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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

System Shock Remix Album: Celldweller & Blue Stahli; New Backer Missions

Posted by Jonathan Peros (Collaborator)

Hey everyone! Jonathan (audio) here again. I am really excited to talk more about the System Shock remix stretch goal; it’s been my passion project during development. Just a recap: the $1.9m stretch goal for the project is to have the soundtrack from System Shock 1 remixed by a roster of fantastic musicians to be released along with the game. There is also an achievement (more on these later in the update) in which we will implement these remixes as an alternate soundtrack for the game, perhaps in an unlockable mode. We've still got a little ways to go, but if you help get the word out, I'm confident we can get this remix album goal met and begin getting some awesome remixes sent to your earholes! Now let me get the thrill of telling you a little about two of the artists that we will be working with when this stretch goal is reached: Celldweller and Blue Stahli.


Celldweller creates a fusion of digital and organic textures: intricately designed soundscapes constructed from Drum & Bass, Electro and Modular Synths, woven together with aggressive Rock, Metal and Orchestral elements. Celldweller ignores genre boundaries and creates a pioneering vision of the future of electronic music. His focus on space themes and Sci-Fi, his fantastic synth sounds (his modular setup is beautiful), and his dark aesthetic make him a perfect fit for System Shock. His Transmissions albums have been a huge inspiration to me for System Shock’s synthetic sound.

Klayton, the multifaceted producer behind Celldweller, not only creates artist albums that have garnered an intense cult following, but is well known in the media industry for his music appearing in hundreds of major Film, TV, Video Game & Trailer projects, from Killer Instinct Season 3 to John Wick, Lucy, Robocop, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows to Dead Rising 2 & 3, Deadpool and more.

Klayton (Celldweller) in the studio
Klayton (Celldweller) in the studio

For more information on Celldweller, visit:

Blue Stahli

The music of Blue Stahli is a roller coaster ride derailed mid-journey, landing on another track, only this time rolling backwards. Just when you think you know what Blue Stahli has in store for you, the floor drops out from under you and sends you straight into a cacophonous amalgamation of sounds you never imagined could be combined. Sometimes aggressive, artistic, and full of piss’n’vinegar, other-times vividly cinematic and wildly epic. He covers a huge variety of sound in his music; check out his Antisleep albums for a taste of what’s in store. :)

 The sole member of Blue Stahli, Bret, comes from a background of fetish burlesque troupes, drag queen fronted punk bands and believes that he is visited in his dreams by the ghost of William S. Burroughs. Blue Stahli’s music has been heard in Film/TV/Game Projects like: Taken 3, X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Star Trek, Expendables, Call of Duty, American Horror Story and more.

Blue Stahli in the studio
Blue Stahli in the studio

For more information on Blue Stahli, visit:

And for those of you who aren't already fans, Celldweller and Blue Stahli have put up some free tracks for you guys to listen to! Go ahead and download them here:



New Backer Missions (Achievements)

We are now including more ways for you backers to earn achievements! We really want you guys to unlock some of these higher tier achievements, so we have included some really easy ways for you earn points. These come in the form of helping spread word about this Kickstarter campaign toward the end here. Use this chance to retweet our tweets, share and like our Facebook posts, and tweet with the #SystemShock hashtag; you’ll earn some neat unlockables and you’ll help us keep word about the game going, so that we can make the game as good as we possibly can! You're also up to 10 achievement points, so we are going to open a public channel on the Nightdive Studios Discord server for you guys! Keep posted for this, and keep spreading the word to unlock more!



Just a reminder that we have a ton of feedback to sort through on Kickstarter! If you want to make our jobs easier when it comes to tracking and answering feedback, though, feel free to post on Reddit! Things are much easier to track and respond to on there. :)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandon David Bomar on


    2. Anestis Kozakis

      I don't even want to see it in my library as an option to download.

    3. Anestis Kozakis

      @Dmitry: Bad idea. Can' t support this. Don't want a buggy early version of a game clogging up my system when there's a perfectly good finished and (almost) biug free version sitting there wanting my attention.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dmitry on

      Hello everyone, so I decided to back even though my #1 request hasn't been confirmed yet. I decided to post here in hopes that maybe you guys will back me up on this. We all know that the $50 backer tier now includes access to the closed beta, right? Well, I was hoping that instead of the beta (through Steam) later granting access to the full game, instead it can remain in our libraries IN ADDITION to the full game. I would like to keep both the beta and the full game in my library, similar to how certain other games such as Street Fighter V, Tropico 5, Left 4 Dead 2, and the new HITMAN have done. I reached out to Nightdive and my contact there could not guarantee that this would be possible but he said they would do whatever is best for the backers. So, are you with me?

    5. Anestis Kozakis

      Just to clarify I am OCD about finding everything in game. if you make the alternate Soundtrack a thign you ahve to unlock within int eh game, I get distracted instead of enjoying the game

      I want to play the game and enjoy it, not be distracted by trying to find something to unlock that should have been in the options in the first place.

      In my opinion, it is bad game design.

    6. Anestis Kozakis

      Please don't make the Soundtrack an unlockable mode in the game. Leave it as an option in the preferences.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alex Mannino on

      like Dustin said please set the remix album stretch goal lower, it's kind of weird that it's not included with the $900,000 goal already

    8. Dustin on

      Why is the remix album set at such a high stretch goal? Why can OCremix belt out a 5 disk remix album for FFVI and only ask for $30k? This stretch goal is $200K more than the previous goal. There are 8 days left and we haven't hit one stretch goal (as well, paypal hasn't been offered as an option yet either) and you're already working with folks on the furthest out goal? What am I missing here?

    9. Missing avatar

      Matti Peltoniemi on

      Having original SS soundtrack remixed in as option would be fking TITS! Also so would be reaching 20-22 points on backer social rewards list :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Andreas Thalhammer on

      I am terribly sorry. I don't have a twitter accound and I am not on Facebook. And quite francly I don't plan to change that. Also: who would I write to and how would I spread the word without any friends there anyhow? All my real friends don't play these kind of computer games and telling them to support this one will not make a difference to you, but may make them wander about me...

    11. Dave

      Really hope we hit 1.9, Celldweller would rock

    12. Marcus Burggraf

      I am a fan of celldweller and hearing this is awesome news.

    13. AKDM on

      Holy crap, this is awesome

    14. Remember Citadel on

      I tried to spread the work among friends somehow, without much success. Facebook is a no-go for me, not even for S-Shock. Reading their EULA gives me the creeps. Sorry.

      Awesome update though. We simply need to reach 1.9M and I still believe it to be possible.

    15. stephane deslauriers on

      WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT???? Cell Dweller and Blue Stahli!!!! What?? This is unbelievable!!! Love those bands!! Who are these guys at Night Dive?? Of all the bands in the world, they chose these two awseome ones!! What?? Night Dive is my hero!!!

    16. Robin Moss on

      Bansheedragon and hazen, the whole point of the achievements is to reward us for spreading the word via social media and therefore gaining exposure and hopefully new backers for the game. If you can't bring yourself to use social media, post links on forums or other places on the web, try and generate downloads of the teaser, or YouTube views/subscribers.

    17. hazen on

      I don't twit, nor do I even want to go near sheepbook.

      Please allow us other ways to 'like' you more than we already do. =) Thanks

    18. Nathan Camp on

      Celldweller would be an awesome addition!

    19. Thomas on

      Wow, 16k backers but most easy goals have not been reached yet ! What the hell ? :-(
      Not even 10k followers on Twitter and barely 11k on Facebook. I rarely use those networks but I share the news and updates of System Shock with my hundreds of contacts.

      All of you guys should be doing the same, otherwise we won't even reach 1.1Million before the end...

      Only 16k backers for what is a classic remake and for what millions of Bioshock players can recognize as having huge potential ? :(
      yeah, maybe loads of kickstarter fatigue I guess.... :-(

    20. Missing avatar

      Bansheedragon on

      About these backer missions(Achievements)
      You say you really want to reach them, which I'm all for and the options you added will certainly help in that regard.
      But what about those of us who do not use social media?
      I for one avoid social medias like the plague, I really dislike them and had some unpleasant experiences with them in the past which is why I avoid them.
      But I would still like to help with getting these achievements.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joshua Marks on

      Both of my favourite musicians.

      My god.

      It's perfect.

    22. Heiko Wagner on

      This must happen! *want*

    23. Krystal Kephart on

      Has the Discord server opened up, or is that going to be opened later on?

    24. Christoffer Maintz

      Holy fuck I hope we reach this. I'm a huge fan of both Bret & Klayton! Especially when those dudes make tracks together :'3

    25. Mike Madigan

      My only wish is that the music portions could have happened sooner in the campaign. Not saying this goal won't be reached, but's that's like almost double of this campaign in like 8 days.