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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

System Shock Remix Album: Zardonic; Sound Design Livestream

Posted by Jonathan Peros (Collaborator)

Hey again! It’s Jonathan (audio) here, with another announcement for our System Shock remix stretch goal! To recap, the $1.9m stretch goal for the project is to have the soundtrack from System Shock 1 remixed by a roster of fantastic musicians to be released along with the game. There is also an achievement in which we will implement these remixes as an alternate soundtrack for the game. We are making good progress in this last week of the Kickstarter, and if you folks keep spreading the word, we can definitely make this happen! Recently I announced the involvement of Celldweller, Blue Stahli, zircon, and Robotkid; now I’m happy to announce: 


Zardonic is a keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer best known for his Rock infused EDM, seamlessly encompassing Glitch Hop, Breakbeat, Electro House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hardcore Techno with shredding Metal guitars and commanding vocals. Having remixed crème de la crème Industrial rock pioneers Nine Inch Nails, Billboard top charters Pop Evil, Norwegian black metallers Gorgoroth, Zardonic represents an undeniable, threatening, genre-defying force that relentlessly pushes all boundaries.

His heavy mixture of distorted guitars and electronic sounds will bring the industrial rock style of much of the original System Shock to a new level of intense. Just like the original System Shock, Zardonic rejects all standards of the mainstream, never settles for any rules, and pioneers a unique sound, setting a new standard for future music. And let’s be frank: with that mask of his, he looks like he would get along great with SHODAN. :)

For more information on Zardonic, visit:

Sound design Livestream (achievement)

You guys have also managed to get yourself another achievement! Great job! As such, you guys get to have a cozy little time with me on our Twitch stream while I do some sound design for System Shock! I’ll be streaming next Tuesday (July 26) at 6pm PST. Hopefully my new synth modules come in the mail before then, so we can explore them together!

Go ahead and follow the Nightdive Studios Twitch page!

You guys have managed to unlock a couple more achievements, too! Stay tuned for info on these as well, and keep the achievements coming to unlock some more cool rewards!!


 Keep up the awesome work! Share the project and get word out however you can!



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    1. Shaun Gupta on

      @nin, according to update #7 (, you can add $25 (plus shipping if you don't already have shipping for other physical items) to your pledge. Once the Art Book is available via BackerKit, you'll be able to fulfill it that way. No other list of Add Ons yet; I'd imagine that will come once BackerKit is up.

    2. Missing avatar

      nin on

      Sorry to change the topic, but has their been a list of add-ons yet? I didn't want to miss out on that book.


    3. jorlinn on Linux on

      It fits well with a hectic situation in System Shock. I would like it even more industrial, with less focus on the screaming guitars. Quiet subtle music combined with eerie background machine hum would be more in place when it comes to the mazes of corridors. A bit like the music for the first two Descent games. Reaching 1.9M will be a real challenge. 850k in 3 days will be hard to achieve. Fingers crossed.

    4. Wieland der Schmied on

      This Track should be on the Remix Sampler, too:…

    5. Missing avatar

      Teemu Jortikka on

      damn, $750k to go. I NEED DIS!

    6. Shaun Gupta on

      I think we should keep in mind the music they've shown are just samples of their other work, NOT the remix of System Shock music. So it's just showing what they can do. I'm sure they'll keep the original music in mind with whatever they do here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eidol0n on

      A lot of the musicians that have been announced are excellent in their own right, but I would hope that any remix work skews more to the sound of the original music. While it was in part a result of the limitations of the time, there was a kind of clinical simplicity that I felt meshed well with the character of Citadel station and SHODAN. The restrictions also tended to leave a fairly distinctive mark on the music that is as much a part of a retro aesthetic as the art direction to me.

    8. Dustin on

      Again, why are we focusing on this? As much as I'd love it, you placed it way too high of a stretch goal. 5 days left, $770,000 away, still no pay pal option. Unless some big wigs come and dump out that sort of cash, this doesn't seem very feasible. Either say it's coming regardless, or move on to more attainable in 5 day goals.

    9. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Seeing as I kept hearing the NIN influence while playing the original game, I'm very happy to see that you're heading in a more industrial rock direction with the remix soundtrack, rather than the direction SS2 went in. If possible, I'd like the Drum'n'Bass influence kept to a minimum as it's a much too upbeat and analogue-ish style to fit with Citadel Station, in my opinion.
      Now we just need Trent and Jourgensen on board :P Maybe get Rob Zombie to do a few monster grunts or a bit of VO? It's not like he hasn't done VO in sci-fi before...
      Yeah, now I'm just dreaming, but that's what this project is all about. Thanks for the update :)

    10. Zangdaarr on

      I really diskliked Zardonic soundtrack, sorry guys.
      What can't you just basically take what has already been proven good ?

    11. Gary Whitfield on

      Yes. Really pumped at the Shodan logs.

      However, the music doesn't really bother me, for two reasons.

      1. I'm not actually into that style of music [Yes, I know, I'm an old guy who played the original game when it first came out]

      2. To actually get it, we need to raise about 75% of current funding in the last 5 days of the campaign.

      Now whilst I am aware that campaigns do see an increase in funding rate as they near the end, like Jonah, I am just hoping they get to the $1.4M mark and don't really believe that we're going to get around $800K in 5 days.

      I would have preferred an update talking about the Shodan logs. Are we going to find out who was behind it? Will they tell us anything about the crew being made Shodan's slaves? Simple 'Yes'/'No' amswers to questions like that would have been fantastic.

      Sorry, but that's just the way I see it.

    12. Adrian Marshall on

      All I'm seeing is SHODAN logs because I am so ecstatic. I've always wondered about the creation of an artificial intelligence in the world of System Shock and I'm excited to see the answers to those questions.

    13. Shaun Gupta on

      Awesome update! Really psyched about the livestream as well as those SHODAN logs!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonah Rosestone on

      I really hope they hit 1.4M that's the sweet spot.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steffen on

      well, so I can quote myself "having remixed cdlc industrial rock pioneers NIN" after uploading a remix on the NIN-Fan-Community-Mix page....
      fair enough, his sound shoud fit well for SS-Soundtrack

    16. l-vizz on

      A little bit Nine Inch Nails feeling. Good Work Mr. Zardonic.

    17. Anton Toporkov on

      Awesome to hear so much progress so quickly guys!
      If i can suggest, try to contact Mick Gordon as well. He recently worked with ID to remix the OST for the recent D°°M game (D4 or the 2016 version basically), maybe he could a few strings to your electro-bow :)
      Looking forward for this, always love remixes of classic titles

    18. Bumgurgle on

      Wow! Nice musician choices!