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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Luke Keppler

      On the survey, I haven't seen any way to specify that I want the PS4 version in my collector's edition. In update "[07.20.16] Update 12: PS4", the image of a physical copy for PS4 indicated to me that you'd be going with a publisher for a physical console copy run. Without a way to specify the physical copy, I'm not sure what to do for the survey (on the digital question). I don't care about digital downloads, but I still try not to overlap with what I'm getting physically.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bichara Sahdala on

      How do I get this? Can I give you moar monies if you included it with my big box. Moar monies!

    3. Missing avatar

      Cade Hancock on

      Is there any possible chance in hell you guys will ship the steel book for the Ps4? If so that would be awesome!

    4. Sean Boardman on

      Will there be a Xbox One version as well?

    5. Jean Rothen on

      After that one you totally got me! Incredibly the PS4 became my first gaming platform even being a PC all time fan. System Shock series for me - together with X-COM - are the best games ever no matter what so I couldn't feel so much joy knowing you guys would turn this game back to the place it deserves. Congratulations, dream makers!

    6. Banjo

      Very happy to have PS4 as an option; I own an XBone but it mostly gathers dust! I would gladly pay for a physical PS4 disc release; please consider this folks! I would rather play on PC but I doubt mine could run the game right now and would much rather play in comfort on my tv and couch instead.

    7. datfinesoul on

      Awesome, really excited about having a PS4 version!

    8. Willem Rosenthal on

      OMG YES! ���

    9. Missing avatar

      Octavian on

      "We were already planning an Xbox One release. You have no reason to fear that adding a PS4 release will "water down" the experience. :)"

      Not good enough, seriously considering cancelling my pledge right now. I'd rather back the future development of System Shock 3 than this console-friendly game that I fear will be just a "jealous shadow" of what it used to be. Yet with better graphics. System Shock is and will always be way too complex for consoles...unless it is extremely simplified, leaving us nostalgic ones I'm sorry.

    10. Roy Evers on

      Thanks for this! Would love to play this with my wife, she is a PS4 player... I love her reactions to horror games ;)

    11. Timothy Tideswell King on

      I see that you the developers are saying that we are not supposed to worry about that the PS4 version will be "watered down". That's not really my concern, the concern I have is that the more platforms to release on the more time and money you need to put down to make this a reality.
      But if you know what you're doing and that you can reassure us that it won't be a problem at all then sure go ahead.

    12. Jason Fader Collaborator on

      @BSL - Yup! If a backer has a digital copy in their tier and it says "Choice of supported platform", they'll be able to select which platform once we have BackerKit set up :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      BSL on

      @ Jason Fader and the rest of the Nightdive Studios team.

      The PS4 announcement is pretty cool, however are you guys going to announce an option to switch to PS4 from PC if we choose.

      Say I'm at the $150 tier, can that be converted to PS4 instead and still get the goodies from that tier?
      I'm hesitant to ask for an add-on, only because right now I cannot play the demo or the eventual game even though my PC is hefty enough because I don't have a 64-bit OS.

      So PS4 would be the easiest way for me to play it. Please let me and the community know as I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to know about platform choice (even if done as a survey at the end) or add-on.


    14. Jason Fader Collaborator on

      I prefer to play fps's on PC over console. Also, I detest how some games over consolify and hurt the game on PC. This game will be fun on console without sacrificing our vision for the game on PC :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      Stefan Polyanszky on

      I sure hope they have PCs in mind when they make the UI/Interface (inventory etc.). There is no need for another Deus Ex 2. This was originally a PC game and the PC should be prioritized regarding Interface

    16. orcrist86 on

      I'm pleased you are expanding your development options as it lets so many more people experience this great franchise.

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Selvage on

      PC master race apparently didn't read the Kickstarter before backing... Xbone version has ALWAYS been in the plans so this PS4 release really does not affect the PC game. For people wondering how they will pay for it, the PS4 is the #1 console in installed base and should easily sell enough copies to recoup the investment.

    18. Missing avatar

      Marko Vinu on

      I just have one question: Why is PS4 version getting a priority over the full coverage of the PC market? I don't mind having it if it doesn't have negative impact on PC gameplay, but to prioritise it over PC is a big no-no. It should not have been added by default, while Linux and Mac support are still considered a stretch goal (it doesn't matter that it has almost been reached).

    19. Well-Lit Room on

      Charles B, why are you being so mean? I, for example, think that pc-gaming is (censored), but i don't shout about it on every corner.
      P.S. Great news, can't wait to play it on my PS4. And can you consider VR support?

    20. Missing avatar

      Charles B on

      ehhhh i would have preferred that time and money in making a richer fuller pc game. console plebs gotta get on the bandwagon and stop hamstringing the gaming community with obsolete tech.

    21. Martijn van der Meulen on

      This is excellent news, and is the news that made me back this Kickstarter! I only really play on PS4 at the moment, so despite being a huge System Shock fan there wasn't a real point of me backing this. But now there is.

      Looking forward to the future updates, and the eventual release of course! Good luck guys.

    22. Shaun Gupta on

      @Alexander Rehm, there was *always* going to be an XBOX One version - they've just added PS4 to the list. While it is more work for them to do the porting itself, the platforms are very similar hardware wise, so it makes a lot of sense and brings in new backers. The game shouldn't change much, if at all.

    23. Alexander Rehm

      Am pleased for you, but not a fan of your statement. You're taking the console release all of a sudden as "as important" as the PC release, which was the whole purpose of your alpha and your campaign, with console only being potential stretch goals, or something coming in the future.

      I hope for your sake that the PC version remains the focus, and that you are also offering a sensible means to get a discount / different level for those who might want both PC and PS4 / XBone version, to make up for a change in your own priorities, which are now different to your original campaign (and the reason why I backed in the first place).

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Matthiessen on

      Great news, will this be a physical version(disc) or digital (redemption code) i would much prefer a disc based version if possible.

    25. Sebastian Tworek on

      Great news guys! Although PC is my main platform, I think I'll buy the PS4 version just to be able to also play on my console :) Thanks!

    26. RPRezo on

      Wow. People keep finding new (bad) ways of surprizing me. Seriously, guys? You seriously fear that PS4 version will water down a game that was multiplatform from the very beginning? You fear that now new System Shock will not have a clunky interface with 40+ buttons when getting rid of that horrible mess of an interface was one of the main reasons for this remake in the first place? Just... wow.

      That said, article clearly is to blame as well. Writing "Supporting more platforms will cost us more time/money since ensuring a game functions smoothly and relatively bug-free is different from platform to platform." was a BAAAAAAD idea. Being honest is good, but saying "Hey, it will suddenly cost us more money!" without telling how do you intend to fix that without making the base game suffer for it - that is not a nice thing to do. That does not inspire any sort of confidence.

      Now if your idea was to release PC-version in December of 2017 and then to use money made from said release to port SS to Xbox One and PS4 in Q1 of 2018 - that would be a great way to handle it. Doesn't look like it is what you are trying to do, though. So I do wish you'd explain your plan. That's pretty important if you want to rebuilt trust in your project. Otherwise... Mighty No 9 told people not to trust in projects with multiple platforms added without any thought.

    27. Tadej Danev on

      What a great news....will you do digital only or retail too?

      What level of pledge is for PS4?

    28. Missing avatar

      Tomaz Booth on

      This is amazing. Now I can have System Shock and the Bioshock series all on my PS4.
      Thank you so much! ��

    29. Missing avatar

      Avvy on

      This news got you featured on Eurogamer:

      Hope you can somehow get on more gaming websites because it would be nice for the word to spread more and get more stretch goals. The game deserves it.

    30. André Schmidt on

      Awesome!!! I want this version, in a stell case please!

    31. Erik Evan Shalat on

      Will the PS4 version get a steelbook release as well? I may have to up my backing

    32. Azghouls on

      I'm aware you stated it won't be watered down however I still want to express this...I hope not. I want an awesome PC version with lots of PC goodies...that is I don't want to play this with a controller at all.

    33. Peter Kelly


    34. Rob Lamerton on

      Just read Mighty Rabbit Studios' comment. I'm pledged as far as I can afford to go at the moment, but if the plan is to allow additional post-campaign funding through PayPal or something like that, I for one would definitely throw in extra money for a physical PS4 release.

    35. Remember Citadel on

      Supporting consoles makes a better PC game in the end. Great news and I am really happy for all PS4 owners out there.

    36. Rob Lamerton on

      For me personally this is fantastic news. Before, I was backing this because of my love of the original System Shock and because I really wanted the remake to exist. Now I'm actually going to get to play it too - HUGH bonus! Thank you very much Nightdive, very much appreciated!

    37. Shaun Gupta on

      Awesome! Thanks so much! Upping my pledge because of this (with possibly more to come)!

    38. stephane deslauriers on

      Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooo!!! Gettin' drunk tonight!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      John Faller on

      Now that PS4 is supported, I'm an official backer!

      I don't see what all the anger is about for PC users. KOTOR and Dragon Age are fun on both consoles and PC.

    40. Missing avatar

      Mirko Sainz on

      People complaining about consoles even if they already included the Xbox One version. PS4 won the console wars easily so it's just nice to announce the PS4 game. I will play the PC version of the game but PS4 will lure some new backers.

    41. Timothy Tideswell King on

      As much I love the idea of spreading this game to the other platforms as well. It still makes me curios about how you're gonna solve the development cost if the money you raise now isn't enough?

      Don't get me wrong I think that you guys are more then capable of doing this but as yourself said that it will cost more and take a longer time to develop it on multiple platforms.

      Honestly I think it might be wiser to prioritise the PC development and actually have the other platforms as a "maybe".

      I don't want to be annoying or anything I'm just a concerned backer that's all :P.

    42. Missing avatar

      David Gilbert on

      Personally I think that if its doable, and doesn't detract from the main project, then go for it.

    43. Wilhelm on

      Aaand now I'm worried. :(

      "Supporting more platforms will cost us more time/money since ensuring a game functions smoothly and relatively bug-free is different from platform to platform.", and yet, no required funds for PS4 port?

      Apparently it takes $200k to port a Unity game from PC to Linuc/Mac, but the PS4 port is free? Or is Sony fronting the money for the port? I'd be fine with that, just want to know how you're planning on covering the additional overhead you just created without negatively impacting the other platforms.

    44. Brys on

      I get the appeal for doing this, especially after the (very loud) port begging from PS4 owners, and I don't begrudge console versions from existing.

      Like others have said, I'm very worried about adding a new platform on top of the existing budget with no stretch goal to accommodate it. Most of us that have been on Kickstarter for a while have seen, many times, devs that bite off way more than they can chew in terms of hitting as many platforms as possible....and those are WITH stretch goals.

      You've even admitted that this will have a cost. I think it's fair to question how many new PS4-only backers could possibly justify this sans-stretch goal.

    45. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      People want to play a first person game on an unintuitive controller over K+M?
      Huh, ok.

      Like many posters before me have mentioned, I just hope this doesn't interfere with the development cycle or timeline, and I *really* hope this doesn't change the overall design of the game now that they have to cater to weaker hardware and/or differing input methods. UI 'Wheels', one button for multiple actions, lack of quicksave, lack of FOV sliders, horrible mouse acceleration etc. are things that we generally see a lot of in bad PC releases that unfortunately had to cater to a console audience and didn't bother making sure each platform had their own best respective version.

      Hope I'm wrong.

    46. Graeme Dunlop on

      Nice one, folks! You're really pulling out all the stops and I, for one, really appreciate it. Thank you!

    47. Mighty Rabbit Studios on

      Please feel free to get in touch with me if you want to have a physical disc release on PlayStation 4 be a thing! I own Limited Run Games ( and I also happen to be a big System Shock fan. I know a physical PS4 disc would probably make a killer Kickstarter reward. I'd love to help make that happen!

    48. Missing avatar

      Morgan Scruggs on

      consoles... continuing to ruin PC games in 2016.

      system shock has 50+ keyboard commands, PS4 controller has 20ish buttons. soon to see weapon wheels and simplified UI.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sig Fried on

      ...Now how about an NX port as well?