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System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. 

Remember Citadel.
System Shock is a faithful reboot of the genre defining classic from 1994 built by a team of industry veterans. Remember Citadel.
21,625 backers pledged $1,350,700 to help bring this project to life.

Linux Demo and Achievements Update

Posted by Jason Fader (Collaborator)

Hi everyone! Jason here again. I have some cool news to share, but before I get into that, I wanted to give folks a preview of some things coming next week: 

  • PayPal donations are getting set up and should come online early next week.
  • We’re going to get more active on Twitch in the upcoming weeks for some neato dev streams. 
  • Another patch is being worked on for the pre-alpha demo which should help performance and crash issues 

 And now onto the meat of this update!

Linux Demo  

Due to popular demand, we’ve put some time into getting the Linux version of the pre-alpha demo ready for all of you (well, the Linux users out there). We’re doing this before we hit the stretch goal for Linux as a gesture of good faith, but please understand that the Linux demo does not guarantee a Linux version of the final game unless we hit the stretch goal. It took quite a bit of time to get it all working on Linux, as well as a bit of internal testing. Launching on other platforms takes time to adequately support and deploy, which is why the stretch goal is vital.  

You can download the Linux demo via Steam, but you’ll need to install the audio library separately as per these instructions from Audio Kinetic's site.

Note: The Wwise Unity Integration for Linux needs libSDL2 installed on the machine to work. Without this, a "DLLNotFoundException" message is displayed when launching the game. To install libSDL2 for Ubuntu 12.04, do the following:

  • sudo apt-get install build-essential libasound2-dev
  • wget
  • tar -zxvf SDL2-2.0.3.tar.gz
  • cd SDL2-2.0.3
  • ./configure
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • sudo ldconfig

Note: The requirements may vary depending on the machine's configuration. Refer to for installation instructions on other setups.

Achievements Update 

Looks like you folks have been busy! We’ve seen 3 mission nodes hit for getting $1m in funding, 4K Youtube subscribers, and 90k demo downloads. That’s 3 points to Gryffindo...err… System Shock! 

That brings the Mission Points from 5 up to 8, which unlocks: 

  • Closed Beta given to all tiers $50 and above. 
  • Gender choice added for player. 

Well done! 

Also, a few days ago, we noticed that the achievements list wasn’t the correct one. It was using the ordering from an old draft of ours before we balanced the point system. The order you see now is the correct… and it was pretttty hilarious when Jonathan saw the tattoo goal so high on the list (spoilers, he’s the tattoo volunteer :-p )

 - Jason Fader, Project Director


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    1. Sean Inglis on

      As an OSX user, the asymptotic approach to £1.1m has made the last few days very tense

    2. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Thomas on

      This demo has made me so happy.

      I played sshock.exe obsessively as a child (not sure if this makes me young or old here :p) and this demo has exactly the right feel.

      It ran flawlessly from Steam on Debian Stretch with FOSS AMD GPU drivers (one has to disable the steam runtime and install piles of libraries, but otherwise good).

      Linux support and access to the closed beta are absolute musts for me. There's no way I can wait till December 201

    3. Missing avatar

      Sven Lange on

      As you said, final Linux support depends on reaching the 1.1M stretch goal. What if it will not be reached and i'm on linux?

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Walker on

      The Linux demo runs OK (Gentoo - naturally - what else would I use??) on my Geforce GTX 970M...

      However I'd really, really (hint) have preferred development to be on UE4... Linux support is so much better on Epic's engine...

    5. Sean Inglis on

      @Shaun "Turbo Booster"! - I couldn't find any reference to it under any of the names I thought I remembered - thanks.

    6. Shaun Gupta on

      @Gary Whitfield, yes, I'd especially love the beginnings of SHODAN audio logs as well.

    7. Gary Whitfield on

      And yet, it was the one I was not bothered about. The original didn't worry about your gender. and unless you get a 3rd person option, it makes no difference at all. To get the upgrades I would like to see, we'll need to get to 16 and 22 points. Now whilst it may well make sense for the developers to work things that way, I would rather [at last] get to know a bit more about the beginnings of Shodan. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who has one or two people on their contacts list that a Shodan message alert or ringtone would be perfect for.

    8. Howard Kistler

      Thanks for the rejig of the goals! Glad to see that Gender Choice is already achieved now.

    9. Zangdaarr on

      Sean Inglis: Actually, the only thing that tell you the hacker is a guy is from the intro scene.

      Otherwise you're right, there's absolutely no where in the case where that can be guessed. I think it will just be candy eye, with even maybe no reflection at all in the game. As long as the hacker doesn't start having interaction with someone it's still fine.

    10. Zangdaarr on

      Gaming on linux is so user friendly :O

    11. Shaun Gupta on

      @Sean Inglis The Turbo Booster upgrade is in System Shock 1 =) [And now I'm wondering if that was maybe a Knight Rider reference...I had to look it up to see what it was actually called.]

    12. Grimm_Ninja on

      awesome work guys, i got access to a family members windows machine last week to try the demo, noticed the items are implemented now while playing the linux version :D throwing grenades is pretty satisfying. and glad to see cluster&$&# vision effects of the berserk stims back hehe

      glad you guys decided to release a playable demo, even experiencing a crash on both windows and linux, and a horrendous sound bug (that I read on another site is not isolated) when Alt+Tabbing on linux, still enjoyed it and am glad I backed the project! :)

      You're gonna breeze past linux support stretch goal soon I'm sure :D

    13. Глеб Шестаков on

      I just hope that the gender of the hacker will matter as much in SSR as it did in SS1.

    14. Sean Inglis on

      Intro and Outro - I stand corrected, ta.

      Reading it back, it comes across as a bit miserable but it's the best gaming news I've heard in an age - can t rustle up a single complaint about the style, sound or feel of the demo. I'll play as any size, shape or inclination as long as I can play it.

      My memory fails, but does the hoverboard make its 1st appearance in 1 or 2? I remember coming across it and the way it suddenly transforms navigating around a level and completely changes the feel of the environment.

    15. Joshua Bill on

      @Sean Inglis Finally someone says it...

    16. Daniel Jewell on

      @sean well there was the intro sequence and outtro sequence...that's about all I can think of though...

    17. Sean Inglis on

      I can't recall a single moment in SS1 where my gender was telegraphed - "Hacker" throughout.

      And what does a choice of gender actually mean? You can only indicate a gender by conforming to a stereotype for that gender - a softer voice? a glimpse of a "feminine" reflection in the chrome bonce of a passing cyborg? - the whole thing is self defeating and shot through with self-contradiction.

      I had no problem playing and identifying as Chell in Portal, or as an abstract shape in Thomas Was Alone, or Hacker in SS1 / SS2. I won't care if I end up playing as a woman in the new SS but the whole concept - well intentioned as I'm sure it is - is a nonsense.

      I'd be pretty annoyed if you messed with Shodan tho.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dustin Oprea on

      Love the Linux support.

    19. Vince Vazquez

      I hope this is successful and NightDive can start making more remakes - and original games - in the future in addition to continuing their killer work Remastering and Saving older games!

    20. Fernando Scherrer on

      Thank you for the Linux demo!

    21. Joe Kanuritch on

      The link for the Facebook page next to the achievements section takes you to a address rather than the appropriate page (maybe just because I'm set up to run ads from my Facebook account?). Anyway, I couldn't "like" it by following that link, so it might need swapping out!

    22. Ulf Liller on

      You sneaky gits, now I'm thinking about upgrading to the 50$ tier for the beta access. ;-)

      Will the beta be Steam only? And if yes, will I be able to still get the game on GOG if I get the beta on Steam?

    23. Andy on

      "Closed Beta given to all tiers $50 and above"

      Yay, so happy I pledged $50.

      In fact I would give the $3,000,000 shown on the mission nodes if I had it as it's my no1 fave game of all time.

    24. Missing avatar

      Lucius Menke on

      really great news. you will deliver us the best possible sys experience :)

      i am happy about paypal, and think much more future backers will be happy with it.

    25. Missing avatar


      I can't wait to see if there any huge enemies in this game. Maybe some sort of tracker device could be implemented to detect cyborg entities nearby similar to the device from Alien: Isolation. I want to see mangled hybrid monsters like something out of Virus (1980) lurking in the shadows with only their beaming red eyes piercing through the darkness of narrow hallways �

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Hoffmann on

      Gender choice shouldn't be a funding goal/mission reward guys.

    27. Jason Playne on

      Thank you so very much for the linux version! *installs*

    28. Leo Borg on

      I also was hoping for a Mac OSX demo.

    29. Yuri on

      Thank you for the demo! Now I really have confidence you considered multiplatform approach from the very beginning, and didn't leave it to a point when it's too late. Essential thing for getting Linux version not far away from Win version, which was the issue for many Kickstarter projects.

    30. Daniel Beswick on

      Didn't even know you had a twitch channel until this update. Excited to see what you show on it.

    31. Missing avatar

      Neil Harvey on

      Well, finally got it downloaded. Damn Australian Internet. I can confirm it does load correctly (with sound; system libSDL2 was picked up fine) which is impressive considering how far below the minimum system requirements my graphics card is (GTS 450; yikes). Gameplay is a slideshow, obviously, and likely exacerbated by Unity's poor OpenGL support on Linux, but it runs! I'm gonna call this a win. :P

    32. Nicxan Brooks on

      Thank you so much for bumping down the gender choice, that was really awesome that you saw the criticism and worked with it! :D I'm happy for Linux folk, too!

    33. Shaun Gupta on

      Great update - just a note that Update #7 still shows the OLD graphic (though the one on the new campaign page is indeed updated). So you might want to fix that to avoid confusion! Looking forward to hitting more of these babies!

    34. Missing avatar

      Casey Keaton on

      Is it too soon to ask for an estimate of Closed Beta access?

    35. Veav on

      Any idea when you'll release a list of addons? I want in on a second key myself but I have no idea how much to pledge to make it happen.

    36. Alex Adams on

      Lol, I'm guessing Jonathan wasn't too eager to get the tattoo that quickly. XD

    37. Jerry Yeager on

      Where's our OS X demo?!??!!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Neil Harvey on

      So, not trying to be insulting (though I will definitely understand if it comes across that way; pre-emptive apologies), but none of your devs use Linux as a daily driver, do they? libSDL2 shared libraries (and often headers) are a pretty standard component on any gamer's Linux installation these days, and those instructions are for a (very) old version of Ubuntu. I mean, good of you to let us know of the dependency, but yeah. :P

    39. Jason Fader Collaborator on

      @Life - Oh! Yes, we'll definitely have that as an addon.

    40. Life

      Nah a full game key

    41. Jason Fader Collaborator on

      @Tibor Török - Yup!

      @Life - A beta key addon? It's definitely something we can do if enough people are interested.

    42. Life

      What about Add on keys? I am part of the $50 tier and want a second key as a gift for a friend.

    43. Chris Frye on

      Awesome! Thanks for the Linux support!

    44. Jason Fader Collaborator on

      @Michael Choueiri - The closed beta will go through steam. Once we're ready to open it up, we'll distribute Steam keys to folks.

    45. Missing avatar

      Tibor Török on

      If we hit the Linux stretch goal, will there be a closed beta for that as well?

      By the way, thanks for the demo. :)

    46. Missing avatar

      sergk on

      You. Are. Awesome!

    47. James Dearing on

      I'm downloading the Linux demo right now. Can't wait to give it a try! �

    48. Michael Choueiri on

      How will we get access to the closed beta?