nightdve in some way or another for the cool new features.
      But teasing the community like a donkey with a carrot on a stick with something thats already "there" isn't really going to help the case, you know?

    6. Missing avatar

      JiminyJickers on

      Yeah, I agree with Erwhann-Rouge and other who have stated to release the source code as is. I would be very interested just to have a look at it personally.

    7. Erwhann-Rouge on

      Disclaimer : I'm a FLOSS software supporter, my opinion is by nature biased. But since you started to talk open sourcing, here is my opinion :

      tl;dr; Please free original SS1 code and assets, without any stretch goal

      Why ?
      Why do you need to update the sources, why do you need to reach 2M to releases them ?

      It would be a nice thing to release both the code and the assets under GPL / CC at the same time you release the remake.
      And it would be a way to make Shodan immortal.

      I might be narrow minded but you're making a brand new SS1 — and that's totally awesome —, why don't you just release the original one if you have the rights to do so? Don't you already have opportunities to make money on a new product, instead of continue selling a 22 years old classic.

      I understand that SOME classics doesn't run without modification and proper support on modern computer BUT SS1 was perfectly playable today thanks to Dosbox and the incredible work of TTLG forums (where some upgrade of the enhanced edition such as free mouselook came). Any windows user was able to enjoy without hassle System Shock Portable (cheers TTLG). It wasn't difficult for linuxian either.

      I bought SS1 & SS2 for Shodan reasons, but it really bother me when publishers try to make me buy a classic once again just because it "doesn't run fine" on modern computers.

      And finally, I really hope that freeing the code also means freeing the original assets, because a game without it's assets is a bit useless. Non-commercial reuse of source code and assets can be enforced throught use of GPL and CC-NC-SA licences if that's a concern.

      Without saying that doesn't prevent Nightdive continuing selling commercial support through Steam and GOG because FLOSS licences doesn't kill.

      The comment might sound angry, but it's more sad (that the 2M condition is very unlikely to be reached) and full of hopes (that the entire game shall be freed anyway)

    8. Banjo

      For those complaining about me being a "Superbacker", I never asked for it. Just appeared. I support a lot of campaigns, mostly boardgames and some video games, but don't keep count of how many or what I pledge for them (the larger ones have usually been more money post campaign than on KS).

      Take it up with Kickstarter if you feel you should have the title too. I'm sure they'll be happy to help.

    9. Banjo

      I suspect if the game is good enough and loved enough, fans will mod it (I remember being part of Fallout 3 and XCOM modding when we had to use hex editors), unless the devs use a terrible engine where everything is hardcoded. I can see mod TOOLS being a viable stretch goal since that would divert time and maybe funds, but any suitable PC game should be made as moddable as possible at its core during design if it doesn't hold up development. Fans will make their own tools as long as devs don't make things needlessly hard form them (coughxcomcough).

    10. Peter Ped Helcmanovsky on

      About SS1 sources. What do you mean "update it"? Just don't. If you want to release it, release it as-is. The fan community is big enough to either pick up on it, and update it on their own, or just archive it for historical purpose. But don't change a thing on it, at most add some notes, nothing more needed. NDS should focus on this one. Mod support trough steam: meh for me, no steam account (and no plan to have one). VR: I'm not sure what's current take on walking FPS games, I think it's still a topic under heavy research, how to do it "right". I think you should do that one as a spin-off, with gameplay designed specifically for VR. For this one you may consider to add the VR rendering mode, if it's built-in in your Unity, but I think it will be not as amazing to play it in VR, as it may sound on paper (physics pun).

    11. Daniel Jewell on

      @Dustin Good point. "Hey we're going to give you the option to play the game with the remix album. Except we can't afford to do it so you can't." *sigh*

    12. Petrell on

      Could not care less about VR but shame that modding support SS1 Source code being so high stretch goals. I doubt they can be reached in the 41 hours remaining. :-/

    13. Missing avatar

      Matti Peltoniemi on

      I'm still happy as a cow on new pasture if we manage to hit that 1.4M goal. VR would be great, and comic too, but eeh...I rather focus on what I'll get and be positive, than curse pointlessly at things I can't change. Going to get an amazing remake of amazing game, and that's cool :)

    14. jorlinn on Linux on

      Sardonic => Zardonic (Sorry for spelling your Artist's name wrong)

    15. jorlinn on Linux on

      This may hurt a few people, but I'm actually *relieved* to see that the VR mode is such a high stretch goal.
      Last time I've backed a game that had this "feature" went VR-only. VR as it is now, is in it's infancy, requiring bulky headsets with wires attached and/ or modification of the room you play in. That said, I only ever used the first developer model of the Oculus Rift, so my ideas may be as warped as the feeling in my stomach I got when engaging in VR ;-)
      Leaving modding support hanging in the air hurts far more. After All, System Shock 2 plays so much better with a few mods added. I would be very glad if this remake of System Shock 1 will become a classic, which will still look and sound fantastic with a few mods added to compensate for the then aging engine.

      I am glad about the hidden logs that describe Shodan's creation. It would be better still, if those logs would give you hints about weaknesses in Shodan's AI and design. That way, those logs are more than just a back story.

      Sadly I must agree with the sentiment that this KS campaign has not been a very active one.
      The absolute highlight for me was the update containing the history of your CEO, Stephen Kick. Loved that one and the musical comments by Sardonic. The rest of the updates were standard KS fare. Nothing else really popped out.

    16. Dustin on

      @Daniel Jewell, we don't get that, we need 1.9 mil for the remix album in the first place, so it's a pointless gesture

    17. Disa Foshaug on

      This makes me really sad. I hope that something cool happens. I just think that the hype train could have been more on track. Good luck everyone.

    18. Missing avatar

      Neil Doyle on

      I am just bummed to bits that the source code and editors release is so far down the list. I've been drooling over having access to the source code for ages, and we finally have a chance, and I feel it is being dangled out of our hands. I wonder if they will release the stock source code and let us go crazy, or will they withhold it entirely? The community needs it, even if they don't realize this yet.

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      No VR - Definitely a way to end this on a down note.

    20. Daniel Jewell on

      Yeah I don't think we're going to see modding support or VR support. If these had been visible from the very start instead of revealed in the dying hours you might have actually drummed up a hell of a lot more support for the project you know. Obscuring the later stretch goals until now holds no practical use.

      PS the remix album as optional game mode makes me exceedingly happy.

    21. Missing avatar

      Zaenos on

      I'm quite sad to see the VR, and especially mod support still so far away. I feel like both of thiose could add so much to the game. I'm hoping donations to reach these goals will still be open after the Kickstarter ends. Failing that, K.E.I.'s proposal for an expansion or follow-up crowdfunding would be great.

    22. Shaun Gupta on

      @Mike Madigan, we did get some new SHODAN logs already as a Backer Achievement! Here's hoping we can keep the momentum up and smash some more. =)

    23. Mike Madigan

      Sorry, meant to say that its a bummer that the new score wasn't at a lower stretch goal level. Maybe 1.5 will happen in the next 46 hours!! :)

    24. Mike Madigan

      As a fan of this game and a backer too, I still feel its a real miss that the score and more Shodan-voice rewards weren't a part of this project. At least hoping to hit "22" so that we can get some Shodan ringtone action.

    25. Robert Neal Dorris

      Well VR certainly isn't looking to happen in the near future, but I am looking forward to the game regardless!

    26. Dingo on

      Ugh... at $3M I don't think we'll see this in VR in the next 47 hours unless I donate $1.8M which I just happen to have laying around somewhere...

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Laine on

      Seeing as I just ordered an oculus yesterday I'd really like to see this reach the VR goal.

    28. Alex Valero "Danda" on

      Hi Leo,

      Thanks for the information! Yes, that makes sense. If they only count the last year, my pattern changed and I only backed a few select projects. How peculiar!

      There are going to be some big names on Twitch!

    29. Leo Borg on

      @Alex Valero "Danda": I also wondered that. The answer is the following:
      "How can I get a Superbacker badge?

      Glad you're interested! These badges are added to the profiles of backers that have supported more than 25 projects with pledges of at least $10 in the past year."

    30. l-vizz on

      At 3M VR support :(

    31. Peter S.

      Any way we could get that animated station diagram as a desktop wallpaper? Some of us use our screens vertically at work, and that thing is just badass. :)

    32. Elliot Jenner on

      We will be lucky to make 1.2 Mil. This is just taunting us at this point.

    33. Vedran Kopanja on

      Oh damn, I like the Shodan ringtone :D

    34. Andreas Woetzold

      While I would love ... LOVE ... VR (being abord citadel station, are you kidding me?) we won't come near that goal sadly. And I can understand why it's so far down on the streatchgoal list - it's a lot of efffort for a (at least now) limited number of potential users.

      But I like K.E.I.'s idea.

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Had a feeling VR was a stretch goal that was near the bottom. Now I see it's at the very bottom. Extremely disappointing. None of those other stretch goals do a thing for me. I was hoping to actually be aboard Citadel Station instead of staring at it on a monitor like I did in 1994.

      The more things change...

    36. Alex Valero "Danda" on

      Why have these goals been revealed so late? Now they won't make much of a difference!

      Brian Fargo knew how to run a campaign and squeeze the sweet Avellone card. This campaign basically stopped after the first days and flatlined, even with an awesome demo and the fact that they hired all the right people. Where were the juicy updates and profiles of the collaborators? Maybe posting some new tantalizing Shodan audio, more Avellone waving, new Waters art, things like that. But nothing happened, just some confusion about the direction of the soundtrack.

      Also, they never answered the message I sent them after pledging $750. Other people actually message you after pledging just $50! I'm bitter about that.

      They should have doubled or tripled the current amount. As a huge fan of System Shock, I'm very sad about this.

      P.S. Hey Kickstarter, how can "Banjo" be a "Superbacker" with 50 backed projects and not me with over 200? That can't be right :(

    37. Emilijan Stamfar on

      Hm...on the tactical side not so good. A little bit too late. We'll see how impact this announcement on pledges

    38. Bruxae on

      *insert Sulu voice* Oh my.

      I would soooo love that 2.5mill goal, but I don't think we'll get even close. I would be very happy if we at least reached the 1.4. :)

    39. Peter Cohen on

      With regard to what are apparently now un-achievable stretch goals, I suppose if you have a Paypal method of preorder after the Kickstarter ends, and count any revenue generated from that toward stretch goals, they 'might' be achievable. I suppose you could take a cue from Star Citizen and actually give special gear to people for special donations. Don't make it too game breaking, just enough for someone to outfit themselves well enough to up the difficulty level a notch, assuming they go in whole hog.

    40. Matthew Charles Clements Jr. on

      Have to agree with others, VR should be thought of as part of the initial design. That being said, PlayStation VR or bust. I don't have $1200 to make my PC run VR at slightly above potato quality.

    41. Banjo

      Mod support would be very high on my wishlist, however if mod support is Steam only, screw that.

      I need VR support like I need an epic migraine. :(

    42. Missing avatar

      lgs on

      A little too late for revealing actual important goals, don't you think? You guys are really terrible at stretch goals and priorities.
      Yours sincerely , Negative Nancy.

    43. Dustin on

      Yeah, what Zanderat asked. Are you taunting us with unachievable goals or will there be room for the stretch goals after the kickstarter? 3 mil for VR? This should have been something from the start. System Shock is MADE for VR. Interacting with the environment, jump scares, creepy noises, cyberspace... You guys will continue to make money after the release, provided it's good enough, consider stretching these goals beyond your predefined cash requirements.

    44. Andrew Bergsma on

      I STILL can't get on to the Discord, by the way :(

    45. Calvin Lindfors on

      I'd love the mod support stretch goal, but I'll be happy even if we just hit 1.4 million.

    46. Kjell Ims on

      VR would be amazing! -Perhaps as a separate expansion purchase after the fact? -You could conceivably even run a new KS after you release /this/ game, to fund a DLC/unlock to go VR at that point. (That would also allow time for the VR market to grow, and for hardware/GPU to catch up more and allow higher fidelity graphics in VR modes.)

    47. Missing avatar

      Chances on

      Heck of a carrot on a string there. However, I have to wonder if its a bit late to be doing this, seeing only 48 hours left?

    48. Zanderat on

      Will the stretch goals be achievable after the KS via PayPal and/or BackerKit? Thanks.

    49. Apotheosis Studios on

      REALLY, really, really love the stretch goal animation.

      Damn. That. Is. Cool.