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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

1.1m Stretch Goal Met and RPG Stuff

Posted by Jason Fader (Collaborator)

1.1m Goal Reached!

Looks like the 1.1m stretch goal has been reached and we'll be supporting Linux and Mac versions of the game! Thank you all so much for making that possible! :-D We're working on bringing the demo onto OSX, but no concrete release date for it just yet. We’re hoping to having it some time next week if all goes well.

1.4m Goal Changes

We've altered the 1.4m stretch goal to something a bit more manageable from a game development standpoint. Before, it was vague and misleading regarding “RPG Elements”. That lead to a bit of confusion and unease with our backers, and to be perfectly honest, deep system features like that are pretty dangerous as stretch goals. We have an awesome vision for the game and setting a bunch of features we deeply believe in to a stretch goal stifles our own creativity since we can't fully plan for things.

Now, the 1.4m stretch goal is something much safer for us to scale if we don’t make the goal. It’s to add content in the form of more maps such as Groves, floors of Citadel Station, and Cyberspace content. This will make it better for us to properly execute on our core vision of the game, while still being able to offer some more awesome content if we hit the stretch goal.

So the RPG Stuff...

As I mentioned before, we have a pretty good vision of where we want to take things and what RPG systems we’ll be leaning towards within our budget. Also, RPG systems can imply a lot of things, so I'll go over some core concepts that we're following with the overall systems design.

  • Stats are boring - Instead of letting the player feel stronger with stat boosts and level identification, we’re more in favor of ability and skill depth. As the player progresses, they will get more abilities/weapons, which will take skill to master (player skill, not skill points)
  • Things should make sense - We want to have vending machines, but they're mainly for food/drinks that the player can get to help heal themselves or provide a slight boost to their abilities. You won't hack a vending machine to get a gun, since why would a vending machine on a space station have a gun?
  • Upgrades are good in moderation - Throughout the game, the player will find upgrades to their abilities and find better weapons. We're not going to get crazy with this one since the point of the game is to have fun, and not noodle around in your inventory. If something is tedious, don't expect us to do it.
  • Multiple ways to solve a problem - We're going to assume our players are smart and want to find creative solutions to problems/enemies. We'll provide the tools/weapons/abilities, and the player will decide how they want to solve the problem given their playstyle.

I know that isn't very detailed, but it's still early in the game’s development, and things can change. Those rules above are what we're confident in delivering. At the end of the day, we always ask ourselves “What would Looking Glass do?” and strive to carry on their tradition of innovation and quality while being as faithful as we can be to the original game.

 - Jason

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Johnson on

      Also upgrades to the player make perfect sense, since due to augmentation the player is a posthuman. In the original System Shock the player received OS upgrades directly to their internal software and hardware, rather than extraneous gadgets.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Johnson on

      Just in terms of lore stuff it makes sense to hack a vending machine for guns in the System Shock games. System Shock 1 (2072) had 3d printer technology and System Shock 2 (2110) had nanotechnology. You can print anything you want as long as you have the base materials. In the lore officials (like police forces) had access codes to print weapons material normally locked to the public. Hacking the vending machines opens up these blueprints. Post-Singularity settings like System Shock offer loopholes like this.

    3. Shaun Gupta on

      @Jason Roberts, you're probably aware, but tomorrow night they've announced a Nightdive Twitch livestream about the audio design (and it should be recorded/available later if you can't watch live). Should be interesting - I've really enjoyed the ambient sounds so far too!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason Roberts on

      I'm one of those guys that doesn't want to see a bunch of new features crammed into this remake, but I don't have a problem with the music so far. Imo, the ambient sound effects are a lot more important in a game like this, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good they are in the pre-alpha.

      As far as "RPG elements" are concerned, I'm glad Nightdive isn't going too crazy with them. They simply aren't needed. You can add more complexity to a game like this without unnecessary features like XP and leveling.

    5. Shaun Gupta on

      @John Burton, Enhanced does have higher resolutions and an improved control scheme over the original, but I think I understand what you're wanting - essentially an engine update to the original game. If that's the only thing you expected them to change, though, it's just never been the case - they've been very clear from the KickStarter that they wanted it to feel like the original game, but also wanted to expand on the original game in certain limited ways (and have been pretty specific in updates about what they thought those ways could be).

      A little under a year and a half is not a long time for a AAA-quality title, even if a lot of the level design and story are already done. Many games take much, much longer than that and there are a lot of variables like team size to keep in mind; I'm personally glad they're keeping the timeframe (hopefully) realistic.

      You can say that you don't know NDS has the skills to pull this off, but at the same time, who says they don't? There are industry veterans from a lot of very well-known and well-reviewed titles here (including the original System Shock) as well as people very passionate about the original games. Also, the demo is a pretty good indication they do have a great deal of skill, even if it doesn't showcase everything they want to do.

      I'm still not sure why you feel the updates are "wishy washy". What have they waffled on? As near as I can tell, their plans have stayed pretty much the same as day 1 of the KickStarter (included stretch goals, etc.), with some clarifications and tweaks to accommodate feedback where they felt it was valid and had a point; their core vision for this, though, has remained unchanged.

      While I always love to see more detail/information, I've been happy with the updates. I'm surprised some people find them boring.

      It may be your opinion that the music choices are "terrible", but not all of us agree on that, and that's okay. No matter what Nightdive does, they couldn't make everyone happy; that's just the nature of the beast, but I do believe they're trying their best to stick to their guns as far as core vision while accommodating feedback wherever possible.

      I think it's valid for people to have concerns with any project they back (as you said, it's speculative), but I also think it's a shame when people don't give dev teams a chance to execute their vision out of fear/worry. All I'd encourage people to do is give the team a chance and accept that while this may not 100% reflect each one of our own individual ideas for the game we'd like to see, this is their vision, and at the end of the day should be a lot of fun to experience/be part of.

    6. Missing avatar

      Moritz Eberspaecher on

      They've got a vision for this Game and they've been pretty straightforward with it. That's more than all those naysayers have that just want updated graphics and maybe UI and nothing more. They got the copyrights, they do the work - deal with the choices they make for the game. System Shock is a great game, but there are still several features that can be improved or added considering the options we have with today's technology. I'd rather have them take a shot improving on the (already great) basis than just remodeling the content that's already there. It's a reMAKE after all, not a reMASTER. I hope they stick to their vision and don't back down to the purists so we can see where it'll take us.

    7. Missing avatar

      John Burton on

      @Shaun Gupta - that's a slightly silly statement..."System shock enhanced is already out there if you want a few extra features".....

      I do want some extra features, and frankly that doesn't provide it (as I do own that already) - such as graphics that aren't massively outdated and ugly, and a control scheme that isn't clunky and preferably works well with a gamepad. It's "enhanced" alright, but it still could be better - hence supporting this kickstarter project.

      If the enhanced version really held up in this day and age then there'd be no point backing this, would there? Those are the only two things I expected them to change - very necessary alterations in my opinion.

      And they quote Warren Spector saying pretty much the same. Based on the demo that's what I got. Yet, despite him being a true industry veteran with his hand in some of the all time greats, NDS seem to think they can channel more out of this remake (even though they sold the demo by it being exactly the same....)

      Any further adjustments bring two issues:
      1) The release date for this is wayyyy off in the future - presumably because of this extra content and / or the changes. A "faithful" remake surely ought to be doable in much less time?

      2) Who can say if NDS actually have the skills to pull off these changes? And if they do - they need someone better at PR than the person doing the updates, because they've been really weak and "wishy washy".

      The demo persuaded me to back this, but everything else is making me not want to - if the demo isn't indicative of the final product (i.e exactly the same game with updated graphics and controls) then it's not a faithful remake. It's a vanity project on NDS part, and they really ought to have someone with more clout fronting it than the uninspiring geezer doing the updates (stats are boring? whether they include them, or not, I imagine a fair few potential backers just put away their wallets....)

      Here's a thought - lets hear from Chris Avellone (who isn't a nobody when it comes to gaming) about what he proposes for these changes...then it would be something worth hearing. This is a speculative approach to gaming - putting your faith in the people behind the project, and so far those people have been - well, I don't know who they are, or really what they've done, and they've said nothing of interest.

      The musical choices - terrible. The design choices - vague, and no concrete evidence delivered so far. All you have to go on is a demo, that worked because it stood on the shoulders of giants. My worry is that if NDS try and reach higher - they're going to fall off.

      Talk of giving the player "multiple solutions to problems" is all well and good - but it would be a heck of a lot more convincing if there was actual evidence of this. Maybe they'll release a longer demo showing some of these additions - until then they are an unproven studio who seemingly have the audacity to think they can better a classic game.

      Plus its misleading about this being a "faithful" remake if they're making changes. Kudos to them if they deliver a better product, but this feels like a riskier investment than it did after playing the demo......

    8. Wieland der Schmied on

      RPG Elements are a must have for a complex shooter like a Remake of SS!

    9. Daniel Jewell on

      @Rodney You do know the original System Shock wasn't an RPG right?

    10. Rodney Lucas on

      Seems like it's becoming less of an RPG. Disappointing. I'm canceling my pledge. Might pick it up after it's been out a while and goes on sale. Stats are not boring.

    11. Shaun Gupta on

      @Robert Walker, I've seen quite a few requests for an OSX demo. I'm not on OSX myself, but I'm sure if I were, it'd be pretty nice to be able to try it out!

      @John Burton, they've always said they may make some enhancements/new content. System Shock Enhanced is already out there if you want the exact same game with a few extra features, but they've promised to stick very close to the original in spirit for this KickStarter, and if anything, this post should indicate they're thinking very carefully about any changes they do make - most of what they talk about was in the first game, in one form or another.

      I'm just not sure in what aspects you feel they're being wishy washy? While they've clarified some things, such as RPG elements and music (which have both gotten less drastic a change than people first assumed, not more), they've prettymuch stuck to what they originally said when they launched this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Walker on

      "We're working on bringing the demo onto OSX ..."
      Hah, hah... But seriously please don't waste your time on such trifles. Lets focus on the real gaming platforms:
      Windows & Linux
      Thanks :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Hite on

      "since why would a vending machine on a space station have a gun?" If the NRA had anything to say about it, we'd have vending machines with guns in them now. But yeah, for game play purposes it makes sense that you need to scrounge for weapons and ammo since SS is sorta a survival horror. Just make sure to either have finite bad guys and finite ammo, or respawning ammo and respawning bad guys.

    14. Missing avatar

      John Burton on

      I have pledged to this, and will remain. However - that pledge was based on the demo, which seemed like it was 99% just a graphical translation of the original. The original is a quantifiable experience that still holds up gameplay wise, and really only needs an overhaul to the obviously very outdated presentation.

      They have a quote from Warren Spector saying exactly that, and on the strength of the demo - job done......

      But - talk of changing it? of "enhancing" it's gameplay, or providing new content? Uh, that's not what I signed up for, and whilst Nightdivestudios may be comprised of industry veterans - that's no guarantee they have what it takes to improve on a classic....

      It's one thing to back a game when its just a modern update of proven gameplay - its another thing entirely when that's not what will be delivered....I backed this because it was promised as a remake, and also because my pledge helped ensure it would get made and was around what I'd pay for a copy of it anyway.

      But at least with a finished game (whether changed or not) you can see if you actually want it...With a kickstarter project you can only go on the promises made - to have those promises altered is a bit of a concern, especially with so long to go I would have hoped for a more definitive vision. Recent updates have been less than encouraging....

      And to those people who call backers dropping out "whiners" - that is their right to do so if they feel the game isn't delivering what they backed it for.....The majority rules - if they're the majority and NDS aren't respecting their wishes, then the game is dead. If they're the minority - then hooray! the rest of you will (hopefully) get the game you wanted.

      But if Kickstarter projects have this much flip flopping or wishy washy statements - I'll stick to buying completed games where I know EXACTLY what I'm getting.

    15. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Upped my pledge for Linux support ;)

    16. Zangdaarr on

      Great news that no game mechanics is impacted with "rpgs elements". Upgrades and "multiples ways to solve a problem", are already part of the original game.

    17. Flatfingers on

      Without debating the RPG thing pro or con any further, I will say that I'd appreciate a clear statement from Nightdive on why they believe that adding character abilities (and the developer-dictated pacing of progression through those abilities) to the original game's gear-based progression is necessary. Why is that the "vision" for System Shock 1.5? Is it because the principals personally enjoy playing games with character abilities? Or because they believe they, as the developers, must more directly control the player's experience of the game? These questions aren't to try to relitigate the inclusion of character abilities, but simply out of curiosity to understand Nightdive's game design philosophy a little better.

      That said, here's a comment I haven't seen anywhere else regarding the "weapons from vending machines" thing, and I can sum it up in one word: Trioptimum. Those guys were nuts. Looking Glass seem to have designed Citadel Station using the notion that everything there was constructed by the ethically challenged Trioptimum Corp. Of course they'd stock a space station or a starship with machines that could replicate powerful firearms and ammo!

      Remember that System Shock was made by a bunch of MIT grads in the politically liberal Northeast U.S. It probably seemed perfectly natural to them to make an Evil Corporation the villain of the System Shock world, straight out of Robocop, easily able to "recruit" a hacker to do some dirty coding in exchange for a military-grade neural implant. In the world of System Shock, Trioptimum is a Chomskyesque example of diabolical free markets doing what they will always do: enabling profiteers to cynically exploit the people with no care whether they live or die.

      This is why Edward Diego is the living symbol of Trioptimum, eager to make a deal with SHODAN. It's why System Shock 2's choices for initial abilities at the start of the game are explained in such exploitative and amoral terms. (And why Marie Delacroix was so memorable: she was nearly the only character with a conscience.) It's why BioShock's story was framed around Objectivism, which is the Trioptimum Way taken to its supposedly logical extreme.

      The entire setting of the original game was suffused with a belief in the ethical vacuousness of corporations. When you step back from the game and ask, "why were things built the way they were on Citadel Station? Who would build something that way?" and then remember that Trioptimum was Looking Glass's real villain (SHODAN was initially just one of Trioptimum's many tools), the otherwise crazy-seeming deathtraps on every level of Citadel Station start to make a kind of sense: that's just how awful Trioptimum was.

      Frankly, it would be more out of character for vending machines in a game set in the System Shock *not* to sell weaponry.

      (Please note that this analysis is not meant to start an argument with anyone on economic systems. I'm just suggesting a way in which "weapons from vending machines" makes sense in System Shock games.)

    18. Andreas on

      Do you already have release plans for the Linux and Mac version? Will they be part of the Steam beta and big box collector’s edition?

    19. FlawedIntellect on

      Cyberspace content could be making a comeback? I'd definitely be looking forward to that! ^_^ (Would it be the case that minigames would need to be collected in cyberspace, as in the original game? Or would they be obtainable by other means?)

      One thing I like about the original System Shock is how character upgrades came in the form of obtaining items in the game world that add to the player character's abilities. Maintaining that aspect of the original game for this project would be great. <3

    20. Jason Fader Collaborator on

      @BSL - I clarified this in this in a reply to your comment in the PS4 update. Basically, yes, Shaun Gupta is correct.

      Regarding RPG stats and the classic form of rpg progression. I can talk at great lengths about the pros and cons of such systems, and personally, I love games like Skyrim and Fallout. Having worked on a Fallout game, I'm very familiar with what resources are needed to pull off a game of that caliber. I would love to carry over all of the elements of what folks loved about SS2, but there are a few complex issues and choices that need to be made given the budget we have.

      Games are very expensive to make, but we've found creative ways of utilizing technology and rapid development methodologies to bring that cost down a bit. We're starting from scratch with this game, essentially. There isn't existing tech we can carry over from a prior game to give us a headstart. We need to engineer it all (well, the stuff the engine doesn't natively take care of).

      Given the budget we have, the goal is to make a solid game first, so that means getting all of the core mechanics in and feeling good. Adding too many systems means less time we can spend on everything else. The approach we're taking is to create a solid first game, and then possibly use that as a foundation for future titles. Gotta walk before you run :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt Harmon on

      @Ben Flexo System Shock never had stats or skills. Shock 2 did, but Shock 1 (the one they're remaking here) was built similar to Metroid with an ever expanding arsenal of implants. Honestly what they've described so far basically sounds like that so I don't understand why they're calling it "RPG Elements" when its just enhancing the Metroid like growth through exploration and progression the game already had.

    22. Shaun Gupta on

      @BSL, I certainly understand the desire for clarification, but I guess I'm not sure what's unclear in this case. If you look at the Rewards section on the right of the main campaign page, for the $150 tier you inquired about, it clearly states you get the Big Box Collector's Edition with all the physical goodies for PC and will "also Receive Digital Collector’s Edition (Choice of Supported Platform)". I don't think they've said exactly how distribution of codes, etc., will work, so I can't make any assumptions there, but I think choice of platform is pretty well established. I may be missing something or misunderstanding your question, though, so my apologies if that's the case and I hope you can get the answers you seek from NDS.

    23. Adrian Marshall on

      I can't wait to play the finished version because of this update. Thank you @Jason for the great clarification on the RPG elements. The one element of System Shock 2 that I personally would love to see besides basic stats as you mentioned is the degradation of weapons. That is a fantastic way to add tension to the game, and repair toolkits in vending machines made sense in System Shock 2, and certainly would make sense for this iteration of System Shock.

    24. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      @Nathan & @Shaun - While I appreciate your honest guesses and opinions, I'd like to know from Night Dive if that is the plan or not, I've supported enough KS for games that, I would assume that's the way things would happen, however I do not know for sure. That's why I'm asking for official comment from Jason and the team. Off to PM, I guess.

    25. Missing avatar

      Moritz Eberspaecher on

      Umhh guys, read it again. There WILL be RPG elements, according to the vision the developers have of the game they want to make. They just CHANGED the 1.4m stretch goal because it looks like the campaign will not reach the 1.4m. I personally appreciate this, as I think that rpg elements and different solutions for the same problem add to the replay value of the game. I can't understand those purists that ignore the possibilities of today's PC gaming and just want the old game with better graphics. I understand that a lot of games have been made worse than they could have been due to the limitations of console gaming, but I think the game should stay true to its roots where it is necessary and improved in terms of gameplay and UI where it's possible. I think there are several points where the original game could be improved and therefore should be improved.

    26. Rob Lamerton on

      @ Ben Flexo

      Are you thinking of System Shock 2? The original game had neither stat points nor deteriorating weapons, those were features that appeared in the sequel, so Nightdive really isn't removing anything by not using them.

    27. Andrew Bergsma on

      Thank you for being so transparent and honest with us. In the wake of Kickstarter disasters, it's so refreshing to see developers be this straightforward with backers.

    28. Keith Fleming on

      I trust you guys to make the best game possible, regardless of what people say.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason Roberts on

      @Ben Flexo, They're not "removing" anything. Perhaps you should read through this again.

    30. Missing avatar

      Bansheedragon on

      I'm not against RPG elements in general, but I'm against the kind of RPG elements that some people here seem to want, the kind you find in most RPG games these days.
      If that makes me a purist then I'll wear that designation with pride.

      As for being whiny, the only whiny ones here are the ones who seem to think their opinions, wishes and expectations are the only way it should be, are unwilling to accept anything else and decides to announce that they are leaving just because they don't get their will and name-calling those that argued against what they wanted.

      I backed this because they said they would do a remake of the original SS game, not a remake of SS2 or make a new SS game, and in my honest opinion adding things such as levels and skill points does in my honest opinion not make it a remake but a new game.

      Far too many developers has said they will do a remake of a good classic, only to make something that dont resemble the original game in anything but name.
      So I'm happy to see that Nightdive are willing to listen to the community and take what is being said into consideration.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ben Flexo on

      Removing stats and relying on player skill, that sounds like you're making Bioshock not System Shock. Those weapons had better be breaking at the most inconvenient time or I won't be happy. Can we rethink this?

    32. Missing avatar

      Ben Flexo on

      Removing stats and relying on player skill, that sounds like you're making Bioshock not System Shock. Those weapons had better be breaking at the most inconvenient time or I won't be happy. Can we rethink this?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason Roberts on

      To the people who want to announce that they're "out" ...buh-bye. I'm sorry that you're butthurt because the devs have decided not to tack on a bunch of unnecessary features that most of us don't want.

      To Nightdive - Great work guys! I grow more excited about this project with each update!

    34. Khalaq on

      Consider me a "purist" if you must, but I am hoping for an updated version of System Shock, not an "SS2 version,", nor a new game based on the old one. Stuff like adding new areas doesn't bother me as I see it as "additional content." Changes to how the game plays or functions, however, do concern me. Why advertise an "updated version of System Shock" if it's actually going to be a different game?

    35. Tracey Craig

      Not happy i'm out

    36. Yuri on

      Good. Linux is definitely the best OS to play a cyberpunk game on.

    37. Judicator on

      Wow this is great news, thanks NDS.
      Now hopefully we can have the System Shock we've been waiting for.

    38. John on

      @Andreas Graf,
      true, but I didn't think that should be completely thrown out, just postponed, as we'll all agree more in-game content is far more valuable to most of us than localization.

      Ps, I have 7 years exp. in mobile game dev, and the only localization which really made the difference was the Chinese one - but that is more complicated for mobile (they use different appstores etc)

      Anyhow, I've been around the world and 90+% of gamers I met spoke English and they played all their games in English...

      @Ulf Liller, agreed with you.

    39. Missing avatar

      øåååååøø on

      based on last wasteland2 funding using xa^2 gives me 1,7 m.

    40. Missing avatar

      Andreas Graf on

      @localization: not a fair discussion, since ppl who dont speak english probably wont post here...
      on the other hand - many gamers even play japanese games with only (translated) subtitles on, just to keep the original sound

    41. Missing avatar

      øåååååøø on

      As long it is not like the bioshock or SS2 mess i am all inn fore it. Although Migth and magic VI like system, might be a boon. Hard to unbalance it, Expert then master based on upgrades from nano skill points.

    42. Ulf Liller on

      1- Yay for Linux Version! :D
      2- I personally like RPG elements but don't find them essential. And I'd rather not have them than a bad implementation that distracts from the actual game. I would suggest first developing the game without that but keeping your ideas in mind and then possibly releasing an expansion/DLC later that adds an alternative game mode with RPG elements.
      3- I personally don't really care about localization as I play most games in their original version anyway unless that happens to be a language other than english (I'm german btw). But not all people are as comfortable playing a game in english if that is not their native language.

    43. Bruxae on

      I think this change is probably for the best. Personally I was excited for these RPG elements, but a lot of other people were wary of it, and this is a bit clearer as to what exactly we will be getting and still a very attractive goal gameplay wise! I hope we reach the 1.4m.

    44. John on

      Hi Guys, I'll say something I think most of us can relate to:


      Any gamer, any real gamer today, no matter where he is from KNOWS English good enough s/he can play most of the games on today's market.
      And since we have only 6 days left, I feel we'll reach $1.2 mil and I care far more about ADDITIONAL CONTENT, GAME LOCATIONS and expanded narrative then most of us care about localization.

      I strongly recommend we change $1.2 goal to new content instead of localization,
      it will add far more value to the game.

      Come on backers, do you agree with me?

    45. João Melo on

      There was some guy whose words were posted on this Kickstarter:

      "I’ve long said that if you updated the graphics, sound and UI on System Shock you’d have something that competes directly with any game on the market today. "

      With the changing of this stretch goal we'll now be able to see if this is true. Hooray!

    46. Andreas Woetzold

      Again with the name calling ... Did you even play the original?

      You don't need visible/changeble stats for System Shock. The game works with "software/hardware"-upgrades and you could even have hidden stats that let you get better at things, the more often you do it (you hack 10 machines successfully, maybe you have a bit more time for your hack the next time, you clobber 10 bots with the pipe, maybe your damage with it rises). Why the need to gain "points" by clobbering things and then putting the points in something completely different (hacking) - I never understood the logic behind that.

      And no, this ist not System Shock 2 or a remake of System Shock 2 - this is a remake of System Shock 1.

      I'd like the game to keep in the spirit of the original, even if I'm a whiny purist in your eyes.

    47. Vincent on

      Wow... You buckled to a handful of loud mouthed whiny purists. Oh well I'm out.

    48. Massimo Cesario on

      Just LOWERED my pledge...

    49. Gary Whitfield on

      Jeez guys, it seems to me that some of you don't read so well.
      Jason Fader has already said that there will be stats in the game. "Kind of hard to avoid stuff like HP, damage, damage types, speed, etc in a game like this.", I just don't expect them to be VISIBLE stats - i.e. you will not 'level up' in the way you would in "Skyrim" or "Fallout 4". You will not be able to put a point in strength to increase your melee damage.

      But that shouldn't matter, and I don't think it does - not to fans of the original anyway. The original was NOT a RPG, it was a FPS with unusually strong story elements. This crew are doing, in my opinion, a very good job of updating the original game and should be commended for that. If you need more stats in your game, give these guys a hand now and they may well think of giving SS2 the same treatment which should make you happier.

      Let's face it, the modern 'RPG' s like Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 onwards, etc. can all be played as FPS games, but no-one seems to complain about that.

    50. Zoltán Sághy on

      I think RPG elements are easy compared to the Cyberspace. Cyberspace should be redesigned from the core because the idea is still awesome but the the whole thing is dated. I think that was one of the best and the worst part of System Shock. Have you guys seen Johnny Mnemonic? The whole VR hack is great but the cheese level is set to the max. If Nightdive can handle this i think we have a winner remake here.